Gods of Metal: Ragnarock is on the Kickstarter “stage” and… it sounds tough!
Is metal dead or not? It is perhaps the case to steal the well-known words of Howard Philip Lovecraft and say that:

"What can wait for ever is not dead, and with the passing of strange aeons even death can die"

Or say it's enough as an epitaph on Eddie's tombstone in Live after death by Iron Maiden?

Well, as this campaign is going, maybe the metal still lies under almost extinguished embers. Surely he is still talking about himself or, perhaps, we role players are all a bit 'metalheads.

When I opened the Kickstarter page, it was love at first sight! I fell in love just like when I first listened to what would later become my favorite doom metal album, or when I found, in the magical universe of the web, a site that generated automatically the metal songs of a particular band.

Before we take a closer look, let's get to know the developers better.

You will be chosen to serve a deity!

Two words about the manufacturer of Gods of Metal: Ragnarock

When you open a Kickstarter, the first thing you always want to see is the presentation video. Often it is worth more than 90% of what is written in the explanations. In a world like ours, the visual impact is essential to make a product attractive. For this campaign we have a real comic video, with a narrative voice perfectly in line with the project, captivating music and, superimposed, the right words that every metalhead wants to hear!

But no wonder the presentation is very well done. There Hunter's Entertainment it is not new to this world. In fact, they are the same ones who successfully presented the interesting product last year, again on the same platform Alice is Missing.

This American game design house has been in the industry for over eight years and has multiple publications and co-publications to its credit. In addition to the previously mentioned game, I would also like to mention Kids on Bike, Altered Carbon: the Role Play Game, Icarus (which deserves an article of its own!), Outbreak: Undead, and several others.

A highly respected curriculum that, if the Kickstarter predictions were to come true, would expand further.

The time has come to take a look at the Kickstarter campaign.

Answer the call of the Metal!

Gods of Metal: Ragnarock is a collaborative RPG, full of glory and adventure, all topped off with blaring music, scraping strings, heavy bass, and mighty drum sounds!

In this game your alter-egos will be called to:

  • Vote your loyalty to a Metal Patron Deity, create your own clothes, weapons and accessories to make your Avatars truly brave warriors ready to kick any adversity or die, in an absolutely magnificent way, trying to ascend to the rank of Divinity
  • Form a band of adventurers by filling positions in a musical band, choosing from several archetypes: Brutalizers, Blüdgaards, Howlers, Shredders, Chordmasters, and Amplords
  • Fight against Ragnarock's enemies such as The Electric Liches of the Howling Wastes, Pit Demons of Borgourl, The Warlords of Aux, Ragnasaurs Rexes and many more! Not to mention the other Avatars who will stand against you in the path of glory that will be engraved for everlasting memory on the heavy metal album you are inspiring!

A very interesting note of the game, and which I personally loved, is the total absence of "playable races". The player characters, in fact, are a group of wandering souls chosen from the gray world parallel to that of Gods of Metal: Ragnarock, who then managed to find their essence in the realm of Metal!

The character identifies himself through his appearance, his lifestyle, what he feels himself to be. Becoming an Avatar means delving into your own spirit, finding the spark, burning like a star, and becoming his true self!
Want to be a Vegan Velociraptor on a skateboard playing an 8-bit designed guitar? You can do it. Do you want your velociraptor to have a cat head? Here is a nice cat head. Do you want the cat head to be next to that of the velociraptor and sing together with two distinct voices? Why would anyone deny this fantastic idea. You can be whatever you want!

a gods of metal band: ragnarock

Let's talk a little about the rules

The game makes use of the use of four-sided dice and places a particular emphasis on teamwork and the use of shared powers of the band.

Each result of 4 on the die is called "Tributes" which allows you to accumulate successes in your "narrative bag" that can be spent later. Whether it's the use of skills, additional damage, or saving someone, this in-game coin will have great flexibility and impact on the story.

If, on the other hand, fate does not smile at you and the result of the die is a 1, you will suffer a "Feedback". This "shock" could lead to messing up the plans of the characters, even temporarily banning an Avatar from the world of Metal!

Finally we have the “Tribute Pool”, the players' bank. From this each character can draw, or pour, successes in order to improve their performance, especially with the help of the band. On the other hand, each member has only his other companions with which to climb the Glory. Be the Band you always wanted to be!

Are you interested in taking a closer look at the rules? You can find them in this folder of Google Drive made available by the creators of the game.

dice, picks and band tokens

What's in the Gods of Metal: Ragnarock Kickstarter?

Joke. Not everything, but many things yes!

I am a fan of vinyls, I collect them, especially semi-unknown or very old stuff. When I saw that in the KS there would be a musical vinyl and that its cover was also the GM screen, I pulled one scream aggressive ones.

In addition to this gem, there will be specific four-sided dice, a music CD, picks and, if you contribute the most, you will also be able to grab the miniatures of the deities present in Gods of Metal: Ragnarock.


As I write this piece, for inspiration, I left the soundtrack of the film in the background Heavy Metal 1981. In addition to getting confused and inserting pieces of songs in the article (which I then had to delete!), while I was listening The Mob Rules by Black Sabbath, hundreds of possible adventures came to mind.

After the song ended, my goal was clear. Tease my hair, grab a double ax that burps flames, steal Joey DeMaio's leather panties and throw myself into the fray.
I still honestly don't know which Metal God to vote for, but I'll keep you posted!

If you are interested in Kickstarter you can find it at this address. Don't be shy it's from the times of Brutal Legend that you are looking for something similar and who says otherwise is lying!