Let's analyze the audience data from the eighth season of Game of Thrones: Have Benioff and Weiss been successful or not? Will they be kicked out of Disney?

"Everything has an end, even Game of Thrones”: These are the words with which Kristofer Hivju (aka Tormund) closes the thanksgiving video of the cast to the fans of the series. Sentence that many today would like to translate with: “Even the most beautiful things end, let alone Game of Thrones".

I know I don't tell you anything new by writing that the finale of the HBO flagship program he left a bad taste in his mouth to many (we talked about it Thu e Thu), and not the kind of bitters they would have liked. If you want to read our Season XNUMX reviews, here they are: 8 × 01, 8 × 02, 8 × 03, 8 × 04, 8 × 05 e 8 × 06!

Speaking purely on a personal basis, I gave my heart to the Mastiff by looking The Old Gods and the New, and not so much for the famous line "You're allright now, little bird", but because it was the first to give us the vision of a rolled out intestine. And if I always knew that my darling would not arrive alive at the grand finale, I never thought that once the time had come I would not care.

Although the Arch of the Mastiff is perhaps the only one who has not lost too much consistency in this final series that leaves many doubts, I would have liked to suffer from the loss, not from how it was written. But I'm digressing.

How could Benioff and Weiss try to ruin the Mastino's narrative arc?
How could Benioff and Weiss try to ruin the Hound's story arc?

Audience VS raiting: let's do two math

If you have come this far you probably belong to the target segment that in recent weeks has seen its timeline invaded by the posts on Game of Thrones. In the sea of ​​reviews, memes, videos and pure and simple reproaches, a thing written by one of my contacts struck me in particular. The message was summarized in: "But who do you think cares if he made you finish the shit?"

To all, apparently.

Audience Record: Benioff and Weiss make a bang

Only in the USA the last episode, The Iron Throne, was followed by 13,6 million viewers, rising to 18,4 considering HBO Go and HBO Now Apps. A record for the series and for HBO, which has always considered the fact that GOT has been the most pirated series on the web for years.

Le stime talk about an average 44,2 million viewers per episode of season 8. The series is of global interest to such an extent that in China it was suspended and canceled, a move that is part of the trade war with the USA.

I USEFULL however they do not go hand in hand with the audience satisfaction.

The rating declined: viewers did not like the work of Benioff and Weiss

According to Rotten Tomatoes, the worst spot until recently was the sixth season episode Unbowed, Unbent, Unbroken. Due to the Sansa rape scene (on which you could write a separate article), the episode had earned a 54% audience rating, the only score rOTTEN of the series. At the time.

Today the palm of Worst Episode was conquered by The Bells, with 48%, followed very close to the grand finale with 49%, while the overall season stops at 58%. This makes it pale when compared to the others (in the order: 91%, 96%, 96%, 97%, 93%, 94% and 93%). Opinions and tastes aside, there was some difference.

I followed and judged (badly) the course of the final season. I am a snobbish video addict, and I expected to be disappointed, even if not up to this point. But something else happened, something I really hadn't foreseen: never before has the finale of a series made up for me (and I think for others too) such a rich source of entertainment.

And this leads me to think: but Benioff and Weiss (may burn in Hell) would have achieved such a great media echo by writing a good ending?

The right reaction to the ending
The right reaction to the ending

A bad ending, but still a great success?

Striving to be honest with ourselves, we know that a final chapter that would please everyone was impossible. At best we would have had something good, hardly sensational. We would hardly have had a petition signed (at the time of writing) by almost 1,6 million people and because of I don't know how many articles (which are careful not to report the author's statements). Hardly, even in the already noisy world of fandom, we would have heard so much noise. Could this be success?

Many have been in these days to ask that the little heads of Benioff and Weiss (they can burn in Hell) end up on spades. There are those who hope that they will be hunted, possibly by treads, by Disney, who hired them for the next Star Wars (oh no, again), and that he is forbidden to put his pen down on a piece of paper again. But there is something that everyone seems to forget.

Before Benioff and Weiss there was JJ Abrams

Once upon a time there was a series called Lost, created by three gentlemen. One of them was called Jar Jar J.J. Abrams. This Lost, who spoke of an island, became very famous, and made a lot of talk about himself. His fans were all curious to know what was the explanation of the mystery that the authors mounted for six seasons. Then, one day, everything was revealed. And it was a great disappointment.

I, who already lived in the fictional world in 2010, had the impression that a bomb had exploded. I remember people whose voices trembled with anger, indignation and great indignation. Then, in 2013, Abrams directed Into darkness, and even there was no small fan-created din. In those years there were many CEOs associate with Abrams insults and disgusted faces, but it has not disappeared into thin air, on the contrary. Its name today is closely linked to the fate of the franchise Star Wars, and there are many projects already announced for the future. Because, whether you love it or hate it, Jar Jar JJ Abrams people in the cinema bring it to us. And as long as he is, he will have something to live on.

But there were also many other questionable writers

There are many other similar cases that can be mentioned. It seemed that Carter Bays e Craig Thomas were to be torn apart by an angry mob when the finale of How I Met Your Mother. But, although their careers are not on the same level as Abrams, both are doing quite well. IS Shonda rhymes, who is more carrion than Martin when it comes to heart breaking fans, he has seen his most famous creature (Grey's Anatomy) renewed until the seventeenth season.

Sure, maybe the thuds I just mentioned weren't that sensational: according to Lostpedia the ending of Lost has a rating of 6,4, while for what concerns HIYM we come to a 5,6 on IMDB.

And if Abrams survived Lost, Benioff and Weiss can survive GoT
And if Abrams survived Lost, Benioff and Weiss can survive GoT

As long as you bring the spectators to the cinema, you win

But it also seems that the wave of indignation towards the finale of Game of Thrones is already passing. In fact, in a few days i titles of the articles appearing on the dedicated pages have gone from "Kit Harington says critics" can go f ** k themselves "if they hate Game Of Thrones Season 8" to "Sophie Turner shared an adorable photo of the Stark kids and the internet is swooning ".

As for the future of Benioff and Weiss (may they burn in hell), it is very likely that they will not disappear from the scenes for a long time.

For each person who claimed to have had enough, how many are there who will still go to see the new Star Wars just to talk about it for good reason? And as long as the tickets are torn, the popcorn is sold and your buttocks are firmly glued to the armchairs, they can say they have been successful.