This article explains why Seeker S leaves the Atlantean Seekers and is a message of apology for his inappropriate behavior towards one of our collaborators.

By All seekers,
We believe that the most just behavior, when you find yourself wrong, is to bow your head and make a mea culpa; we are not immune to toxic behavior or to blatant errors.

We have read the post by a user who collaborated with us in the past in the project "Master the Master". In this post, it is reported an incorrect behavior held by Simone, one of the Seekers of Atlantis, towards this collaborator.
In particular, Simone had an exchange of private messages in May 2020, some time after the collaborator's participation in “Master the Master"(Early 2020), but with the project still underway. In these messages, Simone did explicit sexual innuendo, with an inappropriate tone, in a context in which these had not been requested and therefore causing a strong discomfort in her interlocutor.
This behavior, of course, it is not and will never be acceptable and it comes condemned by the entire editorial staff.

It was Simone himself, first of all, to become aware of the gravity of the thing and of his responsibilities, apologizing for it also through this press release and message of apology. Also, according to the rest of the founders of the Atlantean Seekers, Simone will leave the editorial office of his own free will, with which he will therefore not collaborate further.

For our part (Yari, Riccardo and Gloria) we can only thank the user for having had the courage to report Simone's misconduct. The first step to understand the mistakes made is always to make an examination of conscience. And we Seekers are not excluded from this examination. This event made it painfully clear to us.
Hence, from now on the Atlantean Seekers will continue their journey without Simon.

Furthermore we invite our audience to report cases like this to us, in which a member of the Seekers (founder or collaborator who is) behaves inappropriate towards users. It is important to us that every member of the editorial team takes full responsibility for their actions, for better or for worse.
We again apologize for what has happened and will ensure that a similar situation does not happen again.