Dear users, today we talk about comments

After the publication of the article "War and lawsuit against Tolkien's translation: let's clarify“, A defamatory comment appeared on our site. Consequently, the time has come to clarify some things about the comments.

On our site comments will not be accepted in which people / publishers / associations are insulted and / or in which serious insinuations are made on illegal acts they have committed. In short, you cannot say that "the Seeker G sells drugs" (invented example), because it is liable to prosecution, nor can you say that "the association X is colluding with the mafia" (another invented example), and neither can you give a jerk to someone (still an invented example).

Unfortunately, since this is a site where you can comment freely, it is inevitable that someone decides to behave incorrectly.

We Seekers we disown ourselves from these expressions and as soon as we see them, we will delete them.

Consequently, we invite all users to moderate their tones and to publish only comments in which they express their point of view with education and respect for others.

We consider freedom of expression to be very important, but in the context of legality and truth. Too often these things get mixed up, even instrumentally, and are dramatically confused. Let's try, at least on this site, to give a good example.

In case you see or read something inappropriate, we warmly invite you to communicate it to us in time, so that we can intervene as soon as possible. We also remember that dissent can be expressed in a polite and absolutely indisputable way.

Thank you.

The Editor