MARVEL Snap is the card game that fans of the Marvel Universe have been waiting for!

As a player of all sorts of TCG (Trading Card Game) I am always looking for new products to test to understand their strengths and weaknesses, study their mechanics and innovations. This time it was the turn of the Marvel multiverse and its superheroes and villains.

Thanks to a friend, who made me discover MARVEL Snap, here I am to talk a little about this cross-platform game named after the iconic snap of fingers from Avengers: Infinity War (2018). In this article, I'll introduce you to the game, explain the rules a bit, and give you some tips on how to build your deck. I will also share my thoughts on the game, including its merits and demerits.

The game was created by Ben Brode, ex-manager of the card game Hearthstone at the studios of Blizzard Entertainment

What is Snap in the MCU?

Before we dive into the card game, let's take a quick look at the Snap in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.
In Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos collects all six Infinity Stones, which grant him the power to make a reality-shaping wish. He then decides to destroy half of all life forms in the universe with a snap of his fingers. This devastating event, known as the "Snap", sets the stage for the epic conclusion of the saga in Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Introduction to the MARVEL Snap Card Game

MARVEL Snap is a card game for two players, recreating fights across various battlefields. It is played with a custom deck of 12 cards, featuring iconic characters from the Marvel Universe. The objective of the game is to defeat your opponent in at least two battlefields out of three or, in the event of a tie, the winner who emerges from the battle will be the one who has reached the highest number of points on all three battlefields.

Rules of the game

The game develops over a length of six rounds and is a 1vs1 clash between real players. So forget about bots and so on.
As soon as we open the battle we will see the three battlefields, one clear to both and two others covered that will reveal themselves during the game.

Now, before starting, each player shuffles their deck and draws three cards, and each turn, both players draw one card. Each card is characterized by a launch cost, its strength and, if it has them, skills. At each turn to determine who is the first to reveal the card or cards played on the various battlefields, a random method is used. The match will therefore last for a minimum of four rounds, in case you find the TVE, up to a maximum of seven rounds, in case the appears Limbo between battlefields. Usually, however, there are six game turns.

Now here's one of the core mechanics: lo Snap. It's kind of a mail challenge. During the game you can decide whether to activate the Snap button to increase the stakes and win bigger rewards, obviously at the expense of your opponent. If he decides to continue playing, at each turn, the stake will increase up to a maximum of eight points up for grabs.

Remember that you can flee at any time, so if things go wrong, run away!


What platforms can MARVEL Snap be played on and how do you build a deck?

MARVEL Snap is a digital card game that can be played through Google Play, Steam, iOS, so anywhere.

Building your deck is an essential part of the game, as it determines which cards you will have access to throughout the game. The deck MARVEL Snap features cards from across the Marvel Universe, including heroes, villains, and artifacts. Each card has unique abilities and stats, so choosing the right cards can give you a significant edge in the game.

When building your deck, it's important to consider your playstyle and strategy. The mechanic you choose will be fundamental to understanding which idea the deck will go towards. Do you want to make a discard deck to create advantage with certain cards? You can. Prefer a swarm deck? Don't forget Ant-Man then. Or again, do you prefer a sort of control deck that will lead you to victory through combos? Very possible to do it.

The only advice I give you is not to hybridize the decks otherwise you will literally find yourself with a bunch of cards that won't allow you to go anywhere!

In order to grow in your collection you won't be forced to pay even a cent but you will have to commit yourself to completing all the missions and unlocking the upgrades of your cards which, in turn, will lead you to have other cards with which to build your decks.

What are the decks of the moment in MARVEL Snap?

Like any card game, too MARVEL Snap has a meta that determines which decks are currently the most popular and successful.

To date I've seen at least three decks emerge from the meta, but it's also true that so far I've only gotten to playing just a few hundred games. Below are the three that currently dominate the meta, as, however, the game has been in the final phase since October last year and the player overview is quite varied. I have eyed very few "sacred monsters", and I certainly do not appear among them!

