We decided to interview the Community Manager of “New World Italia”, Francesco “Berenike4” Moroni, the Italian group that has been following the game since its first announcement in Italy. We asked questions to better understand if the game coming in the Spring of 2021 will be able to revitalize a genre lacking in valid news. If you want to know more, we invite you to join the Discord server appropriate. If you are interested in the game, you can pre-order it here

How could we describe “New World” to our readers who are unfamiliar with the new Amazon Game Studios title? 

Although the New World project over the years has changed various game "cores", it is without a doubt a 360 degree Open World MORPG. In fact, players could spend hours upon hours of gameplay getting lost in looking at suggestive landscapes and without carrying out any mission. They could focus on performing PvE activities such as stemming corrupted cracks, conquering various forts of the damned and defeating elite mobs, and then finish off with "world Boss" on large battle arenas located in Aeternum, facing the strongest mob of the whole island. Additional PvE elements present in the game will be the siege for the defense of your city from the onslaught of corrupt mobs who will try to take back the city to raze it to the ground. There will be so much more like ghatering, crafting, the market. Each profession will have its own difficulties and vast possibilities for fun. Finally, in summary, we would like to mention the fantastic 50vs50 wars for the fight to conquer or defend the fort, 50 players against other 50 players. Who will win? A question that always creates a thrill, the thrill of battle. 

With what novelties does New World enter a competitive market, in which only a handful of MMORPGs pass the user test and survive?

The MMO market is not that active lately, indeed we believe that there is a deep need for novelty, there are several interesting projects on the horizon in the world of MMOs but the latter are still too immature, in the phase of backward alpha, or turn out to be expansions that arouse great interest in the months following their announcement, and inexorably end up boring players, arousing in them a further desire for novelty. New World for its extremely dynamic gameplay, through wars between factions that will lead to constant PvP activity or to the extremely refined craft system, gives a breath of fresh air in the MMO sector, on the other hand everyone knows that the content it is not just the game that does it, but the users themselves with their activities such as wars and feuds between guilds, which allow the longevity of the title.

Density Test - News | New World

Which communication model was chosen? 

AGS in the world of video games is new, even if in the development team there are several elements who have worked for Blizzard and other famous video game companies. The model would seem to be based above all on the quality of the product and the functioning of the features present, they do not release press releases or spoilers on the game which then do not really materialize. On the contrary, everything they announce is promptly inserted and over time balanced and perfected with the help of alpha players. New World Italia is pleased to collaborate with a company like AGS which, at least for New World, is always very precise and clear about what the final game will be. Furthermore, the user's opinion as well as constructive criticism is very important, more than once we have seen feedback from alpha testers that were then implemented in the game and those who frequent MMOs know for sure that this is not obvious. 

The game has a commercial “pay to play” form. Are there any microtransactions? In case of what kind? 

In New World it has already been announced that there will be microtransactions, but that they will only have a graphic impact on the game, so they will sell armor skins or different types of weapons, accessories to beautify your home, etc. No transactions will allow the purchase of more effective weapons or upgrades. AGS intends to keep the game balanced, it absolutely does not want to ruin all the work done to calibrate the weapons and all the mechanics behind PvP and PvE, risking to convert New World into a much-hated pay-to-win by many.

How much attention was paid to the solo content and how much to the group? 

New world will enjoy a simple and linear plot, which will allow us to make sense of the activities to be carried out and the world around us. You can safely play solo, following the story line quests and the various secondary quests, as well as special missions to help your faction upgrade the city or PvP ones that allow you to weaken an enemy city, to then be able to attack it. Also, even if you are not part of a guild, you will still be able to participate in PvE invasions of cities and PvP siege. However, we must keep in mind that this type of game, even if it has content for single players, is designed for groups, in fact only by joining guilds or playing with other players or friends will you be able to easily access 100% of the content in the game. otherwise, risking everything becoming much more boring. As we always say, it depends on the style of play. New World does not force you to make a group, also because you can ghaterate, craft and much more quietly alone, perhaps listening to some music, but you will still have to be careful, a mob could always be ready to kill without mercy, showing a great artificial intelligence, when the user least expects it.

The Evolution of New World PvP Mode - News | New World

Your Community promises to be a staple for everything that orbits New World in Italy, promise a complete and engaging place. Can you unbalance yourself to let us savor some of the peculiarities that await those who join the Community? Especially what plans do you have for the future?

The right question is: What have we NOT done? 
The New World Italia community has been built over the years, since the announcement of the first phase of Alpha. Shaped to be a meeting place for players interested in the title and a neutral place where the various guilds already present for years in the most famous MMORPGs, can meet and exercise their diplomacy. We have made sure to bring up an entertainment scheme that can be called game in game. Something that goes beyond just let's meet and play together. Our Discord Server, which has been rightly recognized by partners and affiliates of the Community, as one of the most advanced ever conceived, will contain an economy system and additional tools for guilds that will place the Community as an additional value to entertain the user, when the and-game is reached, the activities to be carried out in the game may not be enough. All this in order to keep the user glued and lead him to log in every day. For obvious reasons we will not describe here all the futures that we will implement and we invite readers to join the Italian New World Discord Server to enjoy great surprises.

It is also useful to know that anyone who has his own Discord Server, can easily be able to connect the News channel of our Server to his own, making sure that the preview news about New World can easily reach all their users. 
Another fundamental component for our Community is the Twitch channel of New World Italia, which will have the exclusivity for each event that will be conceived and created by our Staff, many elements of which have decades of experience in the organization and in the user entertainment in tournaments and the like. 

The other objective of Community, very ambitious for us, but which thanks to the solid foundations we have built over time, has become achievable and feasible, is to demonstrate once and for all that Italian players and Italian guilds can coexist in a only place, joining forces to show that in New World, our country will dominate. We want to show that the famous Italian toxicity of some gaming groups can and must be channeled and managed to achieve great results together. With this we certainly do not mean that we will be a Community of feel-good and spineless, on the contrary, the bitter enemy guilds for years, will be invited to participate to fight each other in a healthy and correct way, respecting the rules that we have specially designed to ensure that no one is forced to leave the Community or the game. We are aware that this is a really ambitious idea, but if the user gives us trust, we can work the miracle and make sure that New World is definitively the game that united the Italians. 

A special thanks also goes to the developers of Amazon Game Studios who have finally noticed our presence in Italy for New World and have made it, with our great pride, that we are the first and only Italian Community to have taken part in an event. of the press for New World, dedicated to very few people in the world, in which they made us try the dynamics of the game in preview, showing an eye for those who work every day to improve the entertainment and gaming experience. We believe we were noticed during the public preview of the game, in which we were the only ones in the world to have organized a tournament on New World in record time and in the height of summer. On that occasion, in fact, the same developers supported us by advertising it and thanking us for the excellent work done.