Got is finished. The Game of the Throne is over. There is nothing left for us worshipers of Westeros other than waiting for the spin-offs, and seeing the setting destroyed again, or waiting for the books and putting our souls in peace. I have very little to say about this episode, except that for once I found myself in agreement with Kit Harington.

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But let's go in order.

Got: Daenerys' Speech to Armies

The Immaculate and Dothraki, after being practically decimated by the Night King and his army, forget that they are dead and stand in front of the Red Fortress. So Darth Daenerys arrives in front of them. Enjoying the devastation wrought by the tyrant's release, the Queen delivers a speech that all of us fans have already heard.

I guess at this point it's a feature of the Sith, we can't help it. After bragging that he released half the world with fire and blood, Daenerys rightly announces that she wants to break "the chains" to the other half as well. Even this sentence seems to have already heard it ...

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Tyrion, who in the meantime discovered the death of his family and spent hours staring at the traumatized ash, understands all the mistakes made so far. He denies Daenerys by throwing the First Knight's brooch and is arrested for yet another betrayal (dejavu).

Got: The choice is yours Giovanni Neve.

Jon, who in the meantime has understood that he counts how much the two of a cup when trump is a sword, begins to reflect on his love life choices. It is true that Daenerys is his queen, but it is also true that she is a mad genocide. This is revealed by a dialogue with Tyrion, at the end of which Jon has to choose whether to save his family and friends or remain faithful like Ned Stark and condemn the whole world to flames. Giovanni Neve however chooses to give Darth Daenerys, a good Obi-Wan, one last chance of redemption and explains that compassion is the key. However, hearing her aunt justify herself, their work and the freshly made barbecue, she understands that there is no choice. Once the path of dialogue has failed, once again Jon refuses love and chooses duty. Darth Daenerys collapses to the ground, with a dagger stuck in his chest. All very anticlimatic.

Got: That throne has always been ugly

With the death of the Queen comes her fiery beast. Drogon repeatedly makes sure that Daenerys is dead, growls at Jon, realizes it was him ... and destroys the game of thrones. The reason for this choice is not clear and I already see the hordes of fans launching into science fiction explanations such as "He destroyed the other pointed thing that was in the room". No, the blade was well within Daenerys' body, there was hardly a tube at all. The destruction of the throne by a furious Drogon makes no sense told like this. The only justification is that the dragon disliked that uncomfortable chair, that's the only explanation.

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He had been looking at me for at least 5 minutes.

Got: The council of characters who haven't seen each other for at least two seasons

With a small time jump we come to the Tyrion trial, where we learn that all the lords of Westeros have gathered at King's Landing. The Goblin and Jon Snow have remained prisoners of Gray Worm, madly angry at the death of his lover and his queen and looking for an enemy to fight, and the powerful of Westeros are asked to make a judgment. It's great to see that the Lords of the Valley are still alive, as well as Edmure Tully! I had assumed that he had been badly killed off the scene, instead he was as alive as useless.

Got: The Kingmaker Apprentice

Tyrion takes the floor, because being accused of high treason is such a no brainer, and convinces everyone of the need for a King. This sovereign will be elected among all the lords of Westeros. After a few comic curtains (Edmure Tully who gets the "put down the uncle flask and sit down" and an attempt at universal suffrage), the Kobold proposes Brandon Stark. By claiming that stories keep people together (if he says so, it will probably be true), Bran proves to be the best candidate as the custodian of all stories. Sansa Stark, Dorne's Palme d'Or candidate for best sister ever, immediately plays the card "Bran has a broken penis, cannot generate heirs". Now, leaving aside for a moment how Sansa might know such a thing (which shouldn't even be true), do you think it's appropriate to give Bran useless in front of everyone? He, who legally remains the legitimate lord of Winterfell and King of the North after Jon Snow.

Let them deal with it in the future

Tyrion decides to postpone the problem for a good fifty years and suggests that a new election be held after Bran. According to him, electing a sovereign does not create succession problems. (Since in Westeros it is the king who names the lords, who in turn elect the sovereign, it goes without saying that this system is born buggy in the foundations).

We count for something too

There is a quick voting round, in which Ser Davos and Ser Brienne, respectively Lord of FattiGliAffariTuoi and SonoGrandeGrossaeQuindiVoto for some inexplicable reason are taken seriously.

Thanks, Sansa

Sansa Stark, after seeing her chances of becoming queen faded, turns to Bran and, after giving him the great king, declares the independence of the North. Of course, it doesn't even occur to her that Brandon Stark, as Stark and legitimate King of the North after Jon Snow, would unify the Seven Kingdoms under the command of a Winterfell man. This political scheme is too complex for you.

Yara, this was a really perfect moment

Yara Greyjoy, after her father rebelled twice against the crown of King's Landing, after the queen to whom she swore allegiance was killed, mysteriously does not take the opportunity she had dreamed of all her life. Poor Iron Islands, maybe one day an intelligent ruler will find you there. You will gain independence once again.

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All of us are here?

Got: The Immaculate and the Dothraki claim justice

Gray Worm, who in all this time has promised war and death in case Tyrion and Jon Snow are not punished, is cleverly swiped by Bran The Broken. The goblin will serve his sentence "by remedying the mistakes he has made all his life" by serving as the King's First Knight. Giovanni Neve instead will become a Night Guardian again, he will go north and stay there forever. Once these reassurances are obtained, Gray Worm takes Immaculate and Dothraki and sets sail. One could imagine that at least a little would have remained to check that the agreement was respected but the TV series had to end, so they had to leave.

Got: The end of the Game of Throne

Game of Thrones ends with Jon leaving for the north, Arya starting in search of the Americas (they could also write "We don't know what to do with the character, sorry") and Sansa ruling as queen. Bran The Broken will rule wisely, supported by a First Knight and a good council of masters. The Chronicles of Ice and Fire will be written, starting with a plot hole because Tyrion is not mentioned (initially accused of wanting to kill Bran, who is now king, remember?)

Everyone lived happily ever after. Bronn had his castle and Jon hailed as God commands Ghost. Best. Stake. Ever.

Got: And the technical side?

Sides of bottles in plain view aside, the technical aspect of the episode is excellent. There are truly breathtaking shots and the whole aspect of the ash on the ground, which then descends from the sky once blown by the wind, is simply exciting.

Screenplay school

Now, let's clarify some technical points of Dramaturgy: This season of Game of Thrones may please you, really, but it's OBJECTIVELY badly written. HBO should really consider whether to entrust something else to the people who helped create Xmen Origins - Wolverine. Maybe someone who knows how to create twists.

Chekhov's gun

There is a fairly important dramaturgical principle that states: "If a gun is introduced in chapter 1, that gun in chapter 2 or 3 must fire." What does this mean? That introducing random narrative elements and then doing nothing of them serves to distract the viewer. There are several criticisms of this principle, which came more or less from important authors. Since he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for Literature, we expose Murakami's point of view on the subject. Murakami thinks that sometimes a gun may not fire. Not all guns have to fire, but when there are many, the narrative gets stuck. This means that all the guns that have not fired in this series are, on balance, useless to the narrative. So why insert them? Mysteries of the script of this season.

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