All the playful initiatives strictly online organized by publishing houses, associations and disseminators to overcome the COVID-19 emergency in compliance with the #iorestoacasa quarantine.

This article will be continuously updated on new events. If you are organizing tutorials, Discord channels or events to help the community during this period, write us to be included!

These weeks are dramatic: extraordinary emergency measures have become necessary, the deaths from COVID-19 are rising and we will probably have to stay indoors for at least a month. The situation is alarming and we have had to change our habits a lot. The watchword these days is definitely #I stay at home.

However, the Italian role-playing community quickly organized itself to help everyone and everyone overcome this long isolation. A little to distract themselves, a little to lighten the atmosphere and a little to pass the time, many and many have proposed online gaming initiatives.

A large number of private players have organized themselves to hold their normal online gaming sessions, to join #iorestoacasa. In these days, in fact, in the role-playing Facebook groups a lot of discussions have flourished on how to use platforms and programs such as Roll20, Discord, TeamSpeak and many others.

However, let's see how various publishing houses, associations and RPG disseminators have also organized themselves to promote online role-playing events. In this article, we will try to do some the point of the situation, listing the different initiatives proposed, divided according to the days.

This article will be in constant update, in the hope that it will be a resource for those who say #iorestoacasa.

Image of the Discord Roleplay Day event for the #iorestoacasa
Image of the Discord Roleplay Day event for #iorestoacasa


Role parents

Role parents and Gamer_Mamma made available to let children and their families role play online. The appointment is daily and runs from 14.30 to 16.00, to the sound of #ioruoloacasa and #ilgdrnonsiferma! Visit the Role Parents page to find out more.

Saturday March 14

Live-ONE 44 days later

Organized by many great personalities from our community, this event will keep you busy from the 16 19. There will be Andrea Lucca from Red Dragon Inn, Chiara and Giuseppe of Morning gift, Stef Kiryan and the guys from Fumble RPG. Everything will be moderated by Roberto de La Tana dell'Orsogufo. During the live you can chat about various topics.

Sunday March 15

The Online Guild # 1

The beautiful people de The Guild, unable to meet at the Cassero in Bologna as usual, inaugurated a series of online events on theirs Discord server. The first date is scheduled for Sunday 15 March. The series of events will allow you to experience both role-playing and board games online, the latter on the Board Game Arena platform. Chiara and Giuseppe from Morgengabe will also participate in this event!

Tutorial on how to use Roll20 from the group Pathfinder Italy

The administrators of the Facebook group Pathfinder Italy volunteered to make a accelerated tutorial on how to use Roll20, one of the most popular platforms to play role-playing online. The tutorial will start at 18pm!

Tuesday March 17

Tabletop simulator by D20 Nation - GdR Italy

Playing role-playing online is a well-established practice, but playing at the table is not so obvious. The people of D20 Nation so he organized one evening dedicated to online board games. Check out their Facebook page to find out all their live on The dungeon of the mad wizard and Brancalonia!

Friday March 20

Lokendil on air

The Lokendil association of Fabriano will organize a series of 19 online role-playing sessions, which will cover the dates of the entire weekend, from 20 to 22 March! Find all the information Thu! Among the RPGs that you can try, we mention here Monster Hearts 2 (mastered by Giulia Cursi of Sisterhood of Evil), Vampires 5ed, The Silence of Hollowind, The Last Bomb, Cyberpunk Red e Coriolis.

Saturday March 21

Discord Roleplay Day

To cope with forced isolation, a new one was announced Discord Roleplay Day, which will start at 9 in the morning to continue indefinitely! The repertoire of guests and role-playing games is truly remarkable, so we will mention only a few here.

It will be Blades in the dark in Italian, edited by Grumpy Bear, D&D 5e di Asmodee. We'll have Household di Two Little Mice mastered by Simone Formicola e Gattai! di Fumble RPG. There will be both The Last Torch and The Last Bomb di Serpentarium, My Red Goddess di Geeko on the Wall mastered by Daniele Di Rubbo e Nameless Land di Aces Games mastered by Simone Ace Morini. Several Need Games games will also be brought, such as Old-School Essentials mastered by Nicola DeGobbis, the fifth edition of Vampiri mastered by Lilith HellsQueen, e Warhammer Fantasy 4th Edition mastered by Stef Kiryan.

Thursday March 26

Mastera the Master V

This is a monthly appointment that has always taken place online, but this month it really happens to bean! Master the Master is an event dedicated to giving visibility to female masters and in the month of March the event will see as a guest Valentina "Nina" Favaron. The role-playing game will be Without Rest and it will be played online starting at 21 pm. The live will be visible on the Seekers' Facebook, YouTube and Twitch channels!

The image of Need Games' new Discord server for #iorestoacasa
The image of the new Need Games Discord server for #iorestoacasa

Reality that organizes events for the #iorestoacasa

In addition to online events, many personalities from our community have also opened special Discord channels to allow their fans to chat and role-play together. We list a few, in no particular order!

