Italian Way of Cooking - Pizza, Monsters and Mandolin is the new book by Marco Cardone which has as protagonist Nero Bonelli the Monsterchef of the Gallo Nero restaurant.

We got to know the cook monster killer of Chianti in this somewhat sui generis review that you can find in this one article.

I promise that in this one I'll be more "normal".

Two words about the book

Italian Way of Cooking - Pizza, Monsters and Mandolin is the second volume that tells the stories of a chef, always on the verge of bankruptcy who has a particularity, he knows how to cook monsters.

This second book, like the previous one, was published through the publishing house Acheron Books, was premiered at the Turin Book Fair and literally sold like hot cakes at Lucca Comics & Games 2019. But, even if the protagonist is the same, the book is very different from the previous one. First, let's talk about the length of the volume: there is a different maturity than its predecessor and it is actually much longer than his first work, without however having those rest breaks so necessary when preparing a particular lunch.

Italian Way of Cooking

Review of Italian Way of Cooking - Pizza, Monsters and Mandolin

Often, when we find ourselves in front of the second book with the same character, whose stories we have already experienced before, we feel compelled to make comparisons between what we have read and what we expect.

Marco, in this book, was very good at changing the cards on the table and offering us a lunch, or a dinner you make, different from what we have already eaten.

The book is well written and, despite the difficulty in understanding the Neapolitan dialect, the text is very fluent and the story keeps you attached, just like the previous one had done, without however relying almost exclusively on a narration at the Borders of Reality.

In fact, if in the previous book the atmosphere was surreal and fantastic despite clinging to reality, this time it is the fantasy that tries to find space in reality.

Full of Folklore, metaphors, pulp atmospheres, without reducing everything to a variety or a macchiettistica, this book deals with a profoundly delicate subject such as that of the sprawling Camorra (I write it deliberately tiny) on the city, through the eyes of two naive cooks who, in spite of themselves, find themselves facing situations bigger than them.

'Nu Sole' accussì beautiful, 'nu sea accussì blue

Conclusions and scattered thoughts

Who is the real monster gripping the city? Certainly not what Nero is trying to hunt at first, but another sprawling being and, often, disguised as a benefactor, an entity created by men who want power, the Camorra.

solo Pulcinella tries to bring a sort of redemption to the city and with him many other figures who no longer want to bow their heads.

Personally I found this work very interesting, as much as the previous one being in effect two very different works despite the fact that the protagonist is the same. I enjoyed the atmosphere recreated by the author and I sincerely hope that what leaked in a news program of Campania can become reality: a television series

This book, in fact, like the previous one, deserves to become a television series like those published by Prime Video or Netflix. Hope, as always, is the last to die.

While waiting to see these works on the big and small screen, we invite you to give them a chance to read. Here you can find the book in digital format and here in format papery.

And now let's all go and enjoy 'nu babà e' na tazzulella e caffè.

Black in all its glory!