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Game of Thrones is almost over. Let's make peace with the concept that all the wonderful discussions we had between the last episode and this are useless. Unlike 8 × 03 however, this episode offers more than some trashy satisfaction, albeit absolutely ephemeral. The first wonderful news is, of course, the fact that the lighting has returned to normal.

Goodbye Ghost, you've been as tender as useless

I imagine the writers of the series, sitting at a table, wondering how to get Ghost out of the games. An uncomfortable character, as important and present in the past as mistreated and useless in the present. Jon Snow's wolf, who should theoretically follow each step like a shadow, has carved out perhaps a minute of screentime adding all the appearances in the season. We saw him charge the enemy valiantly in the last episode. We were eagerly waiting to know what had happened, given the slaughter of men and horses, and we carefully observed it in this episode. Ghost was seriously injured during the clash but fortunately not fatally. He will live, although it is probably advisable that he keep away from the struggles with other metalwolves.

A good master, seeing him in that state, would burst into tears and do everything to heal his wounds. But Jon Snow is not a good master and decides to send him north of the Ex Barrier, with only a glance as a greeting. To see Podrick and Tormund towing young ladies time is to be found, for Jon Snow and Specter they say goodbye obviously not.

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After all this time, are you leaving like this?

The return of politics

After the apocalyptic parenthesis that forced everyone to focus on saving Westeros from annihilation, we can go back to talking about serious things. Behind Jon and Daenerys, things start to move. The foolish Aegon, too caught up in his supposed authority to realize that Sansa has grown a brain, gives his family the weapon to get rid of Daenerys politically. Obviously the lady of Winterfell, well aware of the fact that Bran is out of the game, catches the ball and informs her husband (because Tyrion is still her husband, therefore future owner of the North) of Jon's true identity.

If only there was a way to get rid of Daenerys ...

The goblin at this point, with a secret that could destroy the kingdom, will sniff it at Westeros' Nick Fury. Varys is very clear on the matter: he will do what is right for the people, at the cost of teleporting around the kingdom (as he has already done) and unleashing birds, sparrows and hawks to deliver the news.

Why on earth would he do something like this? The answer is simple.

GOT: The journey to the dark side of Darth Daenerys is complete

Anger, fear, violence: they are the dark side! Quickly they catch up with you when you fight! If you take the dark road even once, it will dominate your destiny forever! It will consume you, as Obi Wan's apprentice consumed!

Master Yoda

After surviving the opening of the first Starbucks in Winterfell, with such a crowd that the city thought she couldn't do it, Daenerys enjoyed her well-deserved drink. Whether it's a product placement or an oversight, little changes. That glass is only the symbol of how roughly this GOT season has been made, after making us wait for a long time. On the other hand, fear now dominates the Mother of Dragons. He understood that the people of Westeros love Jon Snow, who is not in the habit of incinerating political opponents, and that the Dothraki and the Immaculates are reduced by half. As good Yoda teaches us

Fear leads to anger, anger to hatred; hatred leads to suffering. Ah… I feel very afraid in you.

Master Yoda

And in fact it is anger that is heard in the background to the words of the queen. He feels the danger that Jon represents and, precisely because his reasoning is blurred, he doesn't see the simplest solution. To unite the seven kingdoms, a marriage between the two would be enough, but Daenerys, who has nothing of political acumen, does not see him. Now he spends his time babbling about his fate.

Hate and suffering will be kindly offered by Cersei with the killing of Missandei and Rhaegal. The look with which Daenerys takes leave of the episode is precisely from "not only men but also women and children". And here we are, the new crazy queen is ready to be served to the public. Now the question is

How will Tyrion and Varys get rid of Daenerys?

Will they do it before, during or after the final battle with Cersei? Because Varys expressed a simple concept out loud: Jon is more manipulable than Daenerys and less inclined to burn people alive. Few but excellent qualities for a sovereign suitable for the Seven Kingdoms. Jon could become the symbol of unity that everyone craves, he would be more appreciated by the Lords, he is a war hero (even if he has never won a battle), he has real blood and does not seek power for personal gain. Daenerys is ... a person who would employ hundreds of thousands of bricklayers.

How to kill a Dragon in GOT

Can we say one obvious thing? If a volley of very strong arrows had been enough to kill a dragon, Westeros would never have been conquered in the first place. Congratulations, therefore, to the King's Landing Military Engineer for creating a weapon with a power to overcome centuries of Westeros history in the equivalent of a year. From prototype to mass production it took very little.

How do you kill a dragon in the world of Game of Thrones? Quite simply or you hit the points discovered by scales, for example the eyes or your mouth open, or you find a way to overcome them. That way, needless to say, has already been written: hitting many times in the same spot with inhuman force. Evidently it was the fate of one of the dragons to die but, at least, they could hit him in the eye or in the mouth. A stroke of luck could be conceded.

It seems that they wanted to provide Cersei with a remarkable weapon, which makes using Drogon absolutely not feasible.

GOT: Assassin's Bronn

I think everyone wondered: how the hell did Bronn get in, armed with a crossbow, into that room? Nobody who stopped him, questioned him or asked himself a question? Obviously not. Maybe he killed guards, maybe he developed the same powers as Arya, we will never know. Showing Podrick smiling at the young ladies is free, but five seconds of Bronn infiltrating were too many. However, the mercenary manages to maintain his opportunistic integrity, qualities for which he is loved. Will he get Alto Giardino? Unlikely.

If only there was a way for me to recover some characterization

Has Cersei been flattened to such an extent?

I remember a happy time in GOT where Cersei didn't just want power, power and power. There was a time when his plans had short and long term goals. That time has passed. He now has short hair, blows up temples with the same nonchalance with which he drinks his glass of wine and accepts Euron's advances. There is no introspection of the character. There are no particularly significant dialogues. Cersei is the new Night Queen.