Need Games announced during the Free Rpg Day the partnership with Fantasy Flight Games e Asmodee North America for the Italian edition of The Legend of the Five Rings - Il Gioco di Ruolo, the fifth edition of the role-playing game originally conceived by John Wick and inspired by the feudal period of the Far East.

The first product to be located will be the basic manual, together with the GM screen and the game's custom dice set. The appointment for the exit is on Lucca Comics and Games 2019. All the products of the La Leggenda dei Cinque Anelli - Il Gioco di Ruolo line will be distributed exclusively by Asmodee Italia and will be available in all specialized and online stores.

What is The Legend of the Five Rings - The Role Game

The Legend of the Five Rings is in its fifth incarnation, forged by the encounter between the new simplified version of the Genesys system of FANTASY FLIGHT GAMES, with 6 and 12-sided dice, and the original mechanics that characterize it.

For over a thousand years the Divine Emperor Hantei ruled the Rokugan, defended by the seven Great Clans. Now the forces of the Shadowlands assemble threatening peace, alliances are cracked and the very harmony of the five elements seems to waver.

Need Games is also proud to renew its partnership with Mana Project Studio for their next project: Historia, which will be proposed on Kickstarter on September 3, then taking care of the retail version for Italy once the funding campaign has ended. After Journey to Ragnarok the close collaboration between the Milanese publishing house and the fellow graphic and game design studio continues with this title created by Mirko Failoni, Michele Paroli and Matteo Pedroni.

All the products in the Historia line will be distributed exclusively by Asmodee Italia and can be found in all specialized and online stores.

What is Historia

History is a Dark Fantasy Renaissance setting for 5th edition (OGL), of the most famous role-playing game in the world, populated by anthropomorphic animals, where the characters are called to face the difficulties and dangers of a ruthless and feral world, suspended in a precarious balance.

Historia's heroes can explore unknown territories, get involved in political plots or challenge themselves by going on an adventure. New classes called Professions, new mechanics, rules for deadly combat and firearms, new types of Magic, over 10 macro-races called Familiae and widely diversified sub-races called Species. Something ancient has been discovered in the remote moors of the Pit, something capable of overturning every established order, something that hides immense and ancestral power, and the whole world claims its part!