"Nuovo Mondo" is the sixth supplement for 7th Sea, second edition, brought to Italy thanks to the work of Need Games. The manual would have been presented in Modena 2020 but, unfortunately, some adverse circumstances forced the postponement of the important appointment in the world of role-playing, forcing to change plans. This time we will move far from the cousin of the continent, cousin of Europe, and we will go far beyond the Atabean sea. We landed on the American continent and found new pitfalls and new Villains there ...

A note from John Wick

Reading the drafts I was excited to see characters that are rarely (perhaps never) represented in a RPG. These are not savages who make blood sacrifices at dawn, they are people ... Heroes ... and yes, Evil too. The amount of information in this volume leaves me stunned. It is always a pleasure for me to talk to people who know a topic I don't know. I don't understand any sentence that starts with "I don't want to learn ..." Reading this manual was a learning experience.

John Wick

Structure of the Manual

The "New World" manual consists of 208 pages divided into ten chapters which, following the tradition of the other supplements, add optional rules together with witchcraft, background, secret societies and duel styles. Particularly interesting for those who want to try their hand at creating a City State is the Generator that the manual provides, which can help in writing from A to Z.

The New World for 7th Sea, Review - Mephit James' Blog


From the deserts of the Nahuacana Alliance to the jungles of Tzak K'an, to the peaks of the Kuraq Empire, what Théah's explorers and archaeologists call "New World" has very little new.
The forces that once ruled the content of Aztlan, the King-Gods of the Empire, changed it forever. Their Fall marked the continent as much as the Syrneth ruins. In this land, jungles and deserts are constantly changing. Maps are almost useless. Aztlan has no masters, not even those who know how to tame it.

Nahuacana alliance

The Nahuacana Alliance forged its empire in the fires of war. It extends from coast to coast and brings together several small states and cities under the hegemony of four metropolises and their patron deities. Being Nahuacano means being the strongest. However, the Alliance suffers from the lack of an experienced and capable leader, as Chief Speaker Chicahua Tlatoa is very young and many find him unsuitable for the task.

Tzak K'an

For a long time now Tzak K'an has not been a unitary nation. The inhabitants are devoted to individualism and to put the interests of their City-State on the first floor. However, we can speak of a common cultural horizon. The realms are governed by mortals, not divinities, with advisors who take it upon themselves to interrogate and interpret the will of the stars. Due to the expansionist aims of the Kuraq Empire and the Nahuacana Alliance, the city states are in constant danger and may sooner or later disappear from the pages of history.

Empire of the Kuraq

Over two hundred years ago the Kuraqis shelved rivalries and differences by becoming a single domain. The power that feeds the Kuraq has an unusual origin: the deceased ancestors govern and plan the life of their descendants, intervening through them. Obviously, death is not enough to stop politics and every deceased Avo plans and plots to favor his own family. Without the Empress Inkasisa, the current sovereign, the Empire would crumble and return to being home of divisions and wars.

new world

Who is this manual recommended for?

This manual is recommended for anyone who wants to immerse themselves in Mesoamerican culture and see it through the eyes of 7th Sea. Players will find it stimulating both to create stories within these new nations and to link their historical campaigns with the "New World". Between pyramids, empires and city states it will be possible to travel across the world.