Good Omens is a television series, born from a collaboration between Amazon Prime Video and BBC Two, based on the novel by Terry Pratchett e Neil Gaiman Happy Apocalypse to all! (The usual imaginative Italian translations). The entire season, made up of six episodes, made its debut on May 31, 2019 on Prime Video. The miniseries reveals itself full of surprises, with several comic moments, a captivating soundtrack and the immense talent of the two protagonists.


The angel Azraphel and the demon Crowley have known each other since the dawn of humanity. After spending 6000 years together, they understand they love Earth and everyday life too much to allow the end of the world. When Crowley is instructed to bring the Antichrist, the one who will start Armageddon, to a hospital to exchange it with the son of a diplomat (does he say anything to you?), Things start to get complicated.


It is not possible to talk about the Good Omens series without mentioning the actors who carry the most important moments of the film on their shoulders. David Tennant e Michael Sheen they did a wonderful job with their characters, characterizing them and making them unique. Certainly, one could not expect less from interpreters of their caliber. The fact that they based the advertising campaign on their presence on the show, as almost absolute protagonists, was worthily rewarded. We obviously recommend watching the series in English, so as not to miss the acting and the accent of the two.

Direction and Writing

Good Omens boasts an exceptional writer, given that the screenplay is by Neil Gaiman, genius of the fantastic and one of the creators of the book. From this point of view, the script is as pungent as it is flawless. The scenes flow smoothly, the plot does not stumble and, in the end, everything has an explanation. Directed by Good Omens we find Douglas Mackinnon, famous for directing the pilot of Knightfall, some episodes of Doctor Who very appreciated by the public and even an episode of Sherlock.

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CGI and Soundtrack

If you like Queen, Good Omens will not disappoint you in terms of sound. To underline the most important moments of the plot or Crowley's movements by car, the demon will often listen to this group.

As for the CGI, I found it particularly appropriate, following a typical Doctor Who style. However, it is not without smudges, even if given the names involved it is perhaps more appropriate to speak of wise choices.

Final considerations

A must-see miniseries, that's the only thing that can be said about Good Omens. Quotations to other franchises are wasted and all are well placed. The bets are the right number and the series is not too long or too short. Rotating everything around a single concept, it was very difficult to find the right balance and I believe that production has succeeded very well. It would not surprise me to see the series nominated for some awards, because it is clear that the work done has been surprising.