we review Godzilla II - King of Monsters. What can we expect from a movie about giant monsters that lead? But of course, giant monsters who lead, so much and well!

As soon as we return from the cinema, here we are to review the second chapter of Godzilla.

La first film, released in 2014 and directed by Gareth Edwards, had received a not overly enthusiastic reception, also because Godzilla himself had not seen much. Needless to say, the spectators were left with a certain bitterness in their mouths. Godzilla IIinstead it seems to have learned from criticism of its predecessor.

Let's take a look at the film in its strengths, its problems and its meme scenes. Needless to say, there will be SPOILER of the film!

Godzilla II - King of Monsters: plot and general information

Godzilla II initially he should have always had Gareth Edwards as director but, later, the role was covered by Michael Dougherty. Dougherty actually has more script work behind him (X-men 2 e Superman: Returns, for example) who was directing, and also in this film he was also a screenwriter.

The premises of everything: extremists on two fronts

La plot it is, predictably, rather linear, although it does present some nice twists. After the attack by Godzilla and the two MUTOs in San Francisco, the agency that deals with the study and surveillance of the Titans, the MONARCH, is closely monitored by the US government. In fact, many would like to destroy all the sleeping Titans that MONARCH is keeping an eye on.

However, one of the agency's leading scientists, Ishiro Serizawa (Ken Watanabe), believes that coexistence between Titans and human beings is possible. In particular, Serizawa believes that Godzilla is the key to this coexistence.

But Serizawa did not deal with another group of extremists at work: the colonel Alan Jonah (Charles Dance) and the doctor Emma Russell (Vera Farmiga). Johan, a well-known eco-terrorist in command of a paramilitary group, has made a pact with one of MONARCH's top scientists, Emma Russel, to awaken all the Titans. In fact, it has been noticed that the presence of the Titans and their radiation stimulates the growth of the vegetation and could be the solution to human pollution. Certainly, awakening all the Titans would also mean solving the overcrowding of the population, with a nice series of massacres. But apparently sacrifices have to be made to save the world.

So, taking his daughter with him Madison (Millie Bobby Brown), Emma proceeds to awaken the Titans one after another, starting with Mothra, a huge moth, still in the larval stage. This obviously alarms MONARCH, who recalls Emma's ex-husband, Mark, to seek and stop the scientist. And recover Madison.

Things get out of hand

But if Mothra hides under a waterfall to complete its development, the second Titan awakened by Emma and Jonah isn't quite as peaceful. A few years earlier, in fact, a disturbing three-headed winged dragon had been discovered under Antarctica. This Titan, which turns out to have been called Ghidorah from ancient populations, it seems to be able to keep up even with Godzilla, reappeared to face it.

Even worse, it seems to be able to survive even an "Oxygen Destroyer" bomb launched by the US government, capable of killing every living creature within the blast radius. Conversely, Godzilla, who was fighting Ghidorah at the time, appears not to have survived the terrible explosion. Thus, helpless humans can do nothing but watch Ghidorah awaken the other Titans and lead them in a devastating attack on humanity.

The only explanation for Ghidorah's endurance (and regenerative powers) and the fact that he actively attacks human cities appears to be that the terrible three-headed dragon is not actually a Titan from Earth, but a monster. alien.

Recover Godzilla: let's go to Atlantis!

The situation seems lost, but the appearance of Mothra, finally grown into a glowing moth, convinces Mark and Serizawa to search for Godzilla in the depths of the sea. At the bottom of the ocean they discover not only Godzilla, alive but very weakened, but also the lost city of Atlantis, who venerated the Titans and had built a temple in Godzilla.

The only way to awaken the true king of the Titans is to charge him with the radiation of a nuclear bomb. However, the damaged submarine cannot launch the torpedo and Serizawa volunteers to bring the bomb by Godzilla and activate it manually, at the cost of your life. With a Godzilla back in shape and intent on reclaiming his sovereignty, the US military and Mark also decide to fight Ghidorah.

Take a lot and well

However, Ghidorah appears to have been lured to Boston, while the other Titans have stopped attacking human cities. In fact, young Madison stole the mother ORCA device, which allows you to communicate with the Titans and, if well regulated, to calm them. This allows the military to concentrate all their forces on Boston, but predictably will lead Ghidorah to plunge into the stadium where Madison took refuge to regain control over the Titans.

It is the arrival of Godzilla that saves the day, allowing Mark and Emma to save Madison. The clash between Godzilla and Ghidorah it is long and difficult and only the arrival of Mothra can give him an advantage. But Mothra will soon have to face Rodan, a flaming pterodactyl that Ghidorah had subdued. The fight between the four Titans is very close and, in the end, Rodan is shot down by Mothra, who in turn sacrifices himself to protect Godzilla from Ghidorah. It is only the intervention of Emma, ​​who regained possession of the ORCA device, to give Godzilla time to recover, distracting Ghidorah at the cost of his own life. At that point, in fact, the Godzilla radiation have reached the critical threshold that allows him to literally liquefy Ghidorah.

Thus, the other Titans kneel at Godzilla, who, once again, became the king of monsters, will allow humans to live together with the Titans.

