Warning: the article contains several references to the main plot of Kingdom Hearts 3 and, for this reason, we do not recommend reading it to anyone who has not finished their adventure in the base game.

A year after the release of Kingdom Hearts 3, Square-Enix and Tetsuya Nomura return to our consoles offering us ReMind, additional content for the expected final chapter of what the company has called the "Saga of Xehanort". After talking about it in review, the time has come to tackle this downloadable content.
The DLC promises the arrival of new content, an unpublished story and numerous new battles for Sora and the rich cast of characters who have accompanied him throughout his long adventure.

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Reconnect: Kingdom Hearts

Let's start immediately from the additional contents of relatively marginal importance: ReMind in fact adds to the basic game two new levels of difficulty that can be customized offering options aimed at making the game experience more difficult or simplified according to the tastes of the player through modifiers.

In addition to these little gameplay goodies, moreover, the functions dedicated to the creation of thematic dioramas and slideshows with numerous sets, characters, poses and editing effects that will then be shared through your online account.

Alongside the DLC in the store, free updates have been released that have added new fighting skills for Sora reinvigorating the variety of options that the Keyblade keeper will be able to use in battle and two new Keyblades that those who know the saga will certainly recognize .

Portafortuna and Lontano Ricordo are two powerful Keyblades obtained by exchanging two new rewards at the Officina Moguri, obtained respectively for having found all the Lucky Charm Emblems scattered in the worlds and concluding the game on Critical difficulty, added a few months after the game was published.

Although similar in their operation, the abilities and stats of the two new weapons are slightly different and among the most powerful available in the game, rivaling the famous Ultima Weapon with their two new transformations: the Light / Shadow Forms (depending on the Keyblade used), which allows Sora to unleash quick combos accompanied by energy attacks, and the Double Form, which gives Sora the ability to handle the two Keyblades simultaneously and unleash all his ferocity on his opponents.

However, the real core of ReMind lies in the new chapter of history introduced, of which we will mention only a few premises to give a context to its content so as not to spoil the surprise to the most interested.

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In order to access the ReMind Chapter it will be necessary to have completed the game and saved the completed game: the new story proposed by Tetsuya Nomura, in fact, following a brief introduction will take us back directly to the end of the final battle against Maestro Xehanort, with Sora determined to embark on the dangerous journey to bring Kairi back to life, eliminated by the elderly Master to complete his plan.

Sora will therefore have to go back to using the Power of Awakening to retrace the connections that cross the hearts of the Keyblade keepers so as to find the lost heart of the girl and bring her back to safety.
This, as we know from the Kingdom Hearts 3 finale, however, has a very large cost for Sora, who will therefore have to do everything not to make this last chance completely in vain.

With this premise ReMind will allow us, in its first part, to retrace the Keyblade War between the Keyblade Keepers and the new Organization XIII with slight differences caused by Sora's intervention, giving us a new point of view on the final events of Kingdom Hearts 3 and, above all, shedding light on several doubts that arose during the climax of the original game.

This path will lead us to face the different members of the Organization in new scenarios and, many times, with new characters, allowing the Sora of the present to interact with himself and his friends from the past in order to successfully conclude his journey.

It will be the second part to introduce the bulk of the news: once reached Scala ad Caelum, in fact, players will be invited to explore it in search of Kairi, leading Sora to discover this strange new world by facing arduous battles that will lead him, together with the player, to the sequence final of the chapter, a climatic series of events that will surely not leave Kingdom Hearts fans unhappy.

This chapter therefore offers players a handful of mostly unheard hours of gameplay of varying difficulty based on the level of Sora and the difficulty of the completed game from which they choose to proceed.

Once the events of the ReMind Chapter have ended, however, the news is not over and the main course for the most avid players will be made available, using the complete save file of the aforementioned content.

Those who played the Final Mix version (the one included in the remastered II.5) of Kingdom Hearts 2 will certainly be familiar with the Garden of Collection, a special room placed at the end of an optional dungeon that allows you to take on enhanced versions of the members of the Organization XIII.

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Well, ReMind offers, through a narration placed after the Kingdom Hearts 3 finale and that will give some space to the Final Fantasy characters absent from the base game, a similar room from which it will be possible to face the members of the new Organization, this time however taken individually.

This allowed the development team to offer these Bosses not as we know them in Kingdom Hearts 3, but in completely new and drastically more powerful versions of their counterparts within the main plot.
This room represents a real skill challenge for the player, who as well as in the Gathering Garden will have to find the best strategies and give all his skills to be able to overcome the obstacles represented by these powerful enemies.

Once all the members are defeated, the player will be rewarded with a new, difficult challenge that we will not reveal to you and, once this last difficult obstacle has been overcome, the now usual teaser movie of the next chapter which, as Nomura has already reiterated but which with this DLC it is made very clear, it will not be Kingdom Hearts 4.

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As it will be understood, ReMind's offer is, quantitatively speaking, rather meager, especially given the sale price and taking into account the amount of expansions contents with a similar cost: in ReMind many contents know that they have already seen and the new information certainly they do not take away the taste of recycling that the narrative part presents.

This absolutely does not mean that the ReMind chapter is a content cut from the original: its presence would have been redundant in the climax of the base game and could hardly have justified its presence in the main plot events.

Even the new boss fights, while representing a full-bodied challenge, remain only this: new boss fights, going to limit a lot the added value from this DLC (especially given that the keyblades and, above all, the new skills have been added for free).

What does this mean in terms of judgment? That ReMind is a content that we would recommend buying to those who love KH3 or that, in any case, has not been terribly disappointed by the original game, since we are not faced with an expansion that changes in a decisive and drastic way the title, but on a final closing note for this part of history proposed by the Square-Enix team.

Fans, players who are more curious to find out more and players who appreciate the more frenetic aspect of Kingdom Hearts, on the other hand, will certainly find something to enjoy in this content which, however, remains perhaps a bit overpriced compared to its offer.