However, I leave you these three decks, which I managed to complete myself while writing this article: Ka Zoo (Ka-Zoo), Discard the Apocalypse (Discard Apocalypse) and the DD which in this case is not Dare Devil, but the Devil dinosaur (Devil Dinosaur).

Below are the card lists and basic explanations of how to play them. Of course they are basic decks, the meta is much broader!

Ka Zoo

Here are the cards that make it up:

  • Nightcrawler
  • Ant-Man
  • Iron Man
  • Squirrel girl
  • Korg
  • Yondu
  • Angela
  • Bishop
  • Kazar
  • Blue Marvel
  • Onslaught
  • America Chávez
Marvel Snap Deck

The deck develops on low-cost cards that will subsequently be enhanced by Kazar and Blue Marvel who will have to find their accommodation in a field next to Onslaught which will double their bonus. America Chavez, with her ability, will allow you not to draw it before the final turn, thus increasing the possibility of drawing the other cards.

Discard the Apocalypse

The deck is made up as follows:

  • Blade
  • Nightcrawler
  • Korg
  • Ant-Man
  • Electronics
  • Yondu
  • Angela
  • lady sif
  • Wolverine
  • Sword Master
  • Apocalypse
  • America Chávez
Marvel Snap Deck

In this deck it is essential to have the possibility of discarding Apocalypse through cards such as Blade, Lady Sif and Sword Master, so as to be able to return it to the hand with the total strength bonus increased. If Apocalypse is not found, it is also valid to discard Wolverine since our favorite yellow and blue wolverine will be put on the field automatically with a bonus to strength. As always, using America Chavez will allow you to have a safe and mandatory draw on turn SIX, so as to increase the possibility of drawing useful cards for your game earlier.

Devil dinosaur

For this crazy deck like no other, you will need to use the following cards:

  • Ant-Man
  • Mantis
  • Cable
  • Sentinel
  • Captain America
  • Cosmos
  • The Punisher
  • moon girl
  • W
  • Devil Dinosaur
  • Iron Man
  • Onslaught
Marvel Snap Deck

In this deck it is essential to have as many cards in hand as possible, so play Devil Dinosaur on the fifth turn to have a greater power increase. With cards like Iron Man and Onslaught, winning another battlefield shouldn't be too difficult. The rest of the cards are an outline to have more possibilities to choose from to control the game.


Advantages, defects and personal opinions of MARVEL Snap

So what do I think of MARVEL Snap?
Overall I think it's a fun and engaging game that captures the essence of the Marvel Universe. The card graphics are great and the gameplay is fast paced and strategic. However, like any game, it has its merits and its faults.

The primary merit is its accessibility. The rules are simple and it can be played anywhere, making it a great option for casual play. Also, the deck building aspect adds a layer of depth and strategy that makes it interesting for multiple play sessions.

Another huge merit, in my opinion, is that the game is not pay-to-win but pay-to-fast. Each player can build his collection at his own pace and without haste. So for me it is a great value!

A point against, however, is its dependence on luck. Since the deck is shuffled at the start of each game, there is always the possibility of drawing a bad hand or your opponent drawing a trump card at the start of the game. While this adds an element of vagueness, it can be frustrating when luck isn't on your side. A second factor too big randomness, for my taste, are the random battlefields. On the other hand, its creator has never hidden that his game must be based on luck, but also on the ability of the players to minimize the possible reverses of the case.

In short, let's face it, statistics count for little, therefore, learn a deck and minimize the problems induced by occasional factors.


All in all, MARVEL Snap is a great card game for Marvel fans looking for a new way to battle their favorite characters. Whether you're battling it out with a friend or testing your skills online, the game offers a fun and strategic, but above all fast-paced experience that can keep you busy for a few minutes.

So what are you waiting for? Grab a deck and start playing!

And if you already play a MARVEL Snap, what deck do you play? Share your thoughts and strategies in the comments below!