Chaos Walking is a trilogy of novels written between 2008 and 2010 by patrick ness, along with three short stories, all set in the New World. A peculiarity of this world, light years away from Earth, is the Noise, power to which all men are subjected and subjected. The Noise makes manifest the thoughts of those who possess it through noises, images and words, to the point of making any man a "Chaos In Motion". From this Noise the series receives its name, Chaos Walking, and mainly tells the adventures of Todd hewitt e Viola Eade, two young boys as well as settlers from the new world.

The review present here presents very heavy spoiler regarding the plot of the Film on Amazon Prime Video. Advance cautiously, then, and check yours Noise!

An interesting plot

Todd (Tom Holland) is a young boy from Prentisstown, an isolated town where only men live. The city, administered by Mayor (Mads Mikkelsen) is based on the authority of the leader, in a comings and goings of toxic masculinity and religious fear. Everything changes, however, when a ship crashes not far from Todd's farm, of which the only survivor is Viola (Daisy Ridley). The girl, initially convinced by Todd, reaches the Mayor and both (fortuitously) understand that the boss is not a good leader at all: he intends to capture the girl to take over the mother ship, in orbit on the planet, to become the undisputed master.

The two then flee, meeting another community besides Prentisstown (Todd had always been told it was the only city present), the Spackles (native aliens of the world) and thus reaching a repeater. All with the Mayor at his heels, who reaches the two at the peak. The clash is violent but in the end the young people prevail; Todd, injured, awakens aboard the ship, in the company of Viola and with a whole new world to explore.

A few holes in the plot

Chaos Walking is a pleasant, at times very interesting film, which suffers from little depth and some logical fallacies and plot holes. The whole presence of Noise is damn interesting and well represented; it's great material for an exploratory role-playing game, so if you enjoyed the movie, giving the novels a read might not be a bad idea.

Being a film extrapolated from three novels and as many short stories, I'm sure that the result is commendable (also because it lets itself be watched with simplicity) also thanks to the acting rehearsals of the three star guess (Mikkelsen is always huge, little to do) while Tom Holland Daisy Ridley interestingly succeed in what they have to do, Tom in front of Daisy (imho).

Ultimately, check out Chaos Walking; You will not regret it.