Historia is the new project by Mana Project Studio who saw the light on Kickstarter on 3 September, collecting 9.451 euros in the first hour for a total of 181 backers. It is a setting for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition that bases its strength on the use of anthropomorphic animals as characters, inserted in the Renaissance centuries.


Several millennia ago, in the world of Gaea some animal species began to evolve more than the others, acquiring characteristics that we could define anthropomorphic, with opposable thumbs and interests similar to human ones. In the world of Historia, players will be able to interpret the characters of the Vesteria continent, of ancient traditions and profound culture, but the victim of a serious political instability caused by recent relics finds. They will be able to venture across the continent, meeting living legends and influencing the politics of the kingdoms, fighting brutal wars and corruption, trying to survive the day.


Historia features

Mana Projet Studio's project fits into the vein already explored by franchises like Pugmire and Humblewood with a new energy and a drive to create a world based not only on a few animals but as many as possible. Mana Project Studio thought Historia as something more than a classic fifth setting, where the player's manual classes are translated or, at best, reskinned. From the very first ideas it is in fact clear that the professions, the name by which the classes will be understood, will not slavishly resume the originals but will be expanded, modified and adapted. Some trades included will even be created specifically, a bit like it was for the Rune Master of Journey to Ragnarok.

The breed system will also be reviewed and adapted in Historia, with the presentation of two Familiae: Theri (inspired by mammals) and Aviani (inspired by birds). These two macro categories will in turn be divided into species and breeds, each with particular bonuses. The creation of your character will therefore be on one of the 55 possibilities of animals and one of the 9 trades, making the variety one of the strong points of this setting.

The development team

The development team behind Historia is very large and exactly like Journey To Ragnarok involves many well-known faces of the Italian role-playing game. Mainly the setting comes from the union of the forces of:

  • Mirko Failoni (concept artist and illustrator for role-playing games such as Vampires, Warhammer Age of Sigmar, The One Ring, Pathfinder and many others), 
  • Michele Paroli (former author of Journey to Ragnarok) 
  • Matteo Pedroni (one of the designers behind the setting for the fifth edition).

Eleven other people join this trio

  • Davide Milano as Game Designer
  • Elena Giovannetti in the role of Graphic Designer
  • Laura Guglielmo in the role of Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Editor
  • Roman Kuteynikou as Environment Artist
  • Fabio Porfidia in the role of illustrator for Maps & Coat of Arms
  • Susanna Danae Grasselli in the role of Graphic Designer
  • Enrico Romeo in the role of ̶E̶n̶r̶i̶c̶o̶ ̶R̶o̶m̶e̶o̶ Lich King and at Editing
  • Daniele Danko Angelozzi as 3D Artist
  • Valerio Carbone in the role of 3D Artist
  • Fausto Palumbo at the painting of miniatures
  • Matteo Moret as Project Manager

Stretch goals

By the time you are reading this article, the project will probably have already reached the necessary funds to be able to look at the Stretch Goals with greater interest. We therefore illustrate the stakes in the event that Historia abundantly exceeds 15 thousand euros.

An adventure by Alex Melluso

We have already spoken of Alex as the Italian curator of the fifth edition of Vampiri, as one of the authors of Codex Venator and as a designer of eight worlds of Journey to Ragnarok. Having an adventure on the threshold of 20 thousand euros is truly a gift to those who will support the project. The 20 thousand euro threshold was reached on the same evening of 3 September.


The ambitious stretch goal that will give life to a beautiful add-on is the artbook containing the illustrations of Historia, perhaps together with some fan art and images of the adventures. To have the possibility to have the pdf it was necessary to reach 25 thousand euros! To have it on paper you will need to buy it as an add-on.

An adventure by Andrea Lucca

Also known as Rosso, Andrea Lucca was the designer of Journey to Ragnarok, is one of the creators of Codex Venator and produces weekly a podcast on the role-playing game called The Locanda del Drago Rosso. Famous throughout Italy and already the author of numerous adventures, the Innkeeper will be available to backers after reaching 30 thousand euros.

A new faction

Taking advantage of social media, surveys and the means available to communicate with the people who will support the project, Mana Project Studio will write a new faction in collaboration with the same backers. To have this extension of the basic manual it will be necessary to reach 35 thousand euros.

An adventure by Andrea Felicioni

The author of Memento Mori and Codex Gigas, known for being one of the minds of Edutainment, will come on the scene if the support for the title reaches the incredible figure of 40 thousand euros. A remarkable achievement that would bring Historia to the Olympus of the Italian Kickstarters.

Map set

Reaching 45 thousand euros, those who have supported the Kickstarter will have a series of high resolution maps available in pdf format, with the possibility of having them as an add-on. Maybe it would have been better to move this goal lower but it is certainly attractive for most backers.

An adventure of Marco B. Bucci

Reaching the interesting milestone of 50, a little less than what was collected by Journey To Ragnarok's Kickstarter, an adventure will be created by Marco B. Bucci, former author, photographer and designer. Marco worked on Memento Mori, the board game Dogs of War and the fantasy comics Magna Veritas and Nomen Omen.

Lore Book

The idea to create Historia, as narrated by Michele Paroli during his interview in the episode of La Locanda del Drago Rosso, comes from Historia: by Magi and Briganti, Vigliacchi and Eroi by Mirko Failoni. Reaching 55 thousand euros, passing the Journey goal, it will be possible to work on a second edition of this art book complete with integrated lore.

An adventure of Jason "OMG" Carl

Probably drunk at the thought of being able to reach 60 thousand euros, the team members involved nothing less than Jason Carl, already a guest at this Modena Play at the Need Games stand. Jason, besides being a fantastic person who replied to our questions and chatted with us, is one of the minds of Vampiri Fifth editions and one of the main promoters of the game in the American world.

Adventure book

In the event that the Kickstarter project reaches 65 thousand euros, all the unlocked adventures would be grouped in physical format in a single book. The cover of the book would be illustrated by Bastien Lecouffe Deharme! 

As someone would say "It doesn't happen, but if it happens ..."

Defects of the Kickstarter

Unfortunately there is no currently available Quickstart that can also attract people who don't know about the project. However the development team has already stated that it is working on it and that it will be available as a free download as soon as possible.

Historia: Dark Fantasy Renaissance Setting for 5e - Kicktraq Mini