Welcome to the page where we gather all our live RPGs.

Introduction to live

Since the founding of the Seekers of Atlantis, with relative opening of the page Facebook, account Youtube e Twitch, there has always been a particular focus on role play.

We believe in live streams because we consider them a good way to stay in touch with our fans, to have a good discussion and to show who we really are.

In our live shows there is no fiction and there are no characters built to attract the public, it's just us Seekers who play role. Sometimes one of the group takes on the role of master, other times an external narrator comes to present his game to us and our audience.

Given the growing number of live streams, we thought it wise to explain and list our role plays. We believe that this type of content should be central to our site and to the Seekers.

Our GDR live streams

Although all the live shows can be easily retrieved on our Facebook page, to take advantage of the contents in 1080 we recommend viewing on our youtube channel. Below you will find the bets drawn from the latter.

The Silence of Hollowind

In conjunction with the release of ours review on The Silence of Hollowind we played a one-shot. The title had intrigued us from the first reading of the manual. We believe the setting is capable of giving great satisfaction and able to host different types of adventures.

Players Yari and Gloria, without knowing anything about the world they were about to launch, conducted investigations into the disappearance of the Dirty Face Goblin. At the end of the case, their characters found themselves in something bigger.

Having chosen to continue the adventure, we have decided to turn the one-shot into the incipit of a campaign.


As the conclusion of the Kickstarter, the creators of Vulcania they accepted our invitation to play. Having just achieved an important goal, we all indulged in imagination and fun. As it emerges from the constant laughter, it is a game that can give great satisfaction. We can't wait to try it again, once we get the manual, to build something on it.

In the proposed adventure, our players Yari, Gloria and Simone found themselves imprisoned after a simple delivery. Enlisted the help of a guard with a fervent desire to expatriate, the trio managed to get their revenge and disappear.

Harry Potter RPG

Discovered by chance on the occasion of the release of the second Fantastic Beasts movie, the Harry Potter game has very few rules. Intrigued and eager to try it out, we launched into a campaign that did not fail to reserve great surprises.

The young characters of Gloria and Yari, when they turned eleven, received the letter for Hogwarts. Expenses were seen to be necessary in the approach of September. Once in Diagon Alley, the future friends met, took their wands and bought everything they needed for their school year.

Despite a streamlined regulation, the game allows for great character customization and lends itself to various expansions. With the advent of the Patreon, we do not exclude being able to put our own hand to the regulation, with some interesting additions.


Our first RPG themed live as Atlantean Seekers was dedicated to one of the finalists of the RPG of the Year. While the game didn't get the title, we were happy to try it with an experienced master. For the occasion, Davide Quartucci joined us, a friend whom we always thank for the support and constructive criticism.

The four FBI agents we played had a really weird case on their hands. An unusual murder that led them to get acquainted with something more. Unfortunately they didn't understand much of the situation and, before they could ask uncomfortable questions, the case was taken from the stationery department.

Our future plans

Below you will find all our future projects. Any idea not yet realized for campaigns, one-shots and "we'd like to play ..."

The Witcher

At the end of 2018, we launched registrations for our The Witcher RPG campaign. Due to difficulties that were not our fault, some players had to quit shortly before the start. The campaign will be set in Nazair, in the region's most famous port, and will see a group of outcasts juggle political intrigues and imprisoned rebels.

The Witcher was brought to Italy by Need Games and we believe it can have a great future in our country. The rules are a bit tricky for first-time players but, with the right balance and an extraordinary setting, great plays can come out.


This little pearl of the RPG world was proposed to us by a friend with particular attention to the past. It may be a little old school, as the idea of ​​a small campaign will be based on an older edition of the game, but for a good month we will be engaged in this extraordinary story.

It will be an interesting experiment because none of us will be able to read the manual or retrieve information, which has never been done in our group. It will surely be an experience not to be forgotten!

Dark Souls

Being big fans of the Souls saga from From Software, we learned with amazement the presence of a Japanese manual. We don't know when and how yet but we would definitely like to try this title. If not possible, a conversion for the fifth edition may be required.