We are talking about Akimbo Guns, the Daniel Radcliffe film with two guns bolted to his hands, which promises action, exaggeration and nonsense.

During these Christmas holidays in the red zone, I found myself seeing a film that I had already spotted a year ago, but which I had not yet had the opportunity to see.

It is Akimbo Guns, the film with Daniel Radcliffe who has two guns bolted to his hands, as we could well understand from the promotional images released last year. Directed by Jason lei howden and produced by a large number of small New Zealand companies, Akimbo Guns is a niche action movie, never released in theaters and currently available on Amazon Prime Video.

I approached Akimbo Guns expecting a zany, funny, good deed and extremely memable movie. I was not disappointed and ended the film in a good mood. So here are my impressions (without spoilers!).

The plot of Akimbo Guns

As I will also say shortly, Akimbo Guns it does not shine for a particularly interesting plot. However, the film's plot offers some fun ideas.

Akimbo Guns tells of how a game developer frustrated with life, Miles Lee Harris, face the consequences of your online trolling to the detriment of the Skizm group. The Skizm group, in fact, manages a round of clandestine fights to the death between criminals, streaming everything online and monetizing with the big views of the public. Miles is then kidnapped by Skizm's psycho boss, Riktor, which attacks Miles' hands with two guns, each with fifty rounds.

Miles, therefore, finds himself the protagonist of one of Skizm's deadly lives and forced to face one of the most lethal challengers in the game, the young criminal nix. In a furry robe, underpants and slipper, unable to do most of the daily actions due to guns on his hands, Miles must try to survive Nix and free his ex-girlfriend. Nova, kidnapped by Riktor as an incentive.

One of the first, very memorable, promotional images of Guns Akimbo
One of the first, very memorable, promotional images of Akimbo Guns

The merits of Akimbo Guns

As I said at the beginning of the article, watching this film put me in a good mood, so my opinion on it is generally quite positive.

The greatest strength of Akimbo Guns, in my opinion, is that he doesn't take himself seriously. As I commented with my roommates during the New Year's Eve dinner, Akimbo Guns it's a John Wick with less gun-fu, a lot more idiocy, and taking himself less seriously. (This is taking into account that, again in my opinion, the films about John Wick don't really take themselves seriously and spread their seriousness on a structure that they know very well to be absurd.)

Well, Akimbo Guns it takes itself even less seriously. His characters, his company and his plot are constantly over the top. His violence is comic-strip splatter, his comedy is raw and edgy and his action is daring. When you watch this movie you just have to pop out a beer, grab some popcorn and enjoy the show.

The three strengths: the action, the characters and the humor

The plot of Akimbo Guns it's nothing interesting and has virtually no bite, but luckily for him, the film has three other strengths.

The first is the action, which is done very well thanks to a great initial pace and clever use of the camera. We are not dealing with a film with incredible stunts, and nevertheless the action remains extremely dynamic and, above all, very well linked to the main point of view of the film, that is the one that wants to underline how absurd, ridiculous, and also quite enough. grotesque. Switching between classic camera and GoPro does most of the work.

The second are characters by Miles and Nix, who, in their simplicity, manage to carry out very well the action and the absurdity of Akimbo Guns. Also, I think Daniel Radcliffe and Samara Weaving put on some great performances. On the front of the characters we must also applaud Riktor, played by Ned Dennehy, who with an interpretation over the top created an interesting antagonist to watch.

The third aspect is humor. Now, let's understand: Akimbo Guns he has trashy, dirty and ridiculous humor. It certainly can't please everyone, because humor is perhaps the most personal thing that exists on this planet. However, I like bad humor, so it made the film well for me.

Nix in Guns Akimbo
Nix in Akimbo Guns

The flaws of Akimbo Guns

While watching Akimbo Guns, it happened to me several times to wonder where exactly he was going to social criticism that the film, under its layer of idiocy, is actually trying to do.

In this sense, I had the impression that, underneath, Akimbo Guns he was just pretending he didn't take himself seriously and wanted to get his own nihilistic message across: the world actually sucks and, if you want to change it, you have to be ready to get your hands dirty. Again in this sense, the film's not serious tone goes well with this nihilistic vision: if in reality the world sucks and is dominated by a hidden madness, what is the point of telling a story in a serious and composed way? Thus, the film's crazy and psychedelic narrative becomes part of its message itself. In my opinion, this is a very interesting artistic choice to make.

A social nihilism that's a bit meh?

So why do I put these positive considerations in the flaws paragraph? Well, why actually this nihilistic vision of society always makes me drop my arms a little. Humans are social animals and our species was able to survive because we took care of each other. In fact, under the layer of civilization, the human being is not the lonely, bloodthirsty predator shown in Akimbo Guns, but an animal that instinctively tries to take care of others.

However, when you represent the goodness of the human being you are accused of doing good, of honeyed storytelling and of gratuitous good feelings, while when you present the human being as intrinsically evil and sadistic you are praised for your "painfully realistic" vision. . This kind of storytelling, honestly, got me tired, also because it doesn't correspond to reality. Of course, people are complex and certain social situations of discomfort and pain can create harmful and dangerous dynamics. Nevertheless, the human being is generally better than shown in movies like Akimbo Guns, and we should be able to talk about it without being defined as "do-gooders".

Other defects in the film

As I said, Akimbo Guns it's a film that has action as its main value. Although the action generally remains well constructed and entertaining throughout the film, sadly in the latter half of the film the pace drops quite drastically. To pay the price is precisely the action, without which Akimbo Guns it has, honestly, little to offer.

Also, the fact that the protagonist, eventually, suddenly becomes very good at using his weapons makes little sense. In fact, although over the course of the movie Miles actually gets better at surviving thanks to Nix's experience and advice, the fact that he eventually turns into a sniper with a one-shot / one-kill kill rate is quite enough. exaggerated.


Akimbo Guns it is not a film to be taken seriously or from which to expect serious social criticism (although perhaps the film would like to do it, but anyway '). Akimbo Guns it's a movie to watch for over-the-top, yet fun and well-shot action.

Personally, I appreciated it and it made me have an enjoyable evening. Probably, it's a great movie to watch these days in the red zone. If you like the genre, I think you will have a lot of fun.