Mutant Chronicles, when I was young, it was my entrance ticket to the world of science fiction mixed with techno-fantasy. Don't worry, I'm not talking about that film tremendous that came out in 2008, which nevertheless had two interpreters very dear to me, Ron Perlman and Tomas Jane.

In fact I speak of the editorial line of the defunct Swedish house Target Games, absorbed by the Cabinet Entertainment (formerly Paradox Entertainment), which in addition to a series of novels, never completely translated into Italian, had given birth to comics, a game of miniatures and a card game, doomtroopers. But do you know that some of the Target Games games were Kult and another game now acquired by Riotminds? Yes, precisely that of LexOccultum.

Yes, I appreciate the fantastic universe of Warhammer 40.000, but for me Mutant Chronicles he always had something more. Perhaps the dimension closest to us, the issues dealt with, I don't know. I only know that when I look at certain celestial bodies and see the planet Venus, the Bauhaus, if I fix our satellite, I guess Moon City.

Maybe what I'm talking about is so far away that it got lost in the mists of time, but I'm here on purpose to make up for oblivion. For this I will rely, in this series of articles, on the documents of Fourth Directorate area of Brotherhood.

Let's go and examine them together.

Mutant Chronicles universe

As I previously mentioned, this narrative universe was born in a techno-fantasy sauce but, over the years, it has expanded to incorporate also dieselpunk-style elements.

Like any good setting, the background and story, which leads to the present of the game, is well detailed and I'm here to report some excerpts of the documents.

Obviously, many of the news are classified and can only be consulted in the headquarters of Fourth Directorate area of Brotherhood su Moon City, but if you pay special attention, selecting the text, you should be able to see its contents.

Mutant Chronicles historical timeline

XNUMXst century

It is the XNUMXst century and the states no longer have a say in matters related to the population. The Earth's resources are almost completely exhausted (nothing we do not already know Ed), hunger is a constant in this world now collapsing and people look to large transnational consortia, in the hope that these can overcome the inability of their governments . And so, in a world of twelve billion people, power slowly passes into the hands of Megacorporations.

  • BAUHAUS - Central Europe
  • MISHIMA - Japan
The original Megacorporations of Mutant Chronicles

La Russian Federation it closes its borders, devastating earthquakes destroy Asia killing millions of individuals, the islands and coasts lapped by the Indian Ocean are shaken by tsunamis, plagues explode around the globe along with waves of mass suicides and unusual violence. Humanity, now on the verge of extinction, focuses its attention on conquering the solar system.

The first Megacorporation to develop the planetary terraforming system is the Bauhaus, thanks to the enormous monetary economic resources of the Capitol, pilots for space flights are provided by Imperial, while the workforce is the prerogative of Mishima. The Lunar satellite thus becomes the first test bed and, after the perfect success of the operation, Venus, Mars, Mercury and finally the asteroid belt follow.

XNUMXrd century

At the beginning of the XNUMXrd century, the megacorporations decide to start theExodus. Like any dystopian society, even that of the universe of Mutant Chronicles, faced with the choice of who to save during the emigration operation, he chooses the wealthiest individuals, the brightest minds, while the poor and derelict are left behind.

The result is obvious. Attacks on the ships of the megacorporations, riots, popular uprisings up to the final battle. Those left behind unleash their nuclear arsenal against Moon City, but the corporations launch their complete destructive arsenal on the planet. Cities on Earth are destroyed in a single instant, oceans boil, mountains are razed and the atmosphere becomes unbreathable. Only the Russian Federation, which had built underground bunkers along its entire extension, manages to save part of its population.

From orbit the Megacorporations celebrate their victory giving life to a new Golden Age for Humanity.

Bauhaus Mutant Chronicles

XNUMXth century

The XNUMXth century is marked by the programs of Megacorporations aimed at creating, with their affiliates, a new world for humanity. The Mishima, despite the terraforming of Mercury, are forced to build underground tunnels in order to overcome the excessive force of solar radiation. The Bauhaus make Venus a jungle full of life, vegetation and crops designed to feed the population of the various worlds. The Capitol, having taken control of Moon City, turn their attention to Mars, while the Imperials expand into the asteroid belt.

Meanwhile, Artificial Intelligence is conceived and implemented to manage communications within the solar system, the network SolarCom. All aspects of humanity, from environmental control, to financial markets are delegated to this new technology. The result is that, within a few decades, diseases are eradicated, nuclear fusion is a reality and everything seems to be turning out for the human race.

At the same time, the Old Earth shows the memento of what it had been. Megacorporations, except i Mishima, decide that the time has come to terraform it again and start organizing teams of pioneers ready to go back to where it all began.

XNUMXth century

At the beginning of the XNUMXth century the plans for the "rebirth" of the Earth are ready, but things do not take an unexpected turn. Any expedition attempt by the Capitol to start the terraforming of the Earth falls on deaf ears, the expeditions are lost without giving any more contact with mission control. After a few weeks, a single communication from Earth is intercepted: "You have decided to leave the Ancestral Earth, now you will never have to return there again". A few months pass of reorganization by the Megacorporations, unable to accept that anyone opposes them, a landing force is then sent, but this is annihilated and forced to retreat, by a force called Whitestar. After this attack it is unilaterally decided that it is economically disadvantageous to attempt to return to Earth.

But the problems don't end there.

The Imperials, still with no real planetary base gap, send two ships in search of potential colonies. One verse Pluto and the other in deep interstellar space.

That's how one year after shipping to destination Pluto I started coring the planet. Something strange happens, as conflicting messages arrive. There IA he immediately gives the order to stop exploring the planet, but at the same instant he contacts Victoria, a control outpost of the Imperials, with the requirement that the ship continue its exploration. The orders of the IA they are ignored and excavations continue uncovering a polished metal board with an unknown tongue engraved on it. These are the last words conveyed by the head of the team of geologists: "He kissed me". The ship's systems then fail.

Pluto, Dark Symmetry, Mutant Chronicles

The Great Cry

It is the beginning of the catastrophe. A year later Victoria receives the last message sent by the ship she is exploring on Pluto. From this point on, such communication is known as "the Great Cry". As soon as it is received it is analyzed by IA that controls the systems of the megacorporations ... but something goes wrong.

The controls of the artificial machines, responsible for the well-being of humanity spread among the various planets, begin to show malfunctions. At first these errors are ignored, even though they cause the deaths of many hundreds of thousands of people. It all culminates in the collapse of the financial system of the entire solar system. This event is known as "the fall".

THEDark Symmetry has come. Mankind's greatest enemy is revealed.

First conclusions on the history of Mutant Chronicles

The story of Mutant Chronicles, as you can well understand, it is far from over. I look forward to new week for the examination of others papers historians linked to this troubled era that will lead to the birth of Brotherhood blessed by the Cardinal's light!