You know Midnight?

No, not midnight in English, rather the role-playing game released back in 2003 from Fantasy Flight Games which, after just six years, released a second edition. You know this publishing house right? In the past he has produced games such as The Legend of the Five Rings, The system Genesys and card games such as Keyforge, Star Wars: Destiny and a card game about exploring unknown lands: Discover - Lands Unkown.
As always I speak of the past, but this time the past is turning into the present. Fantasy Flight Games and its sister sister Edge have decided to bring back theOmbre in the world of Inherit.

It is news a few weeks ago that this setting, born under the aegis of Open Gaming License, will soon receive a new incarnation using the Fifth Edition of Dungeons & Dragons as a system.

Do you know why this game has always made me crazy? Well, because when you start your campaign, Evil will have already won and you must be ready to fight it.

I have always considered this setting, THE right setting to play. Throughout my career as a role-playing player, at the table and online, I have spent my time playing black knights, evil wizards, only to eventually reach the ultimate archetype: the Bard.

Here, in this setting I have always aimed to play good characters, ready to do anything to face evil and to "restore" something positive in the world. A bit like what happened to me when I played on Ravenloft ...

But now, after this preamble, let's take a closer look at the setting.

Midnight setting and story

A century has passed since the war for the domination of the continent of Inherit unleashed by the god Izador, and came to an end with his victory. The world we used to know has been lost. Orcs are everywhere, oppressing humans, mercilessly hunting elves and dwarves, enslaving halfings, while gnomes work tirelessly for oppressors.

But that wasn't always the case. Many and many centuries earlier, a war was fought between the god of corruption Izador and the whole pantheon of gods, now forgotten. He managed to corrupt some celestial creatures, leading them to become demons and devils, but at the moment of his greatest strength, he was defeated. As punishment, the victorious gods decided to materially banish him up Inherit.

In the act of exiling him, however, the deities unknowingly accomplished one of his plans. His fall created "the veil“, A kind of barrier around the planet of Inherit which thus prevented the other gods from reaching their own faithful. This led to a loss of power by the clerics of all gods except those of Izador. Now, although the fallen god no longer possesses divinity status, he has since continued to seek a method to achieve what he always deemed rightfully his.

Over the centuries it has changed its name several times and is now known only as theOmbre. During this long period of time spent organizing, Izador he called to himself all sorts of evil creatures: orcs, goblins, aberrations of all kinds. With these peoples and creatures at his side, three times, the god waged war on the peoples of Inherit.

The first war lasted only five days. Those were days of blood, but the Shadow Broker was again exiled to the north of the continent. The second time, alongside his dark minions, some dragons lined up and the combined forces of the other races managed to repel them only thanks to the intervention of dragons from the south, still uncorrupted by the Dark.

Finally, during the last war, Izador corrupted the mind and soul of humans. The forces of the dwarves and elves alone were not sufficient to oppose the Shadow, so freedom was lost.

The world of Inherit is today under the yoke of Evil.

Midnight map

Information on the new edition

We come to the new edition. The news of a new edition of this product came during a video interview, on July 30th, in which Evan Johnson took part for the Gen Con Online and Sam Stewart responsible for the direction of the role-playing game for Edge.

The meeting lasted about ten minutes, but it was full of information. We already know that, although Fantasy Flight Games created a native system (the Genesys) for its games, for Midnight it will again rely on the Dungeons & Dragons system precisely for its simplicity and flexibility, but, in my opinion, also for the possibility of touching a greater audience.

The downside is that however, unfortunately, there is still no official date for the release of the product. The more or less global lockdown situation caused a slowdown in the works. Fantasy Flight Games' sister Edge, is still working on putting the game's dedicated site online.

But don't worry, as soon as we hear news you will be the first to receive it!

Conclusions and doubts about the new Midnight: Legacy of Darkness product

This new incarnation of the game Midnight, however, it is giving me a lot to think about, especially regarding certain aspects that we are experiencing and that we have had the opportunity to talk about in past.

The sharp contrast between the forces deployed in the game could collide with what the W is trying to "Inseparare". For many months the role-playing community has in fact questioned and divided itself about how much WotC stated in this article.

Now, a world like the one described in Midnight it would clash with everything affirmed up to now. A question therefore arises: would the stamp of 5a edition to a product so extreme that it does not reflect the parameters of that company?
Maybe yes, being a game that will fall, without a doubt, in the OGL, but some doubts arise anyway.

It will certainly be a strong breaking point that will attract some controversy but which, at the same time, could make many fans of the setting rejoice.

At the moment I reserve the right to issue a judgment. From here to when the product will be released, I am sure that Edge and Fantasy Flight Games will have plenty of time to probe the market and figure out which is the right way to produce Midnight: Legacy of Darkness.