Inferno - Dante's Guide to Hell is the new product for the Fifth Edition of D&D created by Two Little Mice, Acheron Books and Epic Party Games.
And when could this project be born if not on the XNUMXth anniversary of the death of the Supreme Poet?

On our pages we have already got to know these realities that have come together to give life to this game. Two Little Mice, winner of the 2019 Role Playing Game of the Year with HouseHold he also published Broken Compass through a Kickstarter with excellent results and a graphic novel on Parsifal.
Acheron Books after a compelling and compelling Kickstarter campaign with Brancalonia, explored Dante in the series Eternal War.
Finally how to forget Epic Party Games? The creative team has a publication with Shattered Tower and various collaborations, including The First Kings.

The conditions for a prestigious job are all there.
But let's take a closer look at the project and get to know it better.

For me we go to the sore city,
for me the eternal pain goes away,
for me you go among the lost people.
Justice moved my high steward;
make me the divine power,
the highest wisdom is the first love.
Before me do not create things outside
if you don't put it down, and I'll stay hard.
Leave all hope, you who enter

Canto III, Inferno - Dante Alighieri

The gates of Inferno - Dante's Guide to Hell are open

But what will this product be about? Reading what the creators said, we can only be more and more gripped by a curiosity similar to the one that pushed Odysseus beyond the Pillars of Hercules.

In Hell, players are all Lost, living beings forced to enter Hell for some reason and complete their journey to the Last Gate, the only exit, before losing their Hope.
They could come from any world or plane and, of course, our Earth, but when they enter Hell they will appear with a unique shape, forged mainly by their virtues and sins in an otherworldly aspect.
They are alive and could stay alive throughout the journey, as Dante was in his, but Hell itself, with its demons, damned souls and dangers, will try to capture and enslave them forever.

Thus, the main challenge of the Lost is not to face and defeat the damned and monsters, but to maintain their path and their Hope during the journey.
They cannot die there. They cannot be defeated. They cannot lose their way to the Last Gate.
But they could despair, fail and be damned forever

Inferno - Dante's Guide to

Let's analyze the words of the authors

What can be deduced from this? Certainly death might be a better alternative to "falling". Who in fact would want to be enslaved to the forces of the Underworld? Is there indeed anything worse than a hero who loses his moral compass and becomes evil?

Speaking with one of the developers, we learned of some interesting news. Hope, or speme as Dante would say, will be a resource that the player characters, the Lost, will be able to use. But this is not the only novelty.

The Divine Comedy has been studied and examined in all its parts and the adventures presented in the manuals will slavishly follow the group or groups in which they will be set, in all their facets. Will we then be scourged by the incessant rain of fire in the sandy expanse of the violent against Nature and God?

I am sure so. Ah, don't forget the flies and the wasps that sting the Ignavi, or the Acheron river to wade. And finally the frost of the lower groups. I can't wait to see how these environmental conditions have been rendered!

Inferno Manuals - Dante's Guide to Hell

As reported by the press release, Inferno will consist of two volumes:

  • Dante's Guide to Hell, the "Player's Handbook," which includes character creation, rulebook and an in-depth description of Hell itself.
  • Virgil's Untold Tales is at the same time the "Game Master's Guide" and the "Monster Manual", with adventures, dangers, special equipment, an entire complete campaign to face and the bestiary, along with a more detailed description of Hell as a sandbox, to be able to replay in Dante's circles indefinitely, just like a self-respecting damned.

The manual features twelve brand new archetypes with a level 1-20 progression, very similar to the common 5th grade classes. Each of them is a philological combination of traits, powers and suggestions directly inspired by Dante's words.
There are no regular races in Inferno, but the basic (and suggested) origin of the Lost can be customized to achieve different traits, backgrounds and characteristics.
Other main setting rules are Hope, the most important resource, and Infernal Insignias, the legacy equipment of the Lost.

The graphic layout is something sensational

“We have been working for three years to complete this project, our Inferno is not just a hell-themed setting, but a unique and unforgettable experience. We have studied the original poem for years and brought every monster, phenomenon, environmental effect, situation and danger of Dante's masterpiece back into the game to allow players to have a complete and philologically correct experience of each Canticle. "

Two Little Mice

But the eye also wants its part. The graphic team involved in this project is made up of prominent names.

Daniela Giubellini: head of the graphics department and designer of the covers of the manuals.
He attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Bologna. He studied with Jim Moor, Ryan Lang and Carmine Pucci. She was a teacher of the digital painting course at the Liceo Artistico Paolo Toschi in Parma. He has published several illustrations for Gearhearts Steampunk Glamor Revue published in Canada. Collaborates with: Asmodee Italia, Serpentarium Press, Magic Press, Studio Croma and WinterLair, Two Little Mice.

Vincenzo Praticcò: illustrator at Aces Games (formerly Eleven Aces) from 2016 to 2019 when he became Art Director for the same house. He was also cover artist for Watson Edizioni and the Letterelettiche publishing house.

Fabio Porfidia: master cartographer and illuminator of the project. In the field of play there are various collaborations in Italy and abroad including those with Triple Aces Games, Alluria Publishing, GRAmel Justyna Korys, Wyrd, Serpentarium, Eleven Aces, Acheron Books for role-playing games.
Games publisher, Giochi Uniti,,, Il Barone Games, Eletria Games and Loquendo for board and card games.


The project that is about to arise from the depths of hell looks majestic, as is the majestic work of Dante Alighieri. The strengths of scrolling through the images are obvious, but I would like to emphasize the idea of ​​faithfully tracing the environment narrated in the songs. Players will find themselves catapulted into an adverse place in everything, including the climate.

Honestly, I can't wait for more information and I am no longer in the skin for waiting for the launch on the platform Kickstarter. Keep following us for more information!