Genshin impact is free-to-play action RPG, developed by myHoYo and, like other titles of this house, it has a component porridge. The game was released on September 28, 2020 all over the world and immediately made a lot of talk about itself as it reached a huge number of players thanks to its being multiplatform, it is in fact available for PC, smartphone, PS5 and soon also Nintendo Switch.


Genshin impact, at the first start, it will ask us to choose the protagonist of our adventure between two brothers: Light e Aether. Both are endowed with the power to travel between worlds, but are now trapped in this reality.

Made our choice, the counterpart will be captured and we will find ourselves thrown into a world unknown to us, deprived of our powers, with the hope of being able to find the missing brother (or sister).
We will begin to explore this new unknown reality in the company of a strange creature, paimon.

The plot follows a fairly linear and "already seen" development, with very few innovative implications.

The World of Genshin Impact

Genshin impact is an open world in continuous expansion and development.

Especially in the first hours of the game, things to do will seem to overwhelm the player. You will have to juggle a large number of quests, between main and secondary, dungeons and much more.

With the release of the various update patches, the developers are continuing to add content, greatly expanding the gaming experience.

Each region, currently two but should reach seven, is unique and reflects a different culture, similar to the cultures of our world. The city of the departure region is very reminiscent of a European location. The second, however, emanates clear references to traditional China.

A view of Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact gameplay

Although at the beginning of the game we are asked to choose a "protagonist", he will not be the only Hero we are going to use. During the game we will be able to unlock other heroes who will accompany us on our adventures, after having assembled a party of four members, looking for the best possible synergy.
With the exception of those unlocked following the main storyline, there will be many others obtainable only through the porridge (mentioned above and we will talk about in the appropriate paragraph).

Each Hero within Genshin impact is linked to an element (anemo, Geo, Pyro, Hydro, Cryo, Electro e dendro and to a type of weapon (Sword, Greatsword, spear, bow e Catalyst).
It is these elements, and the synergy that derives from combining them, that are the heart of the game within the fights. Indeed, it is only thanks to these interactions that it will be possible to successfully overcome the most difficult battles.

The combat system is indeed very hectic. The basic hack & slash, combined with the element system, requires a certain amount of strategy and planning. Charging the enemy head down with the strongest PC at our disposal will not always be the best solution!
More advanced challenges will require building and planning a party and following the best practices in order to be brought to completion. In fact, they will be unattainable without adequate preparation.

In the game there is also a cooperative mode, although still present many limitations, which allows you to face dungeons and bosses (not plot) together with other players.

… And once the quests are over?

While things may seem like a lot at first, they will soon run out.
At some point, you will only have daily quests and dungeons (limited by a resource that recharges over time).
At this stage of the game, the only thing to do is to farm, our interests will be many, but the resources needed to make them limited.
The resources in question will be used to upgrade the heroes, level them up and equip them with the best possible artifacts; which will require a lot of patience and persistence.

A glimpse of the world of Genshin Impact

Gacha component in Genshin impact - Pros and cons

Il porridge is a mechanic present in many games, especially for smartphones, which takes its name from the machines of the same name that distribute random "toys" after inserting a coin. Through this mechanic it is possible to use the in-game currency, but also the real one, to obtain new Heroes and new weapons.

In Genshin impact this component is central and cannot be avoided, but the fact of not wanting to spend real currency is felt much less than in other securities.
Being a PVE-only title, there is no real competition between players. It is also possible, perhaps more difficult but still possible, to complete all the quests without having to resort to the purchase of currency.

Genshin Impact is multiplatform

It is possible to play Genshin impact on multiple platforms, as already mentioned, and on some of them it is possible to log in with the same account. By playing it from a PC, you can in fact access the same account from a smartphone, thus allowing you to play even when away from home and not lose any daily bonuses.
Unfortunately, this feature is not supported by PS4 accounts, as it is managed by Sony.

Although it is also possible to access and play from a smartphone, Genshin impact, it is not easy to manage from this platform. The graphics are fluid and are not affected by particular frame drops, but the management of the camera, especially in the most complex clashes, limits the possibilities a lot.

Some characters from Genshin Impact, including Paimon


Although the game becomes a bit stagnant, in late game it is a fun entertainment for the casual player. It's also a great pastime for anyone who wants to invest time in perfecting their heroes.
Personally I will definitely continue to play it to see how it will evolve. I will keep you informed of any developments!