Modena 2019 will see two big news: the release of “L'ingranaggio” and the launch on the publishing market of “Stratagemma Edizioni”.

For those who don't know "stratagem”Is one of the historic game stores in Italy having completed 30 years of activity last year.

But what is the reason for this choice? The answer from Florian Mucci, one of the partners of Stratagemma, is:

“Spreading the game has always been our mission and we thought: why not also become publishers to help those who have an idea reach the players? And so, in the end, here we are ”.

The newly formed publishing house will look out onto Modena Play, one of the most important Italian gaming festivals, presenting a completely new product, at least under the pure playful aspect: "The Gear - the role-playing game ", di Valerio Amadei e Andrea Marmugi, illustrated by Stefano simeone, former author for Disney, Pixar, Lucas film, Sergio Bonelli Editore and BAO Publishing.

What is the Gear?

The Gear is taken from a series of novels, whose most recent abjuration is an experimental "interactive novel" that has met with some success since its official release during Lucca Comics & Games 2018.

Cover of the interactive novel by Valerio Amedei

The setting in a nutshell:

Towards the end of the century, the world we know was swept away by an inexorable demographic collapse and the shortage of workforce forced the survivors to combine surgery, watchmaking and plumbing and heating to revive the corpses like automata.

One of the fantastic drawings from the "L'Ingranaggio" manual

In a technocratic city-state, with an army of soldiers in steam armor and biomechanical corpses used in every area of ​​daily life, our body no longer belongs to us: it is only a loaner tool that, upon our death, will become an asset public.

But what other surprises will this new publishing house reserve for us in the future?

"The world outlined in the novels is so vast that not everything could fit into a single work ... And, of course, The Gear it's not the only project in the pipeline! "

The appointment is therefore at Modena Play 2019, from 5 to 7 April, at the Stratagemma stand, but those who will be lucky enough to pass by Florence on March 31 will have the opportunity to participate in the first Demo of the game. We will be present, and will play for you!