Also this month I hoped to be able to take home the new issue of "Dragonero, the Rebel","The scream of the flesh“, But it did not happen… it changes little!

After witnessing the early stages of the insurgency (here) and the political and social repercussions in some enclaves of Erondár (here), we are ready to embark with the Rebels on their next mission.

But, thanks to the wait for the messenger with the assignment, and for a mosaic discovered in the place of appointment, Ian retraces the avenue of memories and takes the time to tell Kilvar's companions ...

Gades, the gladiator from "Ken the Warrior - Legend of the True Savior", looks a lot like Dragonero's opponent in The Scream of the Flesh: Kilvar
Kilvar in all its glory!

No, but this isn't Kilvar from Dragonero, it's Gades from "Ken the Warrior - The Legend of the True Savior“, Go with the intro!

“Welcome to this crazy time
Kono ikareta jidai and youkoso
Kimi wa tough boy, tough boy, tough boy, tough boy
... "

“Tough Boy”, “Hokuto No Ken: Original Songs”, 1987, Tom Cat

And so also Dragonero has his "Kenshiro-style villain", to continue with the jokes, in a cartoon Kilver has a knife in his hand and, while I was reading, I imagined him licking the blade ...

Kilvar from The Scream of the Meat with a red-hot knife in his hand
… Even if it was red-hot

But perhaps it is better to leave out the jokes and dedicate ourselves to this month's episode… which is much more!

The scream of the flesh

Dragonero prone under the blows of Kilvar on the cover of L'urlo della carne
The "Dragonero, the Rebel" of February 2020

"The scream of the flesh"(N ° 4, February 2020), written by the curator of the work Luca Barbieri, may appear, on a quick reading, as a simple prelude to next month's adventure, also given as it ends, but it allows the new reader to deepen some aspects of Ian related to his sword Endastridh ("She Who Brings the End of the War", "The Peacekeeper"), once known by the name of Saevasechta ("Cruel Cutter"). "Chronicles of the Rebellion", The editorial of"Dragonero, the Rebel", In fact, for those who have not followed the comic since its inception, it traces a brief history of the books in which the sword is the master: from its creation and curse by the first dragon wounded by her ("Cruel cutting machine"N ° 39, August 2016), to the change in color and lust for blood (at the debut in Novels a Fumetti Bonelli,"Black Dragon"2007), to finally reach its purification ("Beyond storms"No. 61, June 2018).

Covers of the Dragonero books where the evolution of his sword is narrated
The books where you can see the evolution of the Sword of Ian

As I wrote above, "the action" takes place in an abandoned fortress, where Ian tells his companions a brutal episode from his past, which took place before the invasion of the Black Queens, in a desolate place, lost among the barren peaks of the cordillera north-east of Solian, a story that still casts "a shadow on his heart". But this "shadow on the heart" is not only an exclusive of our hero, even we readers are faced once again with the fact that "the past war has deeply wounded everyone… " is that "the current one, perhaps, will do it even more". Just think and read about Sera "... alone, as it happens more and more often“, And catch a glimpse of the prosthesis of his left leg and then a few pages later, during the story, intent on kicking Gmor, not a small thing for a book just for" passage "!

We read next month with "The gods of the arena” (“Dragonero, the Rebel"N ° 5) always of the Sergio Bonelli Editore.

From the shadows we rise. In silence we strike.

The rebels of Erondár