We broke up, last time, with the question of who they were "The Thieving Magpies". In this story we will find all the answers.
Furthermore, the celebrations for the 80th anniversary of the Sergio Bonelli Editore, this month of July, in fact, sees three releases on newsstands for our Dragonero. In addition to this book, Ian can be found in the Special. For the second time Dragonero will find himself in tandem with Zagor, who blows out his 60 candles, but he will not be the only one. In number 21 bis ("On the track of memories“), In fact, we will celebrate Ian's past, present and… future birthdays.
As usual, for those interested in the history of the "Dragonero the Rebel ”, he can find it in this article summary.
Go with the intro!

Come away! Come away
The magpie speaks of war
Come away! Come away
Away to sleep no more
... "

Night Music, Macbeth, 2018, The Frail Ophelias

The magpies

Ian will cross paths with the executioners / outlaws known as Gazze Ladre
The infamous magpies. Allies or enemies?

In an attempt to free their fellow rebels who have fallen into the clutches of the Bestiarii, Ian and Gmor come across a singular group of outlaws / executioners. "The magpies”, This is the name of the gang, they are women characterized by a strong resentment towards men (fathers, husbands, acquaintances, violent soldiers, brothel keepers, and so on) and by a particular agenda.

Will Ian be able to take them to his side in view of the clash with the Bestiarii, once hunters of wild and ferocious creatures, now bounty hunters? What will they ever ask in return for their eventual help? But above all, will they keep their word?

Episode analysis

"The magpies”Is an important episode because Luca Enoch succeeds, once again, through a fantastic narration, in presenting us with problems and themes of our real world (if we then want to grasp and internalize them it is up to us alone). The author, as he has already shown in his previous works, has a particular sensitivity in dealing with the female universe. This, above all, because he never indulges in petty rhetoric.

The submissive role of the woman has always been present in Dragonero's narrative, but it is as if after the end of the war and the rise of the Theocracy, this condition has been exacerbated. It is the further symptom of a regression of social relations throughout the Erondár.
We saw many female figures, complete, well-rounded characters, with their strengths and weaknesses, "The magpies"Are the extreme," rightly "violent, the result of a society increasingly unable to progress.

Enoch marks the episode of difficult moments to face and does so by showing the emotional consequences. In addition to these real scars of the soul, there are, however, also dreams, hopes, memories, of all the participants in the story. The two flashback moments, of which only one told and the other also illustrated, are the two sides of a repulsive medal.

Once again we can only thank Luca Enoch who accompanies us, if we really wish, to look and think about our reality with more mature eyes.

At the opening

In the editorial Chronicles of the Rebellion, Luca Barbieri it takes care for the more recent readers, and for the longtime ones, for which it is starting to become difficult to remember all the faces presented in the series, to shed some light on the supernatural antagonist of last month's episode.
Baron Dawin had appeared, for the first time, in the register n.25 of the first series of Dragonero ("The door to the dark“, June 2015) coming out defeated, and exiled in a demonic dimension, from the clash with Ian. Evidently he did not take advantage of that teaching, since this time he even lost a hand. Given the character's ringworm, it is possible that he will return again to seek revenge.

We are then introduced, albeit briefly, "The magpies“, With the hope that they will be able to win the hearts of us readers. Here too, we are sure that we will certainly see them again in the future!

Last but not least, Barbieri presents the designers of this register: Loca Bonessi and Vincenzo Riccardi.

Drawings & lettering

As always, as usual, we start with the cover of Gianluca Pagliarani (drawings) and Paolo Francescutto (colors). The two have accustomed us, from the very beginning, to grasp, thanks to their drawings and colors, what will be the themes, if not the sensations of the register. This month they are no less, in fact, we are able to perceive all the mystery that hovers around “The magpies”, after all Ian is surrounded. The meeting with these masked executioners is full of that indeterminacy that oscillates between a possible clash and a probable agreement ...

A lettering we find Luca Corda, which replaces Marina Sanfelice struggling with the Speciale!

As we said above, there are two designers who take turns giving life to this month's story. Loca Bonessi deals with the main plot: two events that seem distant from each other then converge towards a shared solution. One is the umpteenth violent action ("prove one's manhood") and the equally violent reaction of those who prevent yet another episode of humiliation. This is where they come into play the magpies. The second is the rebels' attempt to free the comrades, which risks failing due to the personal search for one of the comrades. This research will lead the company to meet with the rapacious executioners, with all that goes with it. Bonessi's ability is undisputed in portraying different situations, both of calm and of action, and the different moods that distinguish them.

