Grumpy Bear Stuff is a RPG publishing house, mostly indie, born in January 2022. Alexandra Zanasi, Flavio Mortarino, and other partners, have decided to put together their past experiences in the world of RPG to create something new.
Just scroll through the titles in their catalog to understand which path they have taken.

In this regard, I point the spotlight on their latest release at the Modena Play 2022 (May 2022): AGON.

AGON is published in Italy by Grumpy Bear

About the game of John Harper, indie role-playing game designer, creator of Lady Blackbird e Blades in the Dark, and Sean Nitter we already got to talk (Thu) of its original version. But the "world" of AGON does not end / has ended with the volume that you hold in your hands ... on the contrary!


But before I see what's in store for fans, I'd like to make a single addition. Grumpy Bear has done a careful, articulate, and above all well done job regarding the stylistic and lexical choices within the Italian manual.

It is a well-known fact that our local culture has a very close relationship with the classic epic heritage, reinforced by a scholastic canon that leads our students to deal extensively with the Greece of the myth in their training path, developing an almost identity familiarity with a tradition of which the epic and literature, Latin first and then Italian, have always wanted descendants.

In translating this volume, we have tried to maintain this familiarity, intervening on what the American intermediary would have irremediably clouded and trying to restore to the reader the imagery of the era of heroes known from an early age. Where deemed necessary, we have standardized toponyms and proper names to the phonetic expectations typical of the classical literary tradition in Italy and recovered the lexicon associated with Greek mythology in the consumer media familiar to us. At the same time, we have not put our hand to those choices of representation of the Greece of the Myth which, although distant from our conception, inserted this volume within the now consecrated tradition of Western reinterpretations of the classical world in which historical truthfulness gives way to more modern themes and tones.

In order to bring the collective imagination back to that heroic world, it was immediately evident how predominant the male presence was: protagonist (in the canonical classical representation) in the deeds, in the values, even in the long lists of his possessions. The binarism of the Italian language was not supportive in mitigating this presence and where the Albion language could boast a less conspicuously masculine "Hero Players", the Italian translation immediately settled on the term Hero and found particular resistance against any possible alternative.

We tried to counterbalance the use of the over-extended masculine we used in the regulation section with a strong female presence of characters and players in place of game examples. Since our language often tends to fill the indefinite with the masculine, we wanted instead that in the model table that accompanies readers on their journey the authoritative role of Adversity was played by a player. Where the author has brought non-binary figures into the text, we are committed, bending it a little to make it legible, to keep the gender neutral.

Note to the Italian translation


The Volta Celeste is dotted with a dense series of releases in support of AGON that Grumpy Bear will release from between June and December 2022. Like constellations they will guide the νόστος (return, journey) of the passionate of this game.
If you have "lost", or will lose, something, do not despair, everything will be recoverable from the Grumpy Bear and AGON website!
Let's see what these releases will be about.

Grumpy Bear has organized the outings in support of AGON according to the map of the Celestial Vault
The Celestial Vault of the exits

Mediterranean Jam for Grumpy Bear

What is Mediterranean Island Jam actually?

Starting from July until September 21, 2022, it will be held a Jam dedicated to the creation of scenarios for AGON inspired by the islands of the Mediterranean.
As Italians we owe a lot to Greek culture and tradition in terms of history and culture. The hope is that the proposed islands will all be characterized by typically Mediterranean flavors, aromas and aspects. But not only geography, flora and fauna typical of the mare nostrum. We also hope for high levels of action typical of ἔπος and, why not, also light-hearted tones.

After all, what for us is part of the Great Classics and is a school subject, at the time of the Olympian gods, warlords and kings who ruled over a land in turmoil, the stories sung by the bards were pure pop culture!
For those wishing to participate, there is the possibility of proposing their own island.

The three islands that will receive the best vote will be published. Additional content for the Italian edition of AGON will be downloadable from the Grumpy Bear website. In addition, they will be embellished with a full-page illustration by Ivano Scoppetta. His hand has already illustrated the example Islands and those that are already present on the site.

Take advantage of this particular event, because it is a unique possibility that opens up infinite scenarios for all those who love this game!


The most attentive eyes will have noticed the term PARAGON System inside the Celestial Vault, what is it?
Practically the PARAGON System, is the AGON game engine that can be applied to other games ("playset"), which can be expanded with their own additional rules.

August and December (with an additional gift from Grumpy Bear) will mark the release of two John Harper playsets.


STORM FURIES will open the doors to space combat. In fact, we will fly an assault fighter in service aboard the Storm Carrier TORMENTA. This is the last ship of humanity to survive the devastation of the solar system by the Forged.
We will feel like we are catapulted into Battlestar Galactica, Top Gun, X-Wing and Wing Commander.

The PARAGON SYSTEM expands with additional rules. In Storm Furies we will plow through interstellar space aboard our fighters
Ready to get into your fighters and blast through space?


CHAMBER will drop us into the world of an alternative 1968, made up of sci-fi intrigues. In fact, on January 7, 1966, an alien energy (“THE SIGNAL”) reached the Earth hitting people and technology, spreading through telecommunication systems. As members of the secret agency CHAMBER we will work to capture, or destroy, the Signal Resonant Materials (SRM), objects imbued with the SIGNAL.
We will play a sort of sci-fi Cold War inspired by SCP Foundation, Control and X-Files.

CHAMBER is an X-Files setting
Shall we call Mulder and Scully?

In October 2022, however, the playset by Matteo Sciutteri and Cristiano Dieci will be released.


MEMORIES OF THE FALLEN is a military dark fantasy playset inspired by the Malazan Book of the Fallen () and Band of Blades (Stras Acimovic, John LeBoeuf-Little). Being part of the 14a company of the Emperor's army, after being defeated in the Battle of the Ashes, we are retreating to the Fortress of the Moon with what is left of the army.

Memories of the Fallen is the first Italian playset for the PARAGON SYSTEM
A little bit of Italian pride!

As it is easy to see, the thrust and support that John Harper grants to anyone who wants to try their hand at designing new settings and rules, based on AGON, is incredible!

Conclusions on what's new in Grumpy Bear Stuff

In closing, I remind you that you can find Grumpy Bear Stuff at FabCon (25-28 August 2022). During this event you will have the opportunity to get to know all the new products. Above all, you can learn more about AGON and its Jam on the Mediterranean Islands!