We have been called to Olympus by the legendary Gods to be one of them. The King of the Underworld, our father, however, won't let us. We are talking about the famous game of Supergiant Games, Hades!

Zagreus, son of Hades is the protagonist of the roguelike dungeon crawler video game by Supergiant Games
Zagreus, son of Hades: not a laughing little guy!

It's a video game roguelike dungeon crawler that ai The Game Awards 2020 won in the category Best Indie e Best Action. Furthermore, in 2021, during the award ceremony for the Hugo Prize (award for science fiction and fantasy works awarded every year during Worldcon Ed), you won the special prize as Best Video Games.

With this respectable resume Hades arrives at our LostInDice inn. We are playing it live on Tik Tok with all our viewers. Needless to say, it is driving us crazy with its fantastic graphic style, its beautiful linearity and characterization of each character from Greek mythology.

Hades arrives in the playful video world on December 6, 2018 in an early access version. Its definitive form, however, is dated September 17, 2020 and only for Nintendo Switch and PC. After the huge success it has achieved, the developer has decided to adapt it to multiple platforms. Thus, from August 13, 2021, it is possible to play it on PlayStation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S.


Hades plot

We will take on the role of Zagreus, prince of the Underworld, son of Ade, in an attempt to escape from our father's domain. Our mission is to go in search of our real mother, Persephone, now among mortals. One night, in fact, we heard Nyx, our mother, at this point adoptive, speak with Ade arguing that we should have known first.

Zagreus has some unresolved issues with his father Hades
Zagreus and Hades: The Usual Problems Between Father and Son!

Zagreus, tricking the Olympians into thinking he wants to join them, receives their support through gods Doni. These are upgrades that we will keep throughout the game and that will allow us to open our way to the world of mortals. On our journey as the Prince of the Underworld, we will have the honor of facing different creatures from Greek mythology such as the three Furies (Shrew, To bed e Tisiphone). The hero Teseo and Minotaur Asterio, and finally Hades himself!

The Game

To face the climb of the Underworld, Zagreus he will have the opportunity to equip himself with very powerful unlockable weapons as the story progresses. We have tried them all. In our opinion, those with which it is easier to face the vicissitudes that Hades will put on our path are the following.

  • Spear Imperishable. It can be unlocked with four Chthonic keys that can be collected in dungueons. The weapon has a very fast fighting style with medium range attacks and an area charge shot
  • Heartseeker Bow. It is the first ranged weapon unlockable using a Chthonia key. Shoot chargeable arrows, increasing their damage and range
In Hades, Zagreus will have various items and gifts at his disposal that will increase his capacity in battle
Zagreus impales his enemy with the Undying Lance

Also, if we bring del Nectar to some friendly creatures from Greek mythology, these will give us a Memento. It is an equippable object that will help us to face many of the pitfalls of the game.
We are preferring in game the Myrmidon bracelet, given to us by the legendary (and my beloved) Achilles. This object will give us the possibility of suffering 30% less damage in front of us, while making us suffer 10% more damage coming from behind us.

Last precaution, before starting the journey of Zagreus, we absolutely have to go through his room! We will thus be able to empower ourselves at the Mirror of the Night. Thanks to the "darkness", in fact, we will have the possibility to increase our life points, the damage, to be able to escape death and much more!

Zagreus has an object in his bedroom that will give him useful bonuses for his journey. I'd think ahead in the mirror...
Remember the Mirror of the Night

The Gods and their Gifts

As already mentioned above, the Gods of Olympus will support us with their gifts during our journey. These will enhance our features only for the current game.

In Hades we could get Gifts from our cousins: the Olympian Gods!
How nice to have cousins ​​and cousins import anti

Each deity will give us specific bonuses with rarities ranging from common to heroic. The Gifts that I favored for the most games were those of Artemis, Athena and Ares. The former dramatically increases critical damage. With the second we will be able to deflect enemy projectiles, and in some cases even send them back to the sender. While the last greatly increases our damage.

A new moon rises on the horizon

During the Game of the Year 2022, Supergiant Games surprised us with the announcement of hades 2. They showed some videos featuring a woman. From what we have noticed, it is the sister of Zagreus, Melinoe. As we can see in the trailer it is depicted by a giant moon. Most likely, as we see in the Hymns Orifices dedicated to her, she is described as Krokopleopos, an affixation that was given to all deities with a link to the lunar world. Supergiant Games has already announced that the game will be released again in early access, but has not yet communicated a release date.
We are thrilling to get our hands on a possible masterpiece like the first chapter was, which we continue to love and still play today!

Hades will have its sequel Hades II where we will take on the role of Zagreus' sister: Melinoë
Melinoë is the sister of Zagreus and will be the next heroine of Hades II


Hades: Conclusions

I highly recommend trying this god like we talked about today, especially to all those who love Greek mythology and the gaming world. Despite being an indie game, it will probably be a game that will make history. Many other manufacturers will surely take inspiration from his graphics, game patterns and his beautiful art work.

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The vote we give to this pearl of Supergiant Games is 9.