In search of Chrysopea, Created by Morgane Reynier, is an epistolary role-playing game. You know what that means, right? In the past, on our portal, we have already had the opportunity to talk about one of this kind.
The epistolary role-playing game is a game that evolves and finds its natural reality through a letter, whether it is paper, digital or through a small application that we will present to you.

This product has been localized in Italy by Nessundove and distributed by dreamlord. The work behind this manual is painstaking to say the least, but before giving my personal opinions let's go and see what the game is about!


What is In Search of Chrysopoeia about?

In search of Chrysopea is an RPG for two players, who will play alchemists in search of the solution for theirs Magna Opera (Latin singular Magnum Opus, is the alchemical itinerary of processing and transformation of the raw material, refined to the point of creating the Philosopher's Stone).
Every corner, every object, every landscape crossed on the street can become the seed of a story. With the help of a camera or a mobile phone, the images and impressions of everyday life become part of the correspondence between two explorers, becoming the ingredients of a great alchemical work.

Un Master alchemist send the Disciple to the discovery of the World All Around, a land where the wind has become the engine of progress. United in an extraordinary enterprise, Master and Disciple walk together despite the distance that separates them, facing the vicissitudes of the journey in search of fabulous knowledge; but above all, in search of Chrysopoeia, the mythical city of knowledge.

This role-playing game speaks of a Master-Student relationship where each of the participants explores a part of the world, as a projection of his own self and the other explores his own self through new eyes that observe the world and which, having been able to absorb the wisdom of the predecessor, manages to carry on the slow cooking in the Philosophical Egg through the destruction of Gold and Silver. A mutual destruction of the two components, the Master and the Disciple. A possible destruction through their mixing and confusion together, so that from two things only one is formed.

This is In search of Chrysopea, but not only!

Map of the All Around World

What does the game in question consist of?

But what does it consist of In search of Chrysopea? Why does this Philosopher's Stone take the shape of a city? To this question in the past a writer had tried to give a personal explanation of him. I'm sorry to bring up Howard Philip Lovecraft, but with the story The Dream Quest of the Unknown Kadath the search for the city as a point of arrival, everything takes the right dimension. For some the city is a place where the home is present, for others where the heart is. Travelers take refuge in the known streets. The Maestro and Disciple they yearn for the city and the knowledge contained in its libraries.

In this game, in fact, the Chrysopoeia it is the place of words. And what else can it be but the city of infinite knowledge? And this is because words have unlimited and extraordinary power. A word can change an event, a situation, a feeling, but also life, our being, our relationships. Words make up our universe. Everything goes through words.

For these reasons, this game will ask you to play with words, offering you some in the manual, others in the Suspended Archives, a wonderful website where you can find words, works, images and much more to enrich your gaming experience with In search of Chrysopea.


Conclusions on In search of Chrysopoeia

Why do I personally recommend you to play this splendid work by Morgane Reynier and brought to Italy by NessunDove?
The reasons are manifold. I could say that it's nice to see a story develop through the act of writing to a person you consider a friend and with whom you can say you have a strong bond. Writing, taking time to create something, wanting to share is what is necessary in this moment where all relationships have become complicated. The fact of having lost human contact, after all that we have experienced, could simply be rediscovered through the will to tell a story.

Or perhaps I could tell you that this game is beautiful precisely because the theme of alchemical research, of the philosophy behind this pseudoscience, is the most romantic thing I can conceive in a world with nothing left to believe in. Let me be clear that I know how impossible it is to turn lead into gold, but the alchemical process is not only that, the real transformation is in ourselves.
Or maybe because, as a child, for too long I have seen a television drama called "The Sign of Command"!

All very valid reasons.
But in absolute terms, I advise you to buy this game as soon as possible, in its print edition, especially because it is unquestionably beautiful. Everything is studied in detail. Its shape is elegant, the inner lining allows you to collect what you are experiencing without losing anything. And finally, its delicate designs, its effective layout, show a willingness to have created something splendid and to have worked so hard on it, that it is itself a Magnum Opus.

Want some additional advice on how to play it? Try searching for the application Slowly, it will amaze you! It will allow you to send digital letters and calculate distance times with your pen pal by simulating the actual journey of the letter. Forget the immediate emails, with Slowly you will have to wait.

To conclude, I can only thank NoDove for locating this product and more than ever I invite you to give it a chance!