"Historia: Di Magi e Briganti, Vigliacchi ed Eroi" is one of the first stretch goals to be delivered by Kickstarter by Historia. This is a new version of the original 2017 book, created by Mirko Failoni with Attaccapanni Press, which contains illustrations of characters and places together with a short presentation. This version bears the Mana Project logo and, thanks to the layout of Michele Paroli, the result is amazing.

How was this book born?

In September 2017, before the presentation of the book at Lucca Comics & Games, Mirko Failoni had given an interview to the comicus website (which you can find complete at this link). So his words will present the work.

"Historia: Di Magi e Briganti, Vigliacchi e Eroi" was born by chance, like so many of the most interesting things that have happened to me in recent years. Since in periods a bit freer I like to dedicate an hour or two a day to studying and free sketching, in May for three or four consecutive days I enjoyed making these animals, dressed in costumes and armor so to speak "likely ”, Which I thought of as inhabitants of the same world. On social media they were appreciated enough, to the point that various people wrote to me asking to make us who a series, who a role play, who a comic, all of them confirming that the medieval look and the not too anthropomorphized aspect of the animals created a very mix. enjoyable. Some people even proposed to me to "put them to good use" for some board game and the like. So I thought, "Why don't you do something of mine?"
When I expressed this possibility, so en passant, the Attackers Ariel Vittori and Laura Guglielmo told me “if you want to do it, why don't you do it? We will help you! ”.
At that point, what could I have replied if not "I'm in!"? And so Historia was born!
As for the fantasy genre, it is clear that it has always been one of the engines that pushed my imagination the most. I have always been a fan of the genre, from literature, to board and role-playing games, and last but not least of my beloved video games.
Let's say that fantasy was in all respects one of the genres that made me do this job, without any doubt.

Historia a dark renaissance populated by anthropomorphic animals ...

What does the new edition contain?

"Historia: Di Magi e Briganti, Vigliacchi e Eroi" is to all intents and purposes identified as Lorebook, this means that we will not find even a single paragraph of rules. Although the complete project speaks the language of the fifth edition of Dungeons & Dragons, this book should be read and enjoyed for the pure visual aspect and the suggestion of its stories.
The first sixty pages contain stories and illustrations of characters that can be found in the setting, while the rest deal with particular places and events.
Collaboration with several artists led to the expansion of the original book, allowing you to explore different parts of this fantastic setting.