Why go back to the retro game?

Playing knows infinite variations, today we try to examine one that has been gaining ground in the last period: the Backgame!

In this regard, we had the pleasure of interviewing The Bit-ellons. But who are these phantom Bit-ellons of Fellini echo?

To use their words: "Four heroes from Romagna (and an immigrant from Tuscany-Romagna) have set themselves the goal of reviving the beautiful electronic games of the past even in the land of disco and piadina. Blogs, clubs, podcasting and much more. Follow the Bit-elloni and get out as under amphetamine ... but without the side effects."

Let's get to know them a little better starting from their nicknames (yes, nicknames, because anonymity is their trademark!) Which can already give us an idea of ​​how they deal with Retrogaming. Let's hear them two cent!

Image of the Bit-ellons
the Bit-ellons in their shining splendor

Where did this passion for retrogames come from? What was the trigger?

Starfox Mulder: "I remember I was playing a boring thing about theXbox 360 when I said to myselfMaybe it's better if I hang up on him SNES (Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Editor's Note) rather'. So I did it and I enjoyed it a lot more. From there I wanted to recover all the titles I had missed for SNES then try the SEGA Mega Drive. Then to try the most significant titles for Mega Drive, then the less significant ones, then ... etc ... "

Magnum Cd-I: “The passion for retrogame was born from home technological limits, as we had the same computer (a Pentium 120) from 1996 onwards, and this limited the games I could recover for a long time. Going further and further back in time, I ended up getting passionate about more and more particular titles, up to looking for great classics and hidden pearls. Little by little, then, the curiosity about the world of consoles began and since then it has been the end. "

Winona Raiden: "In my career as a gamer, I could spot two topical moments. The first is placed directly in childhood, when together with my brother, older than 8 years, I played on his consoles like Atari, Sega, Female friend. It can therefore be said that video games (which at the time were not yet retro) formed a fundamental part of my idea of ​​children's entertainment. Perhaps it is also for this association (wrong) that growing I put them aside, taking them back only in late adolescence thanks to the "stuff" that my brother, always nostalgic, emulated on the PC. However, what made me an active player, who goes alone in search of discoveries and rediscoveries, was to receive a copy of Resident Evil 3. At that point a few more years had passed but from there I never abandoned the videogames! "

Bionic Cummenda: “We are at the end of the twentieth century, the videogame world is shocked by the specter of the next-gen apocalypse. Sony is about to devour the whole multiverse of gaming, when someone has a criminal as well as revolutionary idea, pirating the Playstation mercilessly. This twist on the edge of the cage meant that many disappointed gamers discovered that it was also possible to emulate all the retrogames that had not been able to buy in childhood, or that they had to sell to buy some other unplayable title closed-box. I still remember the five thousand lire money traded in exchange for Time Lord, miracles of the devaluation of the old coinage. "

How complex is it to retrieve material for retrogaming?

Consul Atari and Drak Chambers together
An Atari console in all its glory

Winona Raiden: “More than complex it requires a lot of dedication. There are numerous groups, also on Facebook, of enthusiasts who sell, buy and exchange, but it is necessary to follow them with attention and constancy, especially because the best offers are caught in the blink of an eye. For a more disengaged approach, you can have fun doing laps in the various electronics or nerd-themed fairs. I would add that by now many games have lost the copyright for which they are available on the Internet without breaking any law. Let's say that the more you want to get closer to the original game experience, the more the bar of the challenge to availability is raised. "

Which consoles are you most attached to? What happens when they merge? Do you repair them or are you looking for new ones?

Some consoles for the retro-game of the Bit-ellons
How many wonders in a single photo?

Magnum CD-I: “Personally I am very attached to SEGA Saturn and Dreamcast, and to the first Xbox, not to mention particular systems such as PANASONIC 3DO, ATARI Jaguar, GCE Vectrex and PHILIPS CD-i. When they merge I always try to repair (obviously by getting help from experts), also because some of the consoles mentioned above start to be difficult to find at a human price. "

Is the quality of the old games, especially as regards the difficulty, comparable to the current sacred monsters that I hear so much about? (like Dark Souls)

Starfox Mulder: “Yesterday it was all about gameplay and often a new title had pioneering aspects. There is a lot of quality even today, but daring has almost stopped altogether, except for some indie titles. Exactly what happened in Hollywood movies has happened on videogames: the same formula repeated over and over again. Thirty years ago the largest videogames house in the world was able to focus on a space fly as the protagonist (Yar's Revenge) and I can't sell anymore. Today we are in the tenth sequel to Assasin's Creed, and they are all the same. Other than that, the difficulty depends. A game like Dark Souls is not at all considered difficult when compared to 8bit titles such as those released for ZX Spectrum or NES, but already with 16bit the difficulty had dropped to become more accessible. Let's say that to be amazed at Dark Souls it is necessary to have forgotten what it was to play Battletoads. ”

Does your user respond well to your initiatives? How is it composed?

Cutaway of life of gamers
Who knows what they are playing?

Bionic Cummenda: “In addition to our Superquark outreach activities, our main purpose has always been to rediscover offline multiplayer, where you can humiliate your opponent face to face, possibly while sipping some First Night cocktails. We succeeded thanks to the events that we organize monthly and to the most welcome hosted in private clubs throughout Italy. For the future we aim to organize a Mario Kart tournament projected directly on the walls of a castle and a bill to insert retrogaming in the UNESCO heritage. And remember: joystick, whiskey ... and you're in pole position! "


The retrogame world has always fascinated me, but due to the scarcity of time and space I have never been able to fully understand its importance. Obviously like the same Bit-elloni they explained this has several facets. Do you know other realities that should be known by force? Are you part of one of these realities and do you want to talk to us about your initiatives? We are delighted to be able to collect your story, so don't hesitate to make your voice heard!