Hello readers! What you are about to read is an interview with Alexander Savino. I had the honor and pleasure of meeting him last year Masterclass of Piacenza. In addition to all these honorable experiences, Alessandro is also Founder of Role parents and Ruolando S'impara. Thank you once again Storytellers andEvent Horizon, as well as the other guest with me and Ale, Zoltar, of which we will publish an interview shortly. Now no more chatter and let's go to the interview!

Alessandro Savino at the Masterclass of Piacenza
Alessandro Savino at the Masterclass of Piacenza

Hi Alexander, it's a pleasure to have you here in the Seekers of Atlantis! I wanted to ask you a couple of questions about what you do, how you got to do what you do and, in general, about your playful life.

Hi Yari!

Let's start with an easy question: what is Role Parenting?

Role parents is a Facebook page born of love for RPGs and children. From there we created a team both to talk about games and to propose events. The fundamental theme is narrating and playing with children, introducing them to this world and creating a future for our hobby. The final result was born immediately after: for us a Role Parent is the one who guides a child in the world of the RPG as a parent educating does with their children, giving them the tools to grow.

Manual skills and acting always in first place!
Manual skills and acting always in first place!

We participated together in the Piacenza Masterclass on January 16th, during which you made several really interesting interventions. First of all, if I'm not mistaken, you claimed to have done theater. Do you want to tell us a little about this part of your life?

Theater has always been a great passion of mine. Over the years I have participated in several courses, been part of some amateur companies and studied a bit. I also practiced dance for several years! From these experiences I learned a lot about mimicry, the depth of a character's appearance and above all how to improvise with the story and with the body what is happening on stage.

In fact I could not help but notice the passion with which you tell and talk about your work: where does it come from? What led you to do what you do now?

I work for a cooperative in the social welfare sector. I really believe in cooperation and how much cohesion and the group are necessary for the development of society. In particular, having studied economic sciences, I think that collective well-being goes beyond mere monetary perception, but it is a set of factors that improve people's health and their happiness. This is why I believe that a happy person is a successful person.

From this point of view, ideal let us say, I started thinking about projects dedicated to children, to make people discover in this too alienating era, where individualism, protagonism and "supporters" are the masters, the values ​​of being together and grow like people full of imagination. They are the future.

Alexander while preparing to launch a Fireball (1d20 damage)
Alexander while preparing to launch a Fireball (1d20 damage)

To say the least noble. I guess you will be dealing with parents at any time of day or night! Do you often answer questions from parents who don't know how to make their children start playing role-playing? Do you have significant episodes that you want to tell us?

Enough. Many write to us on the page and I try to answer or hear them by phone. Many also want to propose projects, but find it difficult to pass the values ​​of the role to the competent authorities. At first, therefore, I try to understand what they really want: you cannot force a child to play, but you must fascinate him. There are certainly several products to start playing with, but certainly a piece of advice that I once gave, with excellent results, to propose a cartoon-themed aventurine that your child likes, inviting a couple of his friends. I know it worked!

In the second case, however, it is more appropriate to feel and see how I can be supportive. We will soon create a format like By turning you learn to give all the tools (communicative, training, material) for those who want to play in an organized way.

Keep us updated! Returning to parents & Co, what is the advice that you feel you can give to a parent and / or teacher willing to start role-playing?

The first tip I give is: ENJOY YOURSELVES. Leave every pre-concept and enjoy the session without thinking about anything else. All the positive factors of the Role Play will come out on your own when you think about it later, but do it for yourself. Only if you liked it really your children / grandchildren / students will understand that it can be a good experience and will follow you. Children will notice if you liked something and want to play in an imitation spirit!

An Alessandro intent on narrating something terrible and exciting!
Alessandro intent on narrating something terrible and exciting!

Do you think there are more suitable systems and role-playing games than others for children?

Of course: too complex mechanics or too raw themes are not suitable. The first because you would bore them with too many rules, The second because they wouldn't understand them. Playing with a generic fantasy as a theme or superheroistic would be very captivating, while if you want to try some games, choose those that reward ideas and, if they have many rules, introduce them slowly, making them want to deepen them.

Are there differences of approach between children and adults? If so, which ones? Can you tell us some significant episodes?

Children have unlimited potential and limited experience. So they will amaze you with questions you have not thought of and will act in the least efficient way ... unlike an adult who already knows what will happen because he now has a more directed vision based on his experience. An example?

Often objects and illustrations are more important than cards and numbers!
Often objects and illustrations are more important than cards and numbers!

The party sets up camp and wolves arrive during the night: the adults prepare for the fight because they already know that the narrator wants to wear them out. The children instead sought a solution by asking questions, first of all: "why attack us if we have fire?”And then trying not to get hurt.

Another example: in the ending of the Phandelver Mines (starter set 5E), my 8 year old boys wanted to "try to convert" the bad guy. "Because if he is on our side, the good is stronger - and if he is smart? (I asked) - "we will remind him that if we defeated him once we do it again". Then they came up with a fantastic plan where they managed to block it and convince him of the benefits of being on the good side!

Very last question, then I'll let you go. Where could we find you soon?

If confirmed, I will be the speaker for the advanced Master course taken the Salotto di Giano in Rome (29 / 02 - 01 / 03). Then I will definitely be with the whole team a Modena to try new things, to TurinComics to let people play and to Play with in Piacenza. We have a nice full calendar, but I will not skip local events, first of all a Pajamas and Dragons, a pajamas with boys and parents where we will play a lot from the afternoon until the night, at a library near Omegna, my hometown.

I remind all readers that the recent Kickstarter Not The End will receive a scenario written by their role parents, a consequence of the excellent results achieved by the team Fumble RPG. If you missed it, you can find additional information Thu it's here.