"Mortal Shell" is the title of Cold symmetry which is explicitly inspired by the Souls saga, obtaining perhaps for the first time, not in an ironic way, the title of Soulslike. The Closed Beta was recently published but, given the success with the public and the huge demand from the latter, the initiative has turned into an Open Beta that has not yet ended.
Controller in hand, what results is a game that needs to be a smooth coat but that, certainly, has managed to capture the beginning of a Souls.

Few but simple explanations

The beta opens in a simple way, throwing us after a very short tutorial with lots of bossfights in the actual game. The meaning of the title immediately becomes clear, since our character, whatever it is, finds himself taking possession of the bodies of the dead. This bond is not eternal or permanent and can be broken either voluntarily, by changing the casing, or by being expelled from some blows by the enemies. Some objects allow you to change body during a combo, thus offering speculations on how it would be possible to switch between the different forms in combat.

the fight, although a little woody in some places, is very dynamic and with various possibilities and choices. The classic parade and parry take on a different meaning and with it also a mechanics that is based less on millimeter precision.

Mortal Shell between Sekiro and Dark Souls in a long gameplay video ...

A particularly bad world

Fans of the soulslike genre are now accustomed to being punished at the slightest distraction and this game will not disappoint expectations. Since the beta it is clear that even the silliest and seemingly insignificant mob can prove deadly, especially if in a group. Lowering your guard, missing a dodge or being cornered will prove to be bad mistakes, which will cost our character death.

Use objects to find out more

One of the most interesting mechanics, which recalls the game "Hades" more than the soulslike ones, is to discover more information about an object (also consumable) with the progress of its use. This will force players to avoid the harmful accumulations that are seen in the Souls, if only out of curiosity to discover the wide and detailed description of the object in question.

deadly shell

A game that deserves to be watched

At the end of the Beta, which offers a nice and not too complex bossfight to manage, the player can choose to restart the game from the first "world", keeping all the progress until then unlocked. After spending a long afternoon there, I can say that "Mortal Shell" is a title to keep an eye on and hope for a wider beta in the future. It is admirable so far the work done and the fact that someone chooses to go the soulslike way openly, without aping, could be a good start.