But it is a Vincenzo Riccardi which is perhaps the most difficult role. Just as Enoch's pen was able to outline every terrible moment of violence, so equally capable was Riccardi to dedicate himself to the flashback regarding a specific, despicable, event from Ian's past (presented here briefly and which will then return in the next issue) . The sensitivity in showing that memory only increases Ian's already great and multifaceted sensitivity and the sense of Justice that pushes him to be what he is: a man with his strengths and weaknesses who tries to make the right decision ... cost that what cost.

In "The Magpies" there is room for a brief flashback of Ian's youth. Not exactly a good memory ...
Ian just can't stay out of trouble!

To use the words of one of the characters of the Saga of the Drenai by writer David A. Gemmell:

“Never violate a woman, don't hurt a child, don't lie, don't cheat or steal, because these are cheap things for men. Protect the weak when evil is strong, and never allow thoughts of gain to drive you to pursue evil. "

The Shadak Code

It's summer and, like every year, it's time for the Color Special, and with the upcoming Bis book, it's right to exclaim "Tree gust is better than du"!

The journey of the heroes

The journey of the heroes is the second, after "Le gazze ladre", of three releases for the Dragonero saga in this month of July 2021
The journey of the heroes is also a journey in search of easter eggs scattered throughout the book.
Can you catch a couple from the cover?

When the universes of two great heroes intersected in the past, it was only natural that they would meet again sooner or later. Ian Aranill, the Slayer of Dragons, and Zagor, the Spirit with the Hatchet, have formed a solid friendship that transcends space and time. But something about this friendship has sown the seeds for an upheaval in both worlds. It will therefore be up to the two heroes to join forces and heal this rift ...

Special analysis

Each Special has its own soul and "The journey of the heroes”Is no exception. Some stories are memories of past adventures, others are more or less intersected with the events of the macro-plots of the series, others still lie outside the terrain already explored.

For those who also follow other SBE magazines, and in particular Nathan Never (who already shares his world with that of Martin Mystere), he knows that, in some way, the series of the publishing house are part, in some way, of a vast Multiverse. To return to NN, in "Other worlds"(N. 300, May 2016) had been given a taste of this multiverse, with the Special Agent Alpha dealing with Spirits with the Ax and Investigators of the Nightmare, or at least with their possible projections ...

Luca Enoch brings together Ian and Zagor in a pleasant story of pure entertainment, not particularly complex, linear in its multiverse plot and perhaps a little too hasty at the end. However, it is a good comic to read under the umbrella (or wherever you are on vacation), which takes us away and takes our breath away from the difficult situation in which the Erondár is raging (and in which it will be immersed in the future).
Another fun that the Speciale offers is, for those who want to become a connoisseur of the SBE, to find all the easter eggs scattered across the pages!

At the opening

In the editorial, no, not Chronicles of the Rebellion, here we are in a period prior to what we read every month in the regular series

"Long ago, before the war, before the pandemic."


Luca Barbieri presents, for those unfamiliar with him, Za-gor-te-nay, the Spirit with the Hatchet.

This character, one of the cornerstones of SBE, born from the pen of Guido Nolitta (Sergio Bonelli), saw his debut, in Italian newsstands, on June 15, 1961, and his scream "Aaahhhyaaaak !!!”Still echoes in the hearts of many readers today.
The particular setting of Zagor's adventures ("roughly in the Northeast of the United States, in the region just south of the Great Lakes, between Ohio and Pennsylvania in the first half of the nineteenth century"), Ranging from Indians, to soldiers, Vikings, vampires and aliens (and so on and so forth!), Makes him the perfect travel companion for our scout (and not only his, since" soon ”we will see the Spirit with the Hatchet in a team up with even The Flash, the Scarlet Sprinter of DC Comics!).

The first meeting between Ian and Zagor dates back to the Special n. 2 released in 2015 (we are at the eighth). On that occasion, it was Dragonero who visited the other universe, but this time the story unfolds in lands more known to him. It all starts right there, where the previous Special ended: with the “unusual” presence of Zagor's ax in the Erondár.

The heroes' journey begins with Zagor's ax being stolen from Ian
Who knows why Zagor's Hatchet is so coveted ...

Drawings & lettering

At the drawings we find Gianluigi Gregorini, the always excellent Piky Hamilton to colors and Marina Sanfelice, who took a vacation from the regular series, to the lettering.
The fantastic cover, with the colors of Paolo Francescutto, could only be of Michele Rubini, which repeats the one that had already embellished the first meeting of the two heroes!

Zagor and Cico will find themselves embarking on a long journey through Erondár
Cico, I have the impression that we are no longer in Darkwood (semicit.).

We will read in a few days when we set out “On the track of memories” (“Dragonero the Rebel”N ° 21bis, July 24), with four stories about Ian's past… and his future!

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár

Aaahhhyaaaak !!!

Za-gor-te-nay, the Spirit with the Hatchet