My name is a South Korean drama series that recently arrived on Netflix. Eight 60-minute episodes tell the story of Yoon Ji-woo, a girl orphaned by a father who was murdered because she was part of a gang, infiltrated the police to discover the murderer.

While not a huge fan of crime fiction, I approached My Name to test its value; more than once I have tried to launch myself on other detective series (see CSI, Montalbano o Commissioner Rex) without great results. My name, of course, it clearly detaches the most trashy series on a qualitative level, but still remains within the range of "beautiful but it looks like a soap". Hence, in fact, the comparison with our favorite detective series: Carabinieri.

Attention: the review will contain spoilers!

Guards, Thieves and Infiltrators

Yoon Ji-woo is a girl with big problems at school; she is the figure of her father, Song Joon Su, who is said to be a gangster, who gives him more trouble. On her sixteenth birthday, however, her father is murdered. Determined to find the culprit, she Yoon begins to search the city, ending up in the hands of evil criminals. Choi Moo-jin, a criminal leader and close friend of Song, rescues her from the scum of the lower town. Yoon then joins the gang with the aim of infiltrating the police and finding who, among the police under investigation, killed her father.

Once in the barracks, however, things get complicated; her boss, Cha Gi Ho (Kim Sang-ho) is a fox as astute as he is determined. Her second, Jeon Pildo (Ahn Bo-Hyun) is no different, and immediately takes an interest in the new recruit, putting Yoon in trouble. The two, in fact, often find themselves side by side, which makes the job of the mole difficult and also begins to create a certain type of relationship, difficult for both to accept.

My Name 1

Nice start, too bad for the drama

Before jumping to conclusions, I would like to specify how My Name is, qualitatively, on other levels than Carabinieri (obviously). The action scenes, all very well choreographed, are interesting at times and can be watched at other times. The acting is there, the chases as well. Excellent photography, on more than one truly extraordinary occasion.

The problem lies in how the plot unfolds and how the relationship between Yoon and Jeon matures; from the first moment you understand where the two will end up, there is that palpable romantic subtext. The problem lies precisely in this: the relationship kills any seriousness of the series, especially when the two fight as handcuffed in the style of "Pirates of the Caribbean".

In essence, therefore, My Name is a good product, with some highs, some lows, but all in all a good result.