The Locanda del Drago Rosso

The Red (aka Andrea Lucca), formerly known author of the podcast La Locanda del Drago Rosso and editor of several RPG manuals, such as Journey to Ragnarok, officially opened the Discord channel of his inn. Here, users can offer themselves as masters for RPG sessions and find other people to play with.

The Guild Online

As said above, The Guild will organize online events for role-playing and board games. To coordinate, he will use a special Discord channel, divided into various thematic rooms.

Need Games

Even the publishing house Need Games he opened his own Discord channel! Here it will be possible to play several of their products online.

Stories from RPG

Since the days when only a part of Italy was a red zone, the boys of Stories from RPG they created their own Discord channel to play online.

Giano's living room

Discord and more! Giano's living room, throughout the period of the Covid-19 emergency, move his sessions, with some small changes, online!
Are you a group of newbies who want to experiment or experienced players looking for new emotions?
In short, do you need a master or manuals to discover? Ask for information by email ([email protected])

Other When Onlus

Not necessarily on a Discord server, Other When Onlus it took steps to organize a series of online sessions, with the collaboration of many companies. Among these we mention, in random order, Fantasika, Wyrd Editions, Dreamlord, Brancalonia and Household.


For a long time Fantasika! has its own discord channel. You can find it at this link and we advise you to drop by.

Ghostbusters Italia and Ludus Boardgame Club

On them Discord server, Ghostbusters Italy and Ludus Boardgame Club will organize Ghostbusters-themed role-playing sessions. THU you will find more information!

The Dungeon Master's Den

Stef Kiryan, on his Facebook group The Dungeon Master's Den, organize online role-playing sessions on Discord. Join the group to find out more!

Fumble RPG

On them Discord server official, the guys from Fumble RPG organize online games, "with channels to play our games, find answers from other players and authors, channels to fuck around or seriously discuss and then Loot, a kind of D&D League."

Tin Hat Games

On their Discord server, the people of Tin Hat Games will organize ten special sessions to play online at epigoni, which will be released in Modena Play, mastered by its own creator. If you want to know more, Thu there is the dedicated event.

Player VS Coronavirus

Phantasya Project has joined the proposal of AltroQuando Onlus together with many Italian realities, gathered in a large group Discord server in which to be able to play role!

Kilamdil house

The blog Kilamdil house brought together several and different masters in its own Discord server to make role play. Among these beautiful people, we find, for example, Marta Palvarini di Dura-Lande, Claudio Serena of Not the End and Daniele Fusetto, one of the creators of GdR in the dark!

The announcement of the free shipping of Fumble GDR for #iorestoacasa
The announcement of free shipping of Fumble GDR for #iorestoacasa

Special offers and advice for #iorestoacasa

Several publishing houses have offered or offered their products free of charge in digital format, so as to allow more people to take advantage of the #iorestoacasa to try them out. Here are some of them!

Manuals and role-playing games in special offer

The publishing house stratagem ha made the pdf free of one of his latest role-playing games, The Gear, released at Modena Play 2019 and reviewed by us Thu. In addition, until April 3 the shipments of its products will be for free.

Also Fumble RPG made free shipments of their manuals, such as those of Klothos e Gattai!until the situation returns to normal. You can find everything on them place. In addition, Fumble RPG has released the basic manual di Not the End a month in advance to help pass the time during the quarantine.

Pure the Raven Distribution discounted the role play Vulcania, which we talked about Thu e Thu. You can find the whole bundle on Dragonstore Online. Similarly, the new reprint of Household (whose creators we interviewed Thu!) is 20% off Thu!

Also Tin Hat Games discounted their manuals to help the population pass the time. You will find all the information Thu.

Advice on what and how to play for #iorestoacasa

Chiara and Giuseppe of Morning gift, well-known RPG popularizers, have compiled a very useful one list of RPGs to try in this period. The list is on them Facebook page . and it counts (which is not obvious!) also role-playing games suitable for one person, or two players.

If however someone wanted to know more about how to set up an online game, People of Role she recently offered to help anyone with questions. Ask on their Facebook page!

Also on No Says Unrolled administrators offer to teach you how to use Roll20. Comment on the dedicated post for help! In addition, they did a nice post in which they explain where to find free maps and tokens to use on Roll20!

For those who prefer i podcast tutorial, RPG Unplugged has published quite a lot video in which they explain "how to play a role in the time of the coronavirus".

Un tutorial su how to role play on Discord e board game on Board Game Arena was published, in the first days of the emergency, by I don't play alone. We also report one of his articles on Aleteia about board games to play with the family.

Similarly, also Prof. Marrelli from Eduplay wrote an interesting (and, as usual, educational!) article on tools and on the platforms on which to play role and table during quarantine. Absolutely to recover!

For those who want to play role with their children during the period of #iorestoacasa, the beautiful people of Role parents he has prepared this nice video together with Gamer Mom.