The TV series "Lucifer" recently saw the release on Netflix of the first part of the fifth season, after a fourth we had talked about Thu, and it's time to pull the strings of this new story arc.
Composed of eight episodes lasting about forty minutes, the fifth season of Lucifer proves generally subdued and with several script slips, saved only by the brilliant interpretation of Tom Ellis.


At the end of the fourth season our beloved Lucifer Morningstar is forced by a revolt of demons to return to hell to resume his place as guardian and ruler of the damned. Months pass and detective Chloe Decker still struggles, after discovering she loves the fallen angel, to accept the fact that she will probably never see him again. While she solves murders, Lucifer fulfills her role as a guardian of the demons and the damned, in a hell where the concept of time does not exist.
As the trailers revealed ahead of time, the balance of this situation will be upset when Michael, Lucifer's twin brother, comes to destroy what his brother has built hard.

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"Lucifer" is a series that, by now, is based exclusively on the strength and interpretation of its actors. At the top of this classic there can only be Tom Ellis, able to interpret two characters by changing diction, posture and clothing, who with his beauty and charm manages to pull the series.
Some episodes stand out for their creative tones, such as the noir episode with a high rate of irony and "fair representation of genre", and in general the season seems to want to tell a conflict with a very high potential.


The biggest flaw this season is Chloe's and Michael's characters, both for different reasons.
Michael is a wasted opportunity to potentially introduce a classy villain who can take on Lucifer on par and beat him at his own game. In the Bible, the archangel Michael is the one who, during the Lucifer rebellion, deals with personally facing and defeating the fallen angel. 
Starting from a beautiful idea, that is to give Michael a power similar to that of Lucifer, the painful notes arrive: personality and ingenuity. The archangel will in fact prove to be a banal envious twin, not at all shrewd and not even remotely equal to Lucifer.

Chloe, on the other hand, is a character who has long since finished growing up and, despite having finally understood the truth about celestial and infernal beings, continues to treat them as ordinary people. What results is a hateful and hateful character who throws a tantrum as millennial beings explain to her that in hell time does not flow and, therefore, a second in the normal world could be centuries in the underworld.

The script of the episodes does not improve the situation, with sometimes meaningless dialogues and absolutely boring investigations to follow. Since the series maintains the investigative imprint, it would be appropriate to focus on making the single case interesting and not a filling moment of the episode.

Is this season worth watching?

Long story short, despite being only part one, Lucifer's fifth season isn't worth the time spent. The series could find a worthy conclusion with the end of the fourth season but the desire to lengthen the stock, without really having anything to tell, only led to increase the stakes without putting much into it. Even the evil twin cliché didn't bring out any good.