Why Joker - King for one night? Because that's how it is.

This article is not intended to be a review of the film, but only an argument on the film of Todd Phillips winner of the Golden Lion to the International Venice Film Festival.

I don't feel like doing a real review because a single vision of the film cannot be enough to capture every single nuance of the work.

However, I would say that although the film is not free from errors and is not a masterpiece or a miracle, this Joker feature must be seen. In particular for the magisterial recital test of Joaquin Phoenix.

But before talking about the actor I would like to say a few words about the similarities with the film "King for one night" directed by Martin Scorsese.

Similarities between Joker and King For One Night

As soon as I left the cinema and returned home I put on the DVD of Scorsese's film, because something was whirling in my head. It goes without saying that Todd Phillips finds much more inspiration in "King For A Night" than in any other comic, film, cartoon dedicated to the character of Joker. In this world, by now, original creations are very rare. Everything is a rearrangement, an inspiration, a tribute to a film already seen or a book already read.

In this film we have a presenter of a comedy show that is Jerry Lewis, who in 1982, is joined by a comedian, not very capable, played by Robert de Niro. Like a circle that closes, Robert de Niro plays the presenter of a television show much followed by Joaquin Phoenix.

But the similarities do not end there. The city, the clothes, the glasses worn by De Niro, the collaborator of the presenter, all these elements, and many others that I don't want to list, are a clear reference to the 1982 film.

The message is certainly different, the subjects are different, the intentions are different and what pushes the protagonists of the two films. But the times of the film are no different.

Yet we perceive a thin thread that unites them. And this thread is there madness.

Joaquin Phoenix Joker

The Joker mask

I won't hide from you that Joaquin Phoenix is ​​one of my favorite actors. I loved it in "Her", I sang with him in "Walk The Line", when he interprets "Man in Black" Johnny Cash, one of my favorite folk and country musicians, and I found myself speechless in front of the interpretation of this Joker and I did not mind even in the part of Commodus or "Gladiator".

But I am also a child of the 80s of the last century, I got to see the Joker (or it would be better than the Jolly) of Jack Nicholson, I have seen Cesar Romero play the character in the TV series and I was impressed by Heath Ledger. I will not make comparisons because they cannot, but above all they must not be made. Each actor gives something to the character and we remember him for it. Each actor left out of this list concerns a deliberate choice.

Some big and small screen Jokers
One in five does not make it faaaaa!

I will remember this Joker for the madness, despair, doubt and drama he instilled in me. Few times have I seen an actor cry and laugh at the same time and Joaquin Phoenix's acting test is so strong and excruciating that it tears you inside.


Joker in a scene from the film
Everything Burns… no, that was another movie

As I said at the beginning, the film is not perfect, it leaves you with questions that can make you turn up your nose, it assaults you with its brutal but never gratuitous violence and enchants you with its apt and, at times, sweet soundtrack.

Joaquin Phoenix has given us his madness in this film and, having not taken on enough, I am sure that I will return to see it, perhaps in the original language, to capture nuances that can be lost in a very successful dubbing.

I leave you with a phrase that I find very appropriate for this film and for which I thank Matteo Cortini e Leonardo Moretti:

"Slipping into the abyss of madness, I enjoy these moments when the sleep of reason generates recesses of happiness"

William Dusty - Sine Requie