We Seekers of Atlantis present Master the Master, the new cycle of live-streaming games dedicated to female masters!

The controversial question always comes up cyclically: but women do the masters in role-playing games?

It must be said that this question qualifies as a significant step forward, compared to the past "but do women play roles?". In recent times it has been accompanied by the common rumor that women play differently than men. According to many, in fact, women would focus more on the interpretation and the role, rather than on the mechanics of the game.

Both these rumors are difficult to confirm or deny, without specific studies, but with Master the Master we Seekers hope to shed light on these questions. Let's see exactly what we are talking about and why we decided to embark on this initiative.

What Master the Master?

Master the Master is a series of live-streaming role-playing games, each one with one master woman. The bets will take place monthly and will be organized and supported by us Seekers of Atlantis.

The role-playing games that will be offered will range from traditional d20 systems to more indie and niche titles, depending on the tastes and skills of the master. The requirements, in this sense, are two: bring a role-playing game that contemplates the presence of the master (therefore no masterless titles!) And prepare a self-contained one-shot to the above role-playing game.

Yes, as we said, we say "the master" in Italian. That's why "Mastera la Master"
Yes, as we said, we say "the master" in Italian. That's why "Mastera the Master"

Why Master the Master?

When we published an article a few months ago discussing what a female master should be called, The master, the master or the mistress?, aside from the always useful linguistic discussions, we have also collected other comments.

In fact, many claimed that they had never even seen a female master. Or worse, having had only one role-playing experience with a female master, an experience that turned out to be negative.

Discrimination against female players and masters in role-playing games?

In still other cases, we have news of players who initially did refused to play with a female master, as Nicola De Gobbis told us in this interview. When Deborah Ann Woll was then announced as the master of a show dedicated to D&D, there was no lack of derogatory comments in the Italian community. According to these people, in fact, Woll would be the master only because she is beautiful, and not because she is a role player with years of experience behind her.

Some testimonials from Women, Dice & Data

With the search for Women, Dice & Data then, on the role play discrimination, many testimonies of female masters emerged whose competence was constantly questioned, or whose role was seen with sufficiency.

When I was master on a play by chat, it insinuated that as a woman I was not up to my task, or (more often) that I was too prepared to really be a female.

A testimony that struck me a lot came from a woman who, on the occasion in which she should have been a master at a table in a fair, was heard saying:

[I was] Judged as the one who "is only here because she is someone's girlfriend". Which, however, was not even true.

This occurred several times, even in the circuit of GDR tournaments and an exchange went to the annals of our group of friends: "Does the girl stop to watch the game?" "The maiden is your master, please, we can begin."

Another, however, had had an experience similar to that of the master mentioned by De Gobbis:

[I was discriminated against] By a hypothetical player who did not want a female master because (exact words) "we are moody and vulnerable, we don't know how to separate game from reality and then you know with the cycle you become strange .."(Happened last year) and the same person, after he had found a master of his choice, contacted me as a player asking me" but at least you know how to play? Or do we just let your boyfriend come? " (who has much less experience than me)

A space to normalize the concept of master woman

For these and many other reasons, we have decided to start Master the Master. This initiative it does not want to be the reserve of a protected species, in which to relegate the female masters. In reverse, Master the Master is meant to be an opportunity to answer the question "are there masters who are also women?".

With this project we want to normalize the female master as a concept, so from make it more familiar for players and role players.

We know that many and many have seen female masters, who have been playing with table players for years and do not believe that women are mythological animals. For you, Master the Master it can be a good time to see new titles played and to compare yourself with the style of different masters.

However, let's not forget that not all or all of them have your luck. For these people the masters of Master the Master they can be an example, an incentive to broaden one's horizons. They can be proof of the fact that the gaming tables, outside their living room, are very diverse, and not necessarily they must be an Indian reserve for boys only.

And maybe, Master the Master can encourage new future masters to come forward, can show them that yes, we women too can master. Much. With different role-playing games. And maybe even well.

Your very fuzzy Seeker G after mastering Sexytime Adventures at Genderplay II Edition
Your Seeker G, very blurry, after mastering Sexytime Adventures al Genderplay II Edition

Names, dates and logistics!

As we said, Master the Master will consist of a series of one-shots, in live-streaming, which will be held on a monthly basis. So let's deepen the logistics of the initiative.

The bets will be visible on the Facebook page . of the Seekers of Atlantis, and then they will also be loaded onto ours Youtube channel and the Twitch one. Every play will be announced a few days in advance, but we tend to play in the evening. The RPG title will be made public on the occasion of this announcement.

The Masters of Mastera the Master

At the moment, we have five masters ready to kick off the initiative.

For November, Mastera the Master will be inaugurated by me, the Seeker G (aka Gloria Comandini), which will have the task of breaking the ice. No pressure.

In December he kindly gave us his availability Chiara Listo, aka Morgen of Morning gift. Already known in the role-playing world as a communicator and organizer of the RPG in the Dark (of which we spoke Thu!), Chiara is a veteran master, capable of bringing out the best in any role-playing game.

In January we will have as a guest Alessia Sagnotti which, in addition to being a great role player, is also one talented designer. In fact, the cover image of Mastera la Master is his! But let's not forget that we also owe the cover of the Seekers Facebook page to her! Nor that Alessia has illustrated various role-playing games published in Italy, among which she stands out The Silence of Hollowind!

The February master, however, will be Laura Cardinale, editor at Need Games and vice president of Giano's living room. Laura not only has a great experience as a master, but over the years she has also studied the issue thoroughly, even taking preparatory courses with the Giano Academy!

Finally, in March he will master Martu Palvarini, one of the founders of Editions asterisk. Martu is not only a player and a master, but also a game-designer and she is in fact the author of the eco-punk role-playing game Dura-Lande. But Martu also deals with social issues and on this Lucca Comics & Games held a panel on Bias and representation in the western RPG.

Looking for new masters!

Twelve months are not a few to cover and we Seekers are always happy to forge new collaborations!

So, if you would like to give us a hand and participate in this project, you can always write to us at Facebook page . or to the editorial office email ([email protected]).

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If you like our work (in addition to Mastera the Master) and you want additional content just for you, support us on Patreon!
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Cover image by Alessia Sagnotti