Stellaris is a videogame from Paradox Development Studio (now Paradox Interactive) of a strategic genre that falls within the famous, and for some infamous 4X (eXplore, eXpand, eXploit, eXterminate).

Because I will spend my Christmas on Stellaris?
Why sincerely see the cinepanettone "On vacation on Mars”(N. Parenti, 2020) does not particularly appeal to me. Unfortunately I have always hoped, since the release of "Boris - the Movie”(G. Ciarrapico, M. Torre and L. Vendruscolo, 2011), that before Mars there was a simpler and more vague“ Christmas in Space ”.

My history as a gamer is one of the most boring. I am old. One of the first games I was able to try was "Prince of Persia"For MS-DOS (1990); I think the second I remember was Rampart, especially because I played it at a friend's house when we were in elementary school. The last millennium.
Then for Christmas 1997, with the ignition of the new powerful Pentinum 166, my brother and I received two games. I all bold I asked "Diablo I"(1996) and he instead"Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares"(1996). You can perfectly imagine how it turned out. I was "scared" to play Diablo I, so much that I left it there a bit, and I started playing the other game. It was all in English, I didn't understand anything about it, but I was literally hooked by MOOII.

A few years ago, then, I met Stellaris and, from 2016 to today, this is the result.

Time spent playing Stellaris

That's almost thirty-three (33) full days!

A few words about the manufacturer

Maybe you know it, maybe you don't. There Paradox Interactive is a Swedish production company that over the years has created, in my opinion, some of the best 4X games that have come out on the market. In addition, since 2015, it has also acquired the rights to Vampires: La Masquerade, game we talked about extensively in ours portal.

Crusader Kings, Hearts of Iron, the series of Europe Universalis are just some of the titles that have sprung from their minds, while you play which ones Tyranny, Pillars of Eternity e Mount & Blade are games published under their brand.

But why talk about them? Today, while reading some news published on the Steam platform, I see a "call to arms". If you were interested, in fact, Paradox Interactive is hiring. Some responsible figures in key roles are sought. You can find it at this address all the information, but now let's talk a little about the game.

Stellaris in "short"

Can we really talk briefly about this game? I say no. I will have started at least forty games, in many I ran aground and I lost badly, in others it went quite well, in others I realized that the evolution of the people I had created and the technologies sought, were not what it did for myself.

When you are faced with dozens and dozens of choices, a micromanagement that if slightly wrong can make you lose months to recover on other empires, while if badly wrong it will lead you to lose without appeal, your hair begins to become whiter than what life already gives you.

So let's give two pieces of information: the year is 2200 and you have recently developed the possibility of traveling through FTL (Faster Then Light) engines, so the time has come to explore the galaxy, confront yourself with other life forms, sentient or not. Whether they have a plant, rocky, aquatic or necroid origin (these are scary just the thought trust), your species will have to figure out how to approach their neighbors and do their best to survive, thrive, coexist peacefully or take up arms.

You will have to literally choose everything, from your portrait to the origin of your civilization, your flag or your form of government. Nothing should be left to chance. If, by mistake, you realize that what you are playing is not for you, perhaps it is easier to restart the game and experience again that emotion of your first, and only, scientific ship exploring the nearby system, in hopes of finding a habitable planet, rather than pursuing an uphill game.

Scientific research, expansion, survival, wars, agreements between interplanetary powers and, in the future, galactic-sized crises are just some of the adventures you can face!

Stellaris and its beauties

The DLC of the game

The practice of creating DLC ​​for a game, season passes and the like, is common and to which gamers have become accustomed. I will be a partisan, but things are different here. With each patch, each DLC, the game is completely revolutionized. Every idea you had in the past crashes against new graphics, new origins of your species, new technologies and research.

I would like to give you an example. One of the latest DLCs released, introduces the possibility of starting archaeological excavations in the hope of finding artifacts, relics, now forgotten technologies. But all of this comes at a cost. If you engage in an excavation you will not be able to advance in the exploration and vice versa. What will be the right choice to make?

Another downloadable content released is the possibility of founding a federation of planets. No, I'm not talking about that of Star Trek quiet, but something similar and dissimilar at the same time. Not all galactic empires want the good of the galaxy, maybe someone just wants to see everything burn or even dominate with an iron fist. Do you like it as an idea? You can do it without any problems!

Again. I will be a fan, but with each new release I am ready to buy in order to try something new. Ah yes, obviously starting the game from scratch!

One of the Stellaris Mods

Mods that revolutionize the game itself

Another of the ideas that has always led me to negotiate for Paradox Interactive, is the possibility of implementing and writing mods for your games. Stellaris, like the various Crusare Kings and Hearts of Iron, is no exception.
These mods can add few features, up to giving you a completely new game. Are you a Star Trek fan? There is a dedicated mod.

Are you an Acolyte of the Sith Empire and want to oppose the Jedi and the Old Republic? There is the mod for you.

Do you miss Commander Shepard, the Asari, the Turians, but most of all, Blasto, the first Hanar Ghost? Guess what? Both in the Workshop section of Steam, and on the manufacturer's website, you will find something for you!
There is only one thing you need to remember. Mods often disable the ability to reach the game's Achivements, so you may want to try your hand at the base game first. I honestly never did. I think, to say the least, I just have five on Steam!

The important thing is to have fun, right?

Star trek new horizons

Conclusions on Stellaris

Sometimes, writing on these pages, you forget that there are people behind the words. With their experiences, with their sadness.

I've been playing this game for years at Christmas. I put on the Master of Orion II tune and imagine myself to be younger, more carefree. And in fact, imagine that for Stellaris I even downloaded some portraits to be able to play a specific species of the aforementioned game.

It's a bit like being a child again, a little naive, researching technologies, imagining the stars, perhaps with a Johnny Cash song in mind and on the tip of your tongue.

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Highwayman - The Highwaymen

Maybe I convinced you, maybe not, but in case you want to give it a chance you can find this game at this affiliate link and, for the low figure at which it is, maybe you could fly among the stars with me!