Italian Way of Cooking is the first novel by Mark Cardone, author by virtue of Acheron Books and as her first test at the kitchen table it did not go badly.

We have already reviewed the first volume of the Eternal War saga of the same publishing house that you can find in this article.

But let's go to the recipe of the novel.

Ingredients for the novel

Tuscan vernacular, kg 1
Black humor, several pages
Horror genre with a dash of eroticism
Excellent characterization of the characters
Each other to the limit of the credible
(Plate of broad beans & a good Chianti DOC to taste)

Cooking / Reading time about 6 hours.

Presentation of Italian Way of Cooking

From the cover the novel immediately becomes appetizing. A beautiful dish rich in vegetables, with a monstrous connotation, accompanies us towards the story that will take place in the Chianti Tuscan.

The author plays with colors and with a dish worthy of a minimalist kitchen at the Masterchef. The cutlery that looks like it came out of a painting by Salvator Dali and the little monsters in the shape of vegetables are typical of the paintings of Hieronymus Bosch

Gallo Nero of Italian Way of Cooking


First find a nice one monster to serve your customers. Break it up into twelve parts: the thighs are divided into two, the shoulders in two and the torso in six.

Now introduce the cook and name him Black. Provide him with a fairly troubled story, two children, an ex-wife who is not exactly likeable and many other small details to make him even more likeable.

Put him in a kitchen of a Florentine farmhouse and submerge him in debt. You put your children at risk because of a monster and the strenuous defense of the latter by the father who then, to dispose of it, decides to cook it.

In the meantime, prepare a chopped onion, celery, carrot and parsley, brown six tablespoons of oil and the previously prepared garlic cloves. Now cook everything over low heat and slowly increase the flame and the pace of the narration.

And here is the first monster dinner will be a success. This will have to follow others and together with the hunt for other monsters, the problems will also increase.

After the preparation serve hot, with polenta craved to taste.

Italian Way of Cooking monster recipe

Conservation & Conclusions on Italian Way of Cooking

Italian Way of Cooking keeps you attached to the narrative at all times, creating compelling situations. Some images are at the limit of the paroxysmal. The book makes you negotiate at all times for the poor Black, who is kicked out of life, but focusing his Karma towards positive thoughts, he manages to reconstruct a solution to all the problems facing him.

Rich in well-characterized secondary characters through very few lines, the author managed to grasp a fundamental aspect of us "Damned Tuscans". Expecting the worst and trying to make the most of it. I'm not saying that if life gives you lemons you should make lemonade, but if you have a monstrous pig, surely you will have to make sausages.

However, I would like to leave a small note to the author. We Tuscans don't always speak with strong interlayers, at least not all Tuscans or at least not that often. Let's remember the good Boris who always told us like that the series, "Occhi del Cuore", was perfect because ... "There are no Tuscans, with their aspirated c, i'mmi papa, mi mamma, pass me the 'arne".

We assure you that we are not like that, we are only painted like this. So yes I enjoyed it even though it was a bit salty!

We always remember that the volume can be found both in digital edition that in paper edition or at the various city bookstores and also that it will be a pleasure to read the next book set in Naples.