The four Kaiju who give us the thugs on Godzilla II
The four Kaiju who give us the hustle and bustle on Godzilla II

Monsters that lead: the pros of Godzilla II

Surely, Godzilla II hit the mark: it's a Godzilla movie in which Godzilla and other monsters fight each other from start to finish. Where the first film in the franchise lacked Titans showing off and doing damage, Godzilla II has monsters as real protagonists.

I fighting take place in diversified environments and lighting conditions, allowing to exploit different lights and territories to give variety to the mechanics of the clashes. The Titans beat each other in the snow of Antarctica, on a volcano, in the sky, in the water and among the skyscrapers of Boston, day and night. Each monster is characterized by its own play of lights and colorswhich is widely exploited.

Although the CGI is sometimes plastic, direction e photography they keep the action interesting and pleasing to watch, without too confusing scenes. Monsters have definitely been used to their full potential, and that pays off. Seeing Godzilla, mirrored on the windows of a skyscraper, plaque Ghidorah gives a great taste.

The protagonist you could do without: the cons of Godzilla II

In short, it is true that the Titans are the real protagonists of the film, and in fact, if you cut the male protagonist's scenes, Godzilla II it would not be affected at all. Rather.

Mark Russell is the typical American action movie star: in his forties, uncultivated beard, some patches of gray on his temples and father of the family.

Zoologist apparently expert in the behavior of herd animals, Mark Russell absolutely wants to kill Godzilla because he lost his oldest son during the clash between Godzilla and the MUTO in San Francisco. This opinion often leads him to clash with Serizawa, who instead admires Godzilla. Over the course of the film, Mark will review his opinion on the monster king and help Godzilla against Ghidorah to honor Serizawa's memory.

The real problem with Mark Russell, however, is not only being unsympathetic, but also being totally irrelevant to the plot. If from Godzilla II if we took away doctor Emma and her daughter Madison, the plot would suffer a lot. Emma, ​​in fact, awakens Ghidorah and saves Godzilla, while Madison appeases the Titans and attracts Ghidorah.

Mark Russell does nothing for the whole film, yet someone continues to listen to him and take orders from him. Objectively, the only useful (but not fundamental to the plot) things Mark does are save the military and civilians; something that pleases us a little more, but that is otherwise irrelevant.

You really wonder why you should continue to enter the Action White Male (But Not Fit) TM when de facto it serves no other purpose than the identification of American forties / fifties. Oh right: Americans forty / fifty are the ones with money. Sin.

He is not the doctor on the screen, he is not the twink engineer, he is not the sympathetic elderly scientist, he is not the Chinese researcher and he is not Ken Watanabe. Who will ever be the useless protagonist?
She's not the doctor on the screen, she's not the twink engineer, she's not the likeable elderly scientist, she's not the Chinese researcher, and she's not Ken Watanabe. Who will ever be the useless protagonist?

The Impact of Godzilla II in the MonsterVerse: What Does the Future Hold?

If you don't know, Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have created a cinematic universe in which a whole host of monsters coexist together. In this way, obviously, they can be made tasty Crossovers, always under the banner of giant monsters that lead each other. This shared universe is said MonserVerse and, at the moment, it contains both Kaiju as Godzilla and King Kong.

Godzilla in 2014 had started the franchise, then followed by Kong: Skull Island in 2017. Godzilla II it often shows scenes and stills that refer to King Kong, who is recorded by MONARCH as a Titan on par with the Japanese-inspired Kaiju. This is obviously a strategy to introduce the idea that King Kong and Godzilla coexist, as well as to launch the next movie on MonsterVerse. Indeed, by 2020 it is expected Godzilla vs. Kong!

Then, of course, It is difficult to be particularly excited to see a monkey with his fists in the hands of Godzilla, when we just saw the latter slaughtering a three-headed dragon that flies and spits lightning. But oh, the crossover has to be done, so be patient.

Memz moments of Godzilla II: between cast and unwanted references

The cast full of famous actors and the eighth season of Game of Thrones finished recently inspire not a few parallels and cross references between the two franchises. Nothing particularly wanted, I imagine, but still very present.

Definitely, the presence of the always fascinating Charles Dance, which in Game of Thrones he had played Tywin Lannister, he chuckles under his mustache during the scene after the closing credits. In fact, in this little extra, we see Alan Jonah find one of the three heads of Ghidorah, who is known for his ability to regenerate lost heads. Needless to say, in the next films we will be able to see the three-headed dragon again. Or needless to say we all thought about the fact that Tywin Lannister will create his golden three-headed dragon, in the face of the Targaryen.

Meanwhile, Madison Russell has carried out an experiment, giving us new samples to work on. In fact, apparently, if a dragon is about to incinerate you by spitting fire (or lightning), screaming in his face as a sign of challenge will give you 100% more chance of surviving. In fact, Madison seems to have learned well from Jon Snow 's performance in the 8 × 03, who at the time had screamed in the face of poor Viserion (unsure of how to write names in GoT? THU the guide!), even managing to survive.

Next time, perhaps Madison will try to stab Ghidorah's mummy, hoping that the three-headed dragon does not incinerate her, but the abstract symbol of the causes that led to her mother's death. If Drogon, in the 8 × 06, can be a fine philosopher, who knows what an alien Titan with three thinking heads can do!

Final mention for Ishiro Serizawa / Ken Watanabe who spends the last moments of his life doing pat-pat with the face of Godzilla, crowning the dream of thousands of spectators and spectators.