“Night City Wire” is a series of live shows, and consequently videos, launched by Cd Project Red to present the most incredible aspects of their latest effort “Cyberpunk 2077”. The Polish software house, which with its title "The Witcher 3" has carved out a role as an absolute protagonist in the gaming scene, is putting on the table several interesting proposals that we can't wait to materialize in the final product. So let's go over the Night City Wire, updating the list with each release, and talk about each of these ideas:

Night City Wire I

The first trailer presented shows us Night City, the city that will be the stage for the game. The metropolis will consist of six completely explorable districts and an external area, called “Badlands”, completely desert and full of dangers.
The trailer also shows the first game missions, in which V (our / our Main Character) will have to recover a secret chip stolen from nothing less than the megacorporation arasaka. (Who knows how it will have been rebuilt after the events of Cyberpunk Red)

An authentic bomb, not suspected by anyone, was the announcement of the animated series Edgerunners, in collaboration with Netflix and the studio Trigger. Expectations for this series are very high, given the quality of the work of the studios involved.

As for the mechanics presented, the "Braindance" is a type of experience that we will be able to live within Cyberpunk 2077. By downloading the memories of a person, we will be able to fully interact with them through all five senses. We will be able to smell in search of particular smells, focus on apparently unclear sounds or discover new visual clues. Like everything in Cyberpunk 2077, even "Braindance" has become a commodity and in the game we will find different experiences bordering on "legal", based on the fact that the most incredible thing about "Braindance" is the possibility of living the same experiences in first person. It certainly doesn't take a genius to understand how much the entertainment industry can benefit from it, right?

Night City Wire II

The second "Night City Wire" explores the origins of our Main Character and allows us to take a look at the band behind the songs released to date under the artist "Samurai".
With the background "Street Kid" we will play a character who grew up on the streets of Night City, between gangs, escaping from the police and the men of the megacorporations. We will have hooks in the slums, where maybe someone will remember the little punk who sometimes gave them a hand. Our prologue will surely have to do with the "big shot" to break through and get out of the crowd.
With the “Nomad” background we will play someone from the Badlands. Nomads live in families of people who have chosen each other, not necessarily related by blood, and they watch each other's backs. Cars and motorcycles, together with the concept of travel, are their daily bread. Our Main Character will find himself losing his family and, probably, will decide to rebuild a life in Night City.
With the “Corporate” background we will play an Arasaka counterintelligence agent, used to receiving orders that cannot be questioned. Every agent knows perfectly well that it is only a matter of time before they transform from hunter to prey. It will be very interesting to see how this character moves from serving the ultimate megacorporation to the rest of the game.
These origins will take back approaches already tempted by great titles, for example Dragon Age Origins, and will allow us to see our background influence the entire game run through extra options, additional dialogues or some more information. The developers promise a continuous experience of our background, avoiding the smoothing effect in which, at times, Dragon Age has fallen.