Netflix has released a video with Henry Cavill rigged and dressed as Geralt for The Witcher series. Fans didn't take it very well.

After they went out casting controversies, we have received relatively little news about Netflix's new fantasy TV series, inspired by Andrzej Sapkowski's books.

But finally, the production broke the silence, bringing to the general public succulent news or, better to say, new reasons to create concern and indignation in the fan base. At least as regards the choice of Henry Cavill, as the protagonist of the series, the witcher Geralt of Rivia.

Cavill, in fact, already Superman in Men of Steel, Batman v Superman e Justice League, had been chosen even before the auditions began to choose the cast. According to producer Lauren S. Hissrich, the actor would impress immediately, so much was his passion for the character and for the story of Geralt. Which should not be too surprising, to be honest: Cavill is known to be a decent nerd after all.

The doubts however remained, for fans of the series, who often thought Henry Cavill too good to interpret the Geralt of the books, which Sapkowski describes with not too flattering adjectives.

Now, however, we have the first photos of Cavill as Geralt. And the fans didn't breathe a sigh of relief.

Cavill doesn't seem happy either, for what it's worth ...
Not even Cavill seems happy, for what it's worth ...

The promotional video and that damned wig

In fact, we have far more than a few photos in our hands, as Netflix released a full video on Twitter.

It is a test room, a test video to judge the video performance of the outfit and makeup of the actors, therefore, in principle, everything shown in this video is provisional.

However, even repeating that it is not the official version of the costume, Henry Cavill who moves in a dark room with a tormented way, closing in beauty by trenching the inevitable witcher potion, makes you laugh a little. Not because Cavill makes some strange expression or is not illegally beautiful as usual, let's be clear!

What tends not to convince is the damn wig. A white mock so fake and slicked, that Geralt's cosplayers that you will see at Lucca Comics in these days will seem more realistic. A hairline so plastic that it reminds you of a Lego man. A hairstyle so seen and revised, in fantasy, that Henry Cavill seems the son of Legolas and Lucius Malfoybut inheriting the dark eyebrows of Aunt Daenerys Targaryen.

In short, perhaps Netflix marketers should have waited for a test room with a more definitive and professional make-up & hair, before trumpeting the Legolas of Rivia del Castelnuovo Rangone Comicon to the four winds. However, it's still early to get your hands in the wig in your hair: The Witcher will be released in 2019 and Henry Cavill still has time to find the perfect hair.

Pliz, equip this man with beards and scars
Pliz, endow this man with a beard and scars

RuPaul, save us! The network goes wild anyway

Since we are on the Internet and we are ready to create drama for anything, Geralt di Rivia's test chamber aroused quite a few comments on vitriol.

And even though it's still early to complain about how much Netflix has ruined Sapkowski's books, the series of witty jokes that Henry Cavill aroused has often been pure gold. Let us introduce you to it a short compilation.

In general, il triggered it is powerful in our editorial officeespecially if we take the despair of our Simone, who has reached rather epoch-making levels. In particular, Cavill's thick dark eyebrows have apparently called into question several members of Norse mythology:

Pig Odin, he looks like an elf with straight hair. But then, Thor whore, the eyebrows !!!! The eyelash, for friends. Geralt will also become a wiggler.

In general, the resemblance to the archetypal elf de The Lord of the Rings it has not gone unnoticed even by the network commentators:

But it looks like Legolas on steroids 

To all you folks who are like "Wehh, video game fans don't get it, this is Geralt from the books!". Look, I've read and loved the books, and Geralt there is a gross, dirty, hungry murder hobo who everyone hates on sight. He's not the bastard love child of Legolas and Sephiroth in a wig that looks like it was bought in Spirit Halloween. 

Come on, come on, it's just a test ... Like when one does cosplay and takes pictures at home 😂😂😂 anyway Legolas is better 😂

Legucius Elfoy of Rivia *

Others seem concerned about Henry Cavill and his happiness on set:

It has the expression of those who would not like to be there

This is just so sad, he looks sad, we don't want a sad Witcher. Stop it Netflix what are you doing.

Still others have pulled out photos of the Polish TV series on Sapkowski's books, Wiedźmin, comparing the 2018 Netflix Geralt to that of the 2002 Heritage Films:

It must also be said that this shot improved the Polish Geralt
It must also be said that this shot improved the Polish Geralt

Someone, however, on demonstrated a stranger imagination:

He looks like the porn actor version of Geralt ...

From the page of Nerd Leaguethen the irony on the spent between Henry Cavill's facial hair and CGI:

Will they add CGI beards this time?

The guys of Stay Nerdinstead, they wisely noticed the similarity between Geralt / Cavill and the well-known wig of Giacomo, advancing interesting speculations, expertly developed by fans of the page:

And so we saw the first image of Henry Cavill as Geralt of The Witcher and one wonders if the famous deception of the cadrega will be repeated in the TV series or not ...

The Witcher - Assassin of Terùn.

Cadrega Deluxe Edition

Sfamerá Rutilia with the cadreghe

Finally, our colleagues from GeekQueer they know how to put the icing on the cake.

RuPaul would have done a better job
RuPaul would have done a better job