King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a video game, currently in early access, developed by neocoregames. The project was successfully presented on the Kickstarter platform in November 2020.

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is a reinterpretation of the myths of Arthurian corpus, declined in a dark fantasy / dark grim key, a real turning point in the traditional tales of the Knights of the Round Table. In fact, we're going to impersonate Sir Mordred!

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale we will play Sir Mordred in all his dark magnificence
Sir Mordred, King Arthur's nemesis, the Black Knight. Will we be the saviors or the terrible monarchs of Avalon?

Il Seeker R spoke of this fascinating figure in the past (in this article you can find the deepening).
Go with the intro!

“I've lost my battle before it starts
My first breath wasn't done
Pain inside is rising
I am the fallen one
Wash away the blood on my hands
My father's blood
In agony we're unified
Fulfill my fate then I'll be free
I'll turn off the light
And murder the dawn
Turn off the light
And murder the dawn. "

Mordred's Song, Imaginations From the Other Side, 1995, Blind Guardian

King Arthur: Knight's Tale,to history so far

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, the battle of Camlann has just ended. We, Sir Mordred, the nemesis of the Round Table, killed King Arthur but he too, with his last breath, did the same. We are both dead, yet we are both alive.

The Lady of the Lake, the lady of the mystical island of Avalon, has brought us back to put an end to a real plague. The mission we will have to undertake? Nothing less than completing what we started: killing King Arthur!
Or whatever he became after the Lady transferred her mortal remains to Avalon.

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale we will explore an Avalon that is very different from the landscapes or fairytale that is told. Now it's a nightmare
I Avalon remembered her differently ...

During our search we will wander through a corrupt Avalon, almost a mirror image and twisted, where legends have turned into nightmares. We will have to unite under the banner of Mordred as many knights as possible, to face challenging challenges, forge alliances, rebuild Camelot and, above all, defeat the fatal plague that was once King Arthur.

Game system

King Arthur: Knight's Tale is an amalgamation of turn-based tactical play (XCOM, Gear Tactics, etc.), traditional character-centric RPG, and a hint of roguelite (Darkest Dungeons, etc.).

“Our” Camelot will be the center of every future mission, we could rebuild it building by building, after accumulating money and building points, and there will be gathered “our” Knights of “our” Round Table. For these heroes, when they level up by participating in missions or training, we could choose active and passive skills, manage their equipment and so on ...

Camelot, in whichever interpretation of the Arcturian Myths you find yourself, is the centerpiece of the adventures of the Knights of the Round Table
Camelot in all its glory (almost)

The campaign will also place a huge emphasis on moral choices (e.g. rebuilding the temple to the Old Gods, or building a church on it, or putting opponents to death or making them knights in our retinue, etc.), which will have significant consequences, thus adding further tension to tactical and managerial decisions.

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, morality moves between Justice and Tyranny and between Faith in the Ancient Gods and Christianity
Morality will be a determining factor in our history

Now the choice is in our hands: will we become the savior or the terrible monarch of this cursed kingdom?

A few words with the creators di King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Why choose the Arcturian Myth for a video game?

The first Neocore games were King Arthur games actually, eons ago, although they were of a different genre. After working on the Van Helsing and Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr trilogy, we thought it was time to go back to the Arthurian myth and do something completely different. We also wanted to make a turn-based game for a while, and King Arthur seemed like a nice adaptation for a genre like this.

Why such a dark and gloomy setting?

Our previous games were also pretty grim and gloomy, like W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr or the Van Helsing trilogy, although they also had some dark humor. So it's now a kind of trademark. On top of that, the story is also a bit dark and gloomy, so we needed a suitable setting, as is traditionally the world of the Middle Ages.

You were inspired by Tainted Grail (a game we covered in this one article), or did you not know the existence of this board game?

We knew him, of course. The inspiration for this game came from many different sources, on a larger scale, not necessarily just from other Arthurian games or media.

Who will be the famous knights who will take part in the game?

In Early Access players can already find some of the most well-known Knights of the Round Table, and as the story progresses, they will all meet in one way or another. We call them heroes, since not only knights will be recruited, but also other Arthurian characters, who will be Arcanists or Sages, Vanguards and so on. Overall, we plan on adding more than 30 different heroes to the game and you will be able to control four or five of them at a time. The rest of the heroes will stay in Camelot, awaiting orders, or will leave the Table if they don't like the decisions made.

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale we will be able to recruit several Heroes belonging to the Arthurian legends
Some of the heroes who will join "our" Round Table


King Arthur: Knight's Tale it is an interesting product, even if still in early access, so we wait to see the completed product, with the hope that it will be, given that the creators have not shown signs of updates for a few months ...

After the fifteen hours I've played with it, I can say that the graphics are captivating, the right music for the setting and the really effective cinematics. The good exploration system, perhaps to be expanded, the objects that can be used a lot, perhaps too random, can greatly change the performance of each Hero.

Sir Kay, who was Arthur's seneschal, is the first knight we will enlist
Sir Kay, the seneschal of the late Arthur, soon becomes our first ally

But it is the clashes that are actually the most interesting part of the game. I admit that I had to replay some maps several times to figure out what the best strategy was, the positioning of the heroes and their order of action.

In King Arthur: Knight's Tale, approaching combat with the right tactics makes the difference between life and death
The tactical aspect, in all its parts, of each battle is crucial for the success of the missions

The wounds as well as the curses, in fact, remain, if you do not have a hospital in Camelot, or another place to remove them. Also, the heroes once dead, this time they really remain so, so it's best to create a nice cemetery at the castle, just to remember them!


"Mordred, why did you do what you did?"
"Ah, but because that's my role in the story!"

Impersonating Evil, being the Enemy, the Antagonist, the disturbing element. It is his task, the part that has been assigned to him in that great play that the Arthurian myth. There wouldn't be so much beauty if it wasn't for Mordred. What would the "Purity”Of Geneva, without Mordred to wreak havoc on it? What sense would Lancelot have, with his embodying the essence of "Cavaliere“What if Mordred didn't reveal it for what it is, just a man? And Arthur's death, wouldn't it be just a whim if Mordred didn't provoke it?

Its role is the most difficult, its most tortuous path. And when the curtain falls there will be no applause for him.