As already mentioned in priority, Inkarnate is an online tool that allows those who have a little patience and desire to have fun, to create maps of cities, regions, worlds, but also thanks to the latest innovations where perspective management has reached very high levels, and real scenes.

Now, Inkarnate has both a version Delivery to Italy takes one or two business days, with 1024 × 768 definition maps, and a version a payment, with maps of greater definition 2048 × 1536

We will use the definition of the paid version, which allows you to make larger maps and has more tools.

Map created by 7Legionarmy (Mati) on Reddit using the Pro version

Foreground and Background: what are they?

When you start drawing a map with Inkarnate, you will have a water background in front of you. In fact, the bottom of your map can have two levels: background e background. The background level corresponds to the sea, on which the foreground level must be added, corresponding to the land.

To enter the foreground level, click on the icon of the shovel (or, as I like to call it, the trowel icon). At the top, a bar with two drop-down menus and the “Size” level, ie the zoom level, will appear. In the first drop-down menu there are two values: add e subtract. To insert the foreground level, you must add.

At this point, you can draw on the marine background, choosing three different options: circle (circle), block (square) ed hex (Hexagon). The first will give us a round brush, the second will give us a square brush and the third a hexagonal brush. When you use the square or hexagonal brush, a square or hexagonal grid will also appear to help you.

The textures you can use on Inkarnate

Inkarnate kindly provided us with the map of texture, both to draw the water and to draw the various terrains and we have taken the trouble to translate the names of the textures for you. Here they are:

Description of the Textures for the lands of Inkarnate
Ground Texture

As you can see there are various repetitions since for each type of map you want to make you can think of using a specific color. Obviously the colors that you will use for your Inkarnate maps will always be in your personal taste and these tips do not want to curb your creativity at all.

And here is a map of the textures that can be used to draw thewater:

Description of the Textures for the Inkarnate water
Texture for water

We invite you to visit them again place to get an idea of ​​what you can do using this simple and immediate tool!