Due to the new directives to contain the coronavirus emergency, the Modena Play 2020 has been postponed to September. All updated information.

The announcement of the postponement to May of Play - Game Festival.

As you know, the Play, more commonly known as Modena Play, is one of the largest and most long-lived Italian role-playing and board game fairs. Modena Play is so important, for our play scene, that it is a fundamental milestone for Italian play publications.

There was bitterness for the postponement from April to May, as well as logistical difficulties. But we all and all understood that the postponement was used to place the event as far as possible from the epidemic of coronavirus.

Our community reacted promptly, organizing servers, events and initiatives to promote role-playing online in no time. THU we made a list of the events of March, Thu an article on PlayerVSCoronavirus, here one on LIVE-ONE CD 40-ENA e Thu a list of the RPGs recommended by us during the quarantine.

The new countdown for Modena Play 2020!

Modena Play 2020 postponed to September

The situation seems to remain unclear for a long time to come and we will probably return to our normal life only gradually. The events with many participants will perhaps be the last to resume.

Today, therefore, it was announced that the Modena Play 2020 will be postponed not to May, but to September of this year. L'official Facebook event of the fair has just changed its dates: from 11 to 13 September! You can read the announcement on place event.

A painful but necessary news

The behavior of the organizers of the Play is exemplary and deserves the applause of all.

We hope that the situation in September has somehow stabilized and that our favorite fair can be held in peace. In recent weeks the fears that the Modena Play 2020 would be canceled were very strong, but fortunately the organization of the event was able to find an alternative.

There are 149 days left for Modena Play 2020, but after this long quarantine we can't wait to hug all the friends of our beautiful community again! Thanks to Play for giving us a nice light at the end of the tunnel to aspire to!