Live-One CD 40-ena is a splendid initiative that takes place in the wake of a whole series of events and activities aimed at overcoming this moment of crisis. Organized by 17 different realities, Live One - CD 40ena will consist of talks and sessions on the most diverse topics. You want to discover the program? Follow us

Saturday 11

9-10 am: Intro

During this first intervention the initiative, the why and the aims will be presented again, together with the main messages. For early risers on Saturday, it will be possible to have breakfast with Andrea Lucca directly on the social networks of Fumble Gdr!

10 - 13: Aps The Round Table in Session

Friends ofAPS The Round Table they will be the first to bring role play in this great marathon with a three-hour session. Spectators will therefore be able to enjoy the morning with some great actors and their adventures.

13 - 14: 20 Faces in Talk

The late morning and the beginning of the lunch hour will see the spectators accompanied by the good 20 faces. His talk will have a subject as particular as it is interesting "Write a One-Shot from scratch with an epidemic theme". How could you miss such an appointment? While you are preparing lunch, hold on Youtube e Facebook open!

14 - 15: The Seekers of Atlantis in Talk

We come to our space, which will see us all busy after lunch in full abbiocco. For those who have not collapsed in a tactical nap on the sofa, we will talk about the best RPGs to recover during this quarantine. The time to read and discover game manuals is always short, we understand it very well, but this forced enclosure can also be convenient.

15 - 18 pm: Fumble RPG in Session

El dia de los muertos por amor!
Take Jane the Virgin, take the walking dead, throw them in a blender and mix well. Forbidden loves, fiery passions, evil twins and disrespectful actors, all seasoned with a touch of post-apocalyptic drama.
This is the special of fumble di Pasion de las pasiones! With the typical comic charge and the excellent roles of fumble, we can rest assured!

18 - 19,30 pm: Stef Kyrian in Talk

The wise Stef Kyrian will host the good Andrea Lucca in his role as Cyberpunk innkeeper for a long chat on the Game Mastering. If you want to discover the secrets of two Masters with a capital M, this is truly an unmissable opportunity!

19,30 - 21: Those That Ben Nerdano in Talk!

Live on their page Facebook, QCBN they will hold a talk where they will advise how to nerd in this quarantine, which are the best tools and many ideas for creating a few sessions using TV series and video games as a starting point.

21 pm - 22,30 pm: MorgenGabe in Talk!

What's better than a Direttone on Monday? A talk on Saturday evening with the summaries Morgengabe.
They want to have a quiet and discursive chat, with these topics:
1) "You are all in a tavern", is the opening words par excellence. But how to build a good opening? What are the games that help us do it the most?
2) "The relationships between characters", do you prefer that the characters know each other during the game or that they already know each other beforehand? Let's talk about some games and their approaches!
3) But what are you playing at? We recommend games for quarantine!
So, on Saturday night, grab some appetizers, something to drink and jump on the MorgenGabe page!

22,30 - 00: Stream N Roll

Saturday will go on until late at night. And who if not Gabri Torn he could open the dances in the dark with an interactive session on the channel Twitch Stream N Role of Sex Drugs and D&D. It starts at 22:30, get ready! 

00 - 03: The Red, the Bear, Mike and Matt (enter) in Session

I don't think there is a need to present this convergence of crazy. If the alcohol hasn't destroyed you yet, them they will finish the job!

Sunday 12th of

9-10 am: Intro

During this first intervention on Easter Sunday, the initiative, the why and the aims will be presented together with the main messages. For early risers on Sunday, it will be possible to have breakfast with Andrea Lucca directly on the Fumble Gdr social networks!

10 - 11: Sententiam Forum and Borderland Map in Talk

“Don't lie, we've all thought about setting an adventure during an epidemic. But is the good old plague always possible? Or do some settings require more effort to justify it? "

With this incipit the friends of Forum Sententiam will begin their reflections on pestilence and settings. We can only advise you to stop by before lunch!

11 - 12: DiceGames Italia in Talk

Friends of DiceGames Italy will deal with special guests, a topic of the Italian role-playing game that (unfortunately) is often talked about little: Larp. Following their recent initiatives, thanks to which we are discovering the world of Italian LAP little by little, they will talk to us about how this world is facing quarantine and what the ideas and consequences of this are.

12 - 13: Fantasika! in Talk

During lunch time friends of Fantasika! they will keep us company with a rundown on role-playing and board games that, even if they have not had the extraordinary success expected, are still titles not to be missed!

13 - 14: Gaming in Talk project

We advise you to follow the social networks of Gaming project for their early afternoon speech!

14 - 17 pm: Parents in the Session

In a cursed country, where leaving the house is risky, a group of kids will try to find a cure to save their families and everyone, going in search of the legendary "miraculous flower"

A little D&D 5e adventure with four big-hearted protagonists!
Have you never listened to children playing? You may be truly surprised! The project Role parents always reserve immense wonders.

17 - 20: Down the Screen in Session

"Puppies on an adventure!"
Microfiction session, a game by Luca Bonisoli, that the friends of Down the Screen have already shown on their channels. They decided to propose it again for a tender and fun session in which we will follow the events of some puppies. Microfiction allows you to create webseries, have even very short sessions and set any type of tone and themes you want.
This time they will be "cute and cuddly".

20 pm - 21,15 pm: Fumble Gdr in Talk

Claudio Pustorino will answer the most frequently asked questions about Not the End, Fumble's latest publishing effort, and will talk about the future of HexSys, the engine behind NtE, together with Daniele Fusetto, who in his review for Role stories seems to have read his thoughts: Not the End was, very ironically, just the beginning!

21,15pm - 23pm: D20 Nation in Talk

Friends of. Will end the marathon and Easter day D20 Nation with their talk on how to survive to the sound of RPG in this difficult period. Never give up seems to be their motto!