Inkarnate is a tool which allows you to draw maps with great precision, variety and quality and is very useful for creating fantasy maps for books or campaigns. We have tried it: here is our experience.

You know that in our library there are hundreds and hundreds of maps?

Maps of places visited in remote times when the first men still did not walk upright. Some maps of Phoenician explorers, others of undiscovered places, but above all maps of imaginary places.

Since ancient times, maps have been the foundation of exploration and have also taken on an important role in literature. If we think of the so amazing land of the "Prete Gianni" and Marco Polo's travels to find this mythical kingdom or the simple explorations of Africa by all explorers including the well-known David Livingstone, we can see that maps and research of the unknown are one of the cornerstones of our growth.

How many shipments were they made to find our beloved Atlantis basing these researches on Plato's writings, or how many treasures accumulated by pirates were searched through maps? It is difficult to quantify all these works of man and his explorations, a roll of whole parchment would not be enough.

But what if we told you that through technology anyone could experience the thrill of filling their bag of maps just like Tasslehoff Burrfott?

A map of the city of Elantra
A map of the city of Elantra created by Mati of the Inkarnate creative team

The world of Inkarnate

Well today we are happy to tell you that thanks to one collaboration with the website Inkarnate, the Seekers of Atlantis will improvise cartographers. We have always kept it high considerazione the work of these professionals and despite their initial Kickstarter did not end positively, their potential has not been lost, showing that constancy, perseverance and passion can against any adversity.

Reading many comments on the platform Reddit we also understood that this program has some potential that we never even imagined: one of these is the possibility of play with perspective and create not only maps, but also "snapshots" of places such as caves or why not even roads that can be traveled by car near the sea.

A small example of the potential of perspective

As the only limit there is only fantasy and our willingness to commit ourselves to using such a complex and complex tool. However difficult it may be initially to work with a new tool like this, the possibilities are incredibly high.

Drawing maps is never easy

We are also practicing for you, you know? As soon as we are skilled enough, you will find us on the front line with gods video tutorial to help you better understand this excellent tool. Of course we will never become as good as Frances Baerald, well known to us Seekers and to those who have the Fantasy Flight Games products on their hands (we advise you to take a look at what he designed for Legends of the Five Rings and not only) or the new one Kata Kubas, but we promise to make you spend fun hours like when we were little and playing with Paint.

But we are not alone. There are currently over half a million active accounts on inkarnate both in free version and in professional version. The creative team (of which you can see some maps created by Mati) every week updates and adds new elements to the palette, every week greatly enriching the possibility of creating ever more detailed worlds.

If you are interested in having some tutorials, please let us know!