HeroQuest: The Card Game will it soon be reality?

Well, the premises are all there and, even if the manufacturer Hasbro, which has already brought a presale disguised as crowfunding for the famous board game HeroQuest, has not released any press releases, on Amazon and other sites the presales have already been released. of this product.

We have already talked about the famous role-playing game on these pages HeroQuest, thanks to the words of Lex the Hunter, remember?
Here's what I think I understand, however, this game will be a little different. A dungeon crawl deck game, as there are already so many right now. Will it be different from the previous ones? Will it have a bigger grip just because of its name? Difficult to say, but surely everything is cloaked in mystery!

I already hear the voice of the Sorcerer presenting the game ...

But let's go and examine the news leaked on the web together.

What are the purposes of the game?

From what I have understood, what we are going to have in our hands will be a game in the style of dungeon crawling, cooperative, in which the aim will be to defeat Zargon, better known to us Europeans as Morcar.

But how will our heroes do it?
Players will need to be able to run out of the Wizard's deck, thus revealing an exit, before one of the heroes suffers four wounds.
It will be possible for the characters to make some choices. The first will be to draw a card from the Wizard's deck and from here the action phase will begin. They can decide to face the "threat" if present in the room, heal themselves or a companion or search for a treasure.
A minimum of planning must therefore be essential. Remember, as mentioned above, that no hero must ever suffer the fourth wound, otherwise the group will be defeated.

I am very excited, you have no idea how much time I miss when the "Wandering Monster" card was drawn during the room search!

What will the HeroQuest: The Card Game box contain?

The box of HeroQuest: The Card Game, as per the title, it will contain a certain number of cards that will make up the sorcerer's deck, the hero cards, wounded tokens, the "exit" card from the dungeon and nine white dice on which stickers (!!!) with specific symbols will be applied of the game (hero shield, monster shield, skull).

Now this thing seems very strange to me and I will deepen it in the conclusions.

All the dies will have to be prepared by the player and the hero cards appear to be in hard cardboard, recovering the board game idea of ​​HeroQuest itself.

Conclusions on HeroQuest: The Card Game

HeroQuest's hold on the global gaming community is, without a shadow of a doubt, frighteningly powerful. Hordes of enthusiasts have played the board game, have even studied it for years, creating mods, hacks, clones and much more.
How can we forget the “big scam” of the HeroQuest product, of the XNUMXth anniversary, gone up Kickstarter without owning any rights? It was one of the most talked about cases in the board game world in recent years.

And what about today?
This product, although it has been presented on Amazon and has also received some reviews, is a mystery. Nor on the page of the Hasbro, nor on that of the Avalon Hill there is a product sheet and although the images may seem real, today everything is very confusing.

In addition to this, after seeing a video on YouTube in which the product was unboxed, my doubts grew further.

Let's start with the dice. This is 2021 and I can't believe Hasbro or Avalon Hill won't be able to spend a few bucks to create HeroQuest-specific dice. White dice on which sticks should be applied? But really? Already in my HeroQuest the dice were engraved, and obviously they became faded by dint of playing with them.

Another thing that blew my nose is that the back of the game box is never shown during unboxing. A deliberate choice? Is this a product still in preparation that some select players have received for feedback? Everything is possible and, seeing also the video other doubts arise.

More than one voice has been raised against this far below "architecture" product regarding a dungeon crawl deck game.

Have you discovered something? Are you interested in a possible release of a similar product?