Brief introduction a LexOccultum

The game is published by the Swedish team of the RiotMinds already famous for Trudvang Chronicles, Drakar och Demoner (2016) and Twilight of the gods, Of which LexOccultum it is an evolution. The house won the "Game of the Year" award in Sweden; it was presented on the Kickstarter platform about a year ago, in February 2018, and it cut, in a very short time, the set goals, first of all that of being able to be translated into English and therefore of being known internationally.

What is it that has driven so many supporters to trust this game?

The game is set in theEurope of the eighteenth century, a Europe suspended between magic and rationality, a Europe crossed by mysterious forces and controlled by equally mysterious ones secret societies. It should be enough? Furthermore the graphic sector it is highly evocative and of an excellent level, which manages to completely lower the reader into the setting, alternating color plates, maps, original prints and drawings, both in lines and in color, admirable in the collection of prints and in the artbook with drawings preparatory.

Lex Libris, the first of the two main manuals
Lex Libris, the first of the two main manuals

What do you need to get started LexOccultum

I main manuals (both bound) are two Lex Libris - Core Rules

Legis Liber book of the law / rule or better yet Legum Liber  book of laws / rules
e Alter Ego - Core Rules, both necessary for the game to run.

The first includes a section on game system, the game world (but it is more correct to say Europe), secret societies and brotherhoods.

most of these are concentrated in these sections intentional mistakes made with the Latin language and not only
In addition, it contains chapters on the magical arts ("Dark", "Sacred" and "Scientific") and antagonists (human and otherwise), a section which, however, is not very large (see why).

The second volume presents the rules for character creation: attributes (Charisma, Constitution, Dexterity, Health, Intelligence, Perception, Psyche), archetypes (craftsman, member of the clergy, fighter, evildoer, occultist, scientist, et similia), areas of influence (underworld, politics, occult, et similia), social classes, skills and equipment.

What a roll the dice!

Let's now analyze the game system, it is a clone of the Basic Role Playing (BRP), developed by Chaosium. In this case, the system is focused on Skills, divided into General, Disciplines and Specialties. THE Dadi used are d20 for almost all the times (the result must be equal to or less than the skill value ± bonus / malus), d6, d10 and sometimes "d5".

An interesting feature of the characters it is the first impression they can project of themselves, modified above all by an interesting trait, the Vogue. It is, in fact, about the quality of the clothes they wear: in Europe in the 1700s between social classes, money and beautiful clothes, you can understand how appearance counts, perhaps more than substance!

Character creation isn't fast at all: there are several points to allocate, sums, subtractions and multiplications to do, and above all there is no section / page that summarizes the various steps. Too bad, also because the characters that are created can come out really well-rounded and fairly balanced.

The class also serves in role-playing games!
The class also serves in role-playing games!

The adventures of LexOccultum

The last two volumes of the bundle are aadventure (paperback), suitable for newly created characters and players and GM not yet expert in the rules.

The second, however, is a real one campaign (bound) long and complex, both to arbitrate and to play, set in 1756 between Paris, Versailles and other regions of France, in the shadow of mysteries and the "Poison Deal" during the reign of Louis XIV for almost a century before.

The future is occult

Net of the negative aspects (few and mostly linguistic) and the merits (many, first of all the illustrations), what future awaits LexOccultum?

Certainly bright, but it would be better to say in dark colors given the themes of the game!

In these days on the Kickstarter platform RiotMinds is trying again and successfully, apparently, given that, in a few days from the opening, the project has already reached more than double the set amount!

Monstrorum card (* "controversy" mode on * Charta Monstrorum! Missing an "h" in the name, but the genitive got it right this time! * "controversy" mode off *) will probably see prints by next fall. This is the bestiary of the world of LexOccultum (that's why in the basic manual they had not studied the topic in depth), 150-200 pages full of possible entities, about thirty, that can be found around Europe.

This project marks a further milestone is preferably used for RiotMinds and for the game, since it inaugurates the partnership with the writer Steven Savile (Doctor Who, Torchwood, Primeval, Stargate, Warhammer, Slaine, Fireborn, Pathfinder, Arkham Horror, Risen, and others). The author will deal with the meta-story of Clement Birkenbosch, creator of the aforementioned bestiary.

The publishing house then announced that it will present a new product on Kickstarter during the year: a campaign, entitled Wicked Dew, who will explore the darker corners of London and the plots of the circle of witches devoted to Baba Yaga.

We can not wait!

Hopefully the game will soon find a place on the Italian market, some publishing house believe it ... as I believe it!

Load your flintlocks, light up the lantern and step into darkness!