“Klaus - The Secrets of Christmas” is a 2019 Spanish animated film written and directed by Sergio Pablos his directorial debut, produced by SPA Studios, with the support of Aniventure and distributed by Netflix as its first original animated film. The result is amazing, a sight for the eyes and a joy for the mind that follows its history. Reinventing the myth of Santa Claus in 2019 is not an easy undertaking and the risk of falling into the banal is always around the corner. Fortunately, screenwriters Zach Lewis and Jim Mahoney were able to mix all the right elements, managing to make a family film that can entertain young and old. The film was released in theaters on December 8, 2019 and starting on December 15 on the Netflix platform.


Jesper is the scion of a family known in the post and shipping market. Although his father is tempered and serious, he cannot pass on any of his qualities to his son. Jesper therefore lives in the most unbridled luxury, avoiding any responsibility or physical work. 

Tired of his son's ongoing failures, his father sent him to the north pole, on an island known for not sending even a letter. Giving the impossible task of reaching six thousand letters within the year, the man hopes to see Jesper roll up his sleeves and do his best, once in a lifetime. The island will prove to be a real challenge for the postman. Two clans on the verge of illiteracy compete for a rivalry as old as it is meaningless. It will be thanks to the children and an unsuspected toy maker that Jesper will trigger a great change.

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The characters of this story are few, it is true, but very well characterized and with elements that always tear a laugh. We go to Jesper, who will return the life of the inhabitants of the island to Alva to return home in a thousand comforts, the teacher without pupils who sells fish in class to pay for the trip out of that hell. The minimalism of the characters introduced leads every brush stroke to not be superfluous. Before the end of the story, each person will acquire an important role and will have the opportunity to be eviscerated.

Technical aspect

As stated earlier, the film is visibly remarkable. The director Sergio Pablos, with a great experience in Disney as a character designer, gave his all by pushing on a clean and clear style that, however, easily characterizes the characters. For the look of the film, the studio sought to overcome some of the technical limitations that traditional animation had, focusing on organic and volumetric lighting and texturing to give the film a unique look, while maintaining a handcrafted feel. 


I approached "Klaus - The secrets of Christmas" because of the extraordinary success it was enjoying. I did not expect to find a simple but not trivial story that could make me laugh at the eyes of a teacher. It is a mandatory viewing during the Christmas period for anyone who wants to spend a pleasant hour and a half.