Have you already read the reflections on the last episode of GoT? You can find them Thu.

Today we talk about the second episode of the last season of Game of Thrones. After last week, my expectations, not very high, had plummeted. I can say that, fortunately, this episode raises the narrative a little bit. Although it is a centric north point, we have the greatest concentration of characters in one place, with often comic results.

The last night before the battle

The theme of the episode, quite classic I would say, is the theme of the pre-pitch battle day. From this point of view we have no particular innovation or original ideas. The tropes are always the same and they are all there: we have the chat on the top of the walls, the dialogue around the fireplace in the freezing night and the meaningful sex of "if tomorrow I have to die badly, at least give me a joy tonight". Although the situations certainly do not shine with fantasy, the characters make everything very special.

What is Arya up to?

Arya the wanderer

A ghost wanders through Winterfell and it's not the wolf. With the same cheerful expression as Packard of Atlantis, Ned Stark's youngest daughter wanders around the fortress without a real assignment. His sacred occupations, in such an important moment, are breaking boxes for others and giving them magnificent looks. Considering that, in fact, he is a character who has seen and has done a lot, perhaps tends to be a little too much on his. However, the viewer does not have time to think that he starts the maxi scene with Gendry. The prettiest blacksmith in the realm, who probably took it all from dad Robert (described as a beautiful man during the rebellion), has finally prepared a one-handed spear for Arya. When showing the fruit of her work, the young woman expresses not too covertly the intention to see a completely different spear.

Fortunately, there are no full nude scenes in Maisie Williams' contract this season. We all already feel guilty for seeing half a girl sit that we have literally seen growing up.

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I don't know if you can explain it to me

Bran and Jamie

Take two people who haven't seen each other since season one, after having had the most interesting of interactions, and put them face to face at the end of it all. Jamie looks resigned when he sees Bran for the first time. It is certain that the head will soon be cut off from the body for having pushed it off the tower. Yet, mysteriously, the young lord of Winterfell (Because let's remember, the right is his) is limited only to making him feel guilty with a class quote that only the two of them can understand. Once their executioner's life has been saved, the two talk to each other in private far from prying ears. It is there that Jamie realizes that he is no longer in front of Bran, the young son of Ned Stark, but that he has the Three-Eyes Crow in front of him.

I will never repeat how much Jamie's character is the one that, in my opinion, has changed the most during GOT. I loved the fact that he didn't deny his actions, made to protect him and his family, only because of a common enemy.

Occasionally in GOT put it on, though!

After the growing concern of the spectators of the series for Specter, Jon's wolf, who disappeared from the scenes for unknown reasons, the directors ran for cover. It is clear and glaring like the sun that the writers do not know what to do with the metalupi plot, budget black holes together with dragons, which is why they chose to set them aside. And here, then, Ghost reappear, out of the blue, as if he had never left. It appears in the background of a scene, for a few seconds, just to say "hey, don't worry, we don't want to spend money on this thing but the white dog is still alive".

Look how soft it is!

The dialogue around the fireplace in GOT

Probably the sequence that is worth three episodes. In front of the fireplace in the main hall of Winterfell, we find all those characters who do not know what to do the night before the great battle. Who wants to shelter from the cold, who wants to train, who simply wants to drown in wine. In a short time a group of primary and secondary characters is created, which have their moment of glory. Despite our absolute ship for Brienne and Tormund, the giant is unable to breach the heart of the virgin of Tarth. Where the most loved red of the TV series fails, Jamie succeeds in style. In a scene as simple as it is full of emotion, we see the climax of Brienne's story and a wonderful smile of the woman who sees her dream crowned.

We hoped that Podrick would tell us what he had done to those prostitutes but, as Frodo would say:


We hope that the squire will not die in the next episode, the brothels of all Westeros could cry.

Ser Davos and Tyrion, relegated to futility for a long time, carry on with a mixture of optimism and encouragement from others. Funny that the two people who fought the Battle of the Blackwater prove to be useless when it comes to preparing war strategies. GOT is always full of twists and turns regarding the uselessness of the characters.

"Anyway, I'm your nephew"

When we imagined the revelation of Jon's true identity to him and Daenerys, we never expected that everything would happen so quietly. It seems instead that this revelation can only take place in the Stark catacombs, under the eyes of the ancestors. Let's say that although Jon is resigned to a truth he has been waiting for all his life, the woman who should love him does not take it as well. When they reveal to you that the man you love is your nephew, you Targaryen could think many things: oh my God I went to bed with my nephew; well, since incest is a hobby in my family, this is an excellent opportunity to get married and satisfy the lords of the north and its inhabitants; oh god what a strange life you must have lived. Daenerys, however, prefers to focus on his only goal: Jon is the rightful heir to the throne, ergo is a problem. Something tells me there is no sex for him on that